1.8m³ Self Loading Concrete Mixer Work Efficiently in the Philippines

Mixing concrete is a vital task in construction. Of course, a reliable and efficient self loading concrete mixer will greatly enhance your work efficiency. Our 1.8 cubic metre self loading mixer has been rigorously tested and successfully operated on site in the Philippines for house construction. In this article, we will introduce you the whole process of our products from delivery to on-site operation, as well as the feedback from our satisfied customers.

mixer beton self loading
Mixing tank capacity(m³)1.8
Concrete output(m³/h)7.2
Engine power (kw)78
Mixer drum capacity  (L)2680
Water tank (L)500
Weighing methodAutomatic hydraulic weighing system
Total weight (Kg)6100
Overall size (LxWxH)7700×2750×3350
Max. Speed (km/h)35
Min. turning radius  (mm)3250
Drum speed (r/min)13
Fuel tank (L)75
Wheel base(mm)2750
Hydraulic tank (L)75

Passing The Test: The First Step To Guaranteeing Quality

At our manufacturing plant, every self concrete mixer undergoes rigorous tests and inspections before leaving the factory. These tests include mechanical performance, mixing efficiency and reliability of the automatic feeding system. After repeated tests, we ensure that each self loading concrete mixer can operate stably under various working conditions and meet customers’ needs.

concrete mixer truck self loading
loading mixer
self concrete mixer truck

Smooth Shipment: Continuation of Quality Assurance

As soon as a product passes the test, we arrange for it to be shipped. Our experienced logistics team ensures that your mixer truck reaches its destination safely and quickly. Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver your self mixer in time to support your project.

self loading concrete machine
self loading concrete mixer for sale
self loading mobile concrete mixture

On-Site Installation and Testing: Professional Team at Your Service

After arriving at the customer’s site, our professional team will assist you in the installation and testing of the machine. Our technicians are strictly experienced and have rich installation experience, and can complete the installation task quickly and efficiently. During the commissioning process, we will ensure that all the functions of the self loading mobile concrete mixer are running normally, so as to ensure that your project can start as soon as possible.

Now that the self loading mixer truck has been successfully installed in place, let’s witness its performance on site in the Philippines.

self loading transit mixer

On-Site Operation: Stable And Reliable Performance

After installation and testing, our self loading concrete mixer started to be put into operation on site. In practice, our product performs stably and reliably, and can meet the needs of various projects. Its efficient mixing performance and automatic feeding system greatly improve the construction efficiency, saving valuable time and labour costs for customers.

Through on-site operation, our products have won appraises from customers and become their right-hand man in construction.

Choose AIMIX, Choose Confidence

Our 1.8 cubic metre self-loading concrete mixer trucks have received unanimous praise from our customers after rigorous testing, smooth delivery, on-site installation and trial run as well as stable and reliable on-site operation. Regardless of the scale of your project, we are able to provide you with efficient and reliable mixing solutions. Choose our concrete self loading mixer, choose to rest assured. All in all, contact us and get the self loading concrete mixer price list. Therefore, let us work together to promote the smooth progress of the project!

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