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40m3 Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump Working in Kalimantan

Today, I will share with you customer feedback on our 40m3 portable diesel concrete mixer pump. The mixer pump model is ABJZ40C, and it can produce about 40m3 concrete per hour. At the same time, it can also convey the ready mixed concrete to the construction site. Thence, our customer is very satisfied with our concrete mixer with pump machine and the after-sale service of Aimix Group. In the following part, let’s learn more about the working details of the machine.

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ABJZ40C Working in Kalimantan

How Does ABJZ40C Mortar Mixer and Pump Work?

Actually, our customer bought this set of ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer with pump in order to build a factory in Kalimantan. Here I will tell you about its working details in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Then, you will learn how it works.

Working Process of ABJZ40C

  • 1. The first step is feeding aggregate materials to the mixer drum. In this case, our customer uses an excavator to feed cement, sand, gravel, or stone to the lifting hopper. In fact, you can use both a wheel loader and an excavator for the feeding work. Afterward, the worker who commands the remote control will lift the hopper, then the materials will be conveyed and discharged to the mixer drum.
  • 2. Next, add some water to the mixer drum, then the mixer drum starts to work, and stir all the materials together.
  • 3. Hereafter, the ready-made concrete will be unloaded out of the mixer drum and fall into the filtering hopper under the drum. Here, the concrete with a particle size that exceeds 125mm will be filtered for the sake of preventing plugging.
  • 4. Later, the concrete is pumped to the foundation position along with some pipes laid on the site. So far, one cycle of the concrete mixing and pumping work ends and another cycle will begin.

In the following part, I will list one video to show you details.

Working Video of ABJZ40C

Here, I attach one video about our ABJZ40C mini concrete pump working on our customer sites. Please check now.

Contact us now if you have any problems with our concrete mixer machine with pump. And Aimix will reply you as soon as possible.

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