90m3 Automatic Concrete Plant Shipped and Installed in Jambi, Indonesia

  • This case is about Aimix AJ-90 automatic concrete plant shipped and installed in Jambi, Indonesia. Our customer found Aimix by searching Google. He told us he needed one set of concrete plants to produce concrete for his hydropower project in Jambi.
  • After asking about his daily need for the cubic meters of concrete and the working period, our sales recommended this model, AJ-90. AJ-90 can produce 90m3 concrete per hour, which is suitable for hydropower construction projects.
  • In the following parts, I will show you some pictures and videos about the packaging details, shipping details, and installation details of this set of concrete plants.

batching plant images

concrete batching plant images
concrete production plant

Packing and Shipping Details of AJ-90

In our factory, our after-sale service team packages all the parts of the 90m3 concrete plant to the containers. Please go on reading the details.

  • 1. All the parts are separately packaged and put into the container, including the cement silos, concrete mixer, aggregate batching machine, belt conveyors, electric components, and so on.
  • 2. After all the parts are well packed, they are transported to the port and then shipped to the city of Jambi.
  • 3. The shipping way is sea shipping, and the shipping period is about one month.

shipping for aggregate batcher
concrete plant parts shipping
packing the concrete mixer

Installation Details of AJ-90

At this time, the installation is completed by our customers after the machines are delivered to their working sites. And Aimix Group provides online support for them.

  • 1. Build the foundations: First of all, the workers build the foundations for the plant.
  • 2. Cement silos: The cement silos are delivered piece by piece. Hence, they first splice them and use a crane to install them on the ground. There are three cement silos and one fly ash silo.
  • 3. Aggregate batching machine: The 5 bins aggregate batching machines are shipped as a whole part. Therefore, the engineers only match their electric parts together.
  • 4. Belt conveyor: The engineers install the belt conveyor and connect it to the aggregate machines and the concrete mixer.
  • 5. Concrete mixer: They build a steel frame with 4.1 meters high and put the concrete mixer on it.
  • 6. Electric parts: In the final part, the engineers match all the electric parts of the plant.
  • 7. Machine testing: After all the parts are well assembled, the engineers test the whole plant and make sure it can be put into production.

building foundations for concrete plant
Foundations for the Plant

belt conveyor installation
Belt Conveyor Installation

batching plant silos
Cement Silos Installtion

Packing and Installation Videos for AJ-90

This video contains the packing details and installation details of this set of AJ-90 automatic mini concrete plant. And at the end of this video, you can have a look at how the concrete plant works. Please let us know if you have any need of our machines or other requirements.

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