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A Swift Solution with a Concrete Mixer Pump in Banjamansin

Embarking on the Banjamansin journey, we delve into a concrete pump project that sets a new standard for efficiency and customer satisfaction. A house is being constructed in Banjamansin, a city in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, commencing in September 2023. The spotlight of this endeavor? A cutting-edge 40 ton concrete mixer pump.

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Timely Acquisition, Swift Delivery

Timing is everything, and at Banjamansin, we understand the urgency of your projects. In a move that echoes our commitment to customer convenience, the procurement of our 40-ton concrete mixer pump took place in September 2023. Swift and strategic, it aimed to ensure that our clients receive their equipment promptly.

Keep Pace with the Time

With a procurement timeline that aligns with industry demands, we guarantee that our clients are equipped with the tools they need exactly when they need them. The delivery followed suit, seamlessly fitting into the timeline by reaching our clients in Banjamansin by October 2023. Then it’s time to install the concrete pump for our customer.

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Installation Excellence: Rain or Shine

Deploying a team of local engineers to Indonesia, we extended our commitment beyond delivering equipment. Installation services, an integral part of our customer-centric approach, were carried out promptly and efficiently. Despite encountering rainy conditions at the site, our engineers persevered, completing the installation in just one day.

The commissioning phase, although slightly delayed due to the weather, was a testament to our dedication. Overcoming the challenges presented by the rain, our team ensured a seamless integration of the concrete mixer pump with a commissioning process lasting a mere 5 days. Besides, our customer expressed his satisfaction with our installation and service.

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A Happy Customer: The Ultimate Verdict

The true measure of our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers. The client, thrilled with the efficiency of our equipment and the dedication of our team, eagerly expressed their contentment. Filling out our evaluation form, they highlighted the impact of having AIMIX’s concrete mixing pumps and mixing plants on their construction speed.

What’s more, our commitment to service received accolades, with the customer praising not just the product but the overall experience. It is our pride to be a reliable partner in construction by choosing AIMIX concrete mixer with pumps.

Exceeding Expectations: A Testimony to Quality

In practical terms, the customer also attested to the performance and efficiency of our product, asserting that it not only met but surpassed their expectations. The feedback from our clients was a confirmation that AIMIX is an excellent provider of construction solutions.

Success with This Powerful Concrete Pump

As we celebrate this story, the concrete mixer pump remains committed to revolutionizing construction in Banjamansin. Our 40 ton concrete mixer pump stands as a representation of efficiency, transforming projects into seamless accomplishments. From swift procurement to efficient installation and exceeding performance expectations, we’ve set a new standard. Choose us, and experience the transformation in your construction journey.

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