Aimix 30 Ton Cement Silo Was Sent to Indonesia

Good news comes in September 2021! one set AIMIX 30ton cement silo was loaded and sent to Indonesia. It will soon be received by our Indonesian customer and put into use. The following are some pictures taken in the workshop and loading site.

AIMIX 30 ton cement silo loading

Cement silo is designed to store powder materials such as cement etc. It is usually adopted in a concrete batching plant or a dry mortar plant as powder material storage equipment. AIMIX cement silos can be designed into bolted type and welded type.

30 ton cement silo

Welded-type cement silos (20t to 100t) are welded well in the production area and exported as finished products. Small cement silo whose capacity various from 20t to 100t is usually welded type. However, it should be noted that If export by container, the silo capacity above 50 tons should be made as bolted-type which is easy to transport.

AIMIX cement silo to Indonesia

AIMIX 30 ton cement silo to Indonesia

Bolted-type large cement silos (100 tons-2000 tons) for sale are bolted together after they are shipped to the destination. Because they have large capacities, they are made into bolted types for easy transportation. The silo can be dismantled into many parts when transport, and can be installed with bolts easily, so it is easy to transport in the container.

Aimix bolted cement silo sent to Bolivia 3
AIMIX also provides horizontal cement silos for customers. A Horizontal cement silo is a kind of closed storage bin, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash, and other materials. Horizontal cement silo has a wide range of applications. It occupies a small area and is suitable for various terrains. It has been applied to many fields such as food, chemical industry and coal, and can be used to store various bulk materials.

Horizontal cement silo

As an experienced construction machinery manufacturer and exporter that has exported our products to more than 100 countries, AIMIX provides high quality cement silos at a competitive price, welded type, bolted type and horizontal types are available for customers to choose from. If you are interested in any type of them, please don’t hesitate to contact us now! Just leave your message in the form below, we will contact you in 24 hours!

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