Aimix 80TPH Asphalt Plant Build Water Conservancy Construction

Indonesia, known for its abundant natural resources and rich water reserves, attaches great importance to the role of water conservancy projects in its national development. In order to effectively manage water resources, and improve the efficiency of construction and maintenance of water conservancy facilities, an important water conservancy project is being carried out in Indonesia.

This projects need a large amount of high-quality asphalt for roadworks, dam structures, and other infrastructure. For the purpose of meeting the needs of this project, our customer, Ahmad, the man who has undertaken this water conservancy project, came to us for buying a 80tph asphalt mixing plant.

80tph asphalt plant in Indonesia

Project Overview

  1. Project Name: Indonesia Water Conservancy Project
  2. Equipment Scale: 80TPH
  3. Equipment Model: ALQ80 Asphalt Mixing Plant
  4. Location: Palembang, Indonesia

How Does Aimix 80TPH Asphalt Plant Help Build this Project?

With many features and advantages, aimix 80tph asphalt plant has played an important role in this water conservancy projects. In the below part, you will find the answers on how aimix 80tph asphalt plant help build this project.

Powerful Production Capacity

The 80tph asphalt mixing plant boasts an impressive production capacity of up to 80 tons per hour, which can meet the demands of large-scale water projects, and finally ensure the project timelines and quality.

Advanced Technology

The ALQ80 asphalt plant employs cutting-edge mixing technology that can ensure uniformity and stability in asphalt production, thereby enable the finished asphalt materials have outstanding performance in road paving, dam construction, and other projects.

Environmentally Sustainable Functions

Our asphalt plant equipment is designed with advanced environmental considerations, which can maximize emission reduction through combustion technology and optimize raw material usage to minimize resource wastage.

Automated Control

Equipped with advanced automated control systems, the 80tph asphalt plant enables intelligent monitoring and control of the production process, which enhances efficiency while reducing labor costs.

control system

Remote Monitoring

Given the widespread distribution of project sites, the 80tph asphalt plant equipment comes with remote monitoring capabilities, which can enable project managers to monitor production status, diagnose faults, and ensure seamless project execution in real time.

With so many good advantages, our 80tph asphalt plant is running well in our customers’ working sites. Now, we will display some videos to show its working status.

Now, it is time to show the applications of aimix 80tph asphalt mixing plants in this water conservancy construction. The applications cover all aspects, from infrastructure construction to anti-seepage engineering, from road maintenance to dam repair. With so many applications in various scenes, our asphalt plant equipment greatly meet the needs of customers.

Multiple Applications of 80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant in This Projects

For this water conservancy project, our 80tph asphalt mixing plant is mainly used for producing strong and durable base material: asphalt mixtures for several applications By producing high-quality asphalt mixtures, our asphalt plant equipment provides reliable, durable and adaptable materials for water conservancy projects, helping to ensure the safety and sustainable development of water conservancy projects..

Anti-seepage Applications:

The asphalt mixtures produced by Aimix asphalt mixing plant has excellent waterproof performance, which can effectively reduce the infiltration of water in the embankment body, embankment surface and other places of the dam, and protect the safety of the dam.

reduce the infiltration of water in the surface of dam

Restoration for Road and Embankment Surface

Our 80ton asphalt plant stably produces about 640ton asphalt mixtures to repair and maintain some roads, embankment surfaces, etc., which greatly improves their service life and stability. In addition, the repaired road surface is more durable and can well support the passage of engineering vehicles and equipment.

road paving work

Build Overflow Banks and Channels

The construction of overflow dikes and channels requires high-strength and high-scourability materials. And our asphalt mixing plants can produce qualified asphalt mixtures so as to provide stable and reliable materials for these projects for the sake of preventing overflow and water erosion.

Slope Protection and Drainage System Construction

The asphalt mixtures produced by ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant can be used for slope protection and drainage system construction. These systems can effectively control water flow, prevent soil erosion, and reduce the impact of flood.

Wharf and Port Construction

Aimix 80tph asphalt plant continously outputs asphalt mixtures for the construction of roads, parking lots and platforms in docks and ports. These areas need to withstand the use of heavy vehicles and equipment, and the wear resistance and load-carrying capabilities of asphalt mixtures make it a suitable choice.

port construction

With so many applications, the asphalt mixing plant for sale in Aimix Group can be also used for other kinds of construction projects. Now, we will showcase some other applications fields. Contact us if you have the same need or any requirements for our equipment.

The application of an 80-ton asphalt mixing plant in Indonesia’s water project underscores the role of modern technology in infrastructure development and reflects Indonesia’s commitment to efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable development in the water sector. This case serves as a valuable reference for future similar projects and offers insights, infusing new vigor into Indonesia’s water project development.

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