AIMIX AS3.5 Self Loading Mixer Sent to Kazakhstan

Good news comes on April 19, 2021! one more AIMIX AS3.5B self-loading concrete mixer was loaded and sent to Kazakhstan.

3.5B self loading mixer to Kazakhstan
3.5B self loading mixer to Kazakhstan

The following is the test run video of AIMIX AS3.5B self loading concrete mixer before sending to Kazakhstan. After test run, it was loaded and sent to Kazakhstan.

AIMIX AS3.5 self loading concrete mixer are a very popular type among our products. We exported many sets of them to overseas countries. You can see how popular it is from our cases page.

AS3.5B self loading mixer to Kazakhstan
AS3.5B self loading mixer to Kazakhstan

AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixers Have the Following Features:

  1. Self loading concrete mixer drum can rotate 180℃ or 270℃;
  2. Self load, meter, mix and discharge;
  3. Compact structure and easy movement—four wheels steering;
  4. High working efficiency with diesel engine;
  5. easy to transport between construction sites.
  6. The main hydraulic components are imported.

Self loading concrete mixer is a great design that combines the function of concrete mixing and transportation. It provides convenience to users in the construction industry. By using a self loading concrete mixer, people can save human labor and increases construction efficiency. It really provides a good choice for users.

AS3.5B self loading mixer
AS3.5B self loading mixer

AIMIX mainly provides AS1.8, AS2.6, AS3.5, AS4.0, AS5.5, AS6.5 self loading mixers for customers to choose. If you are not sure which capacity to choose, you can ask our sales and engineer for advice. They will give you suggestions and help you to choose the most suitable types.

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