AIMIX Helps Adjust the Output of Batching Plant in Balikpapan

Adjusting the output of concrete batching plant is a challenge for many customers as the construction industry continues to evolve and demand changes. The AIMIX technical after-sale team has the expertise and experience to provide the optimal solution for our customers. In this article, we would like to share the story of a recent successful production adjustment of an AIMIX AJ60 concrete mixing plant in Balikpapan, Indonesia. Let’s see the sufficient after-sale services from AIMIX.

Adjusting the capacity of the batching plant AJ 60
Completion of the AJ 60 concrete batching plant

The Customer’s Demand

Last month, we received a request from an AJ60 batching mixer customer in Balikpapan, Indonesia. They wanted to adjust the output of the AIMIX AJ60 batching plant they had purchased from us to meet the changing demands of the market. This is a standard service process for us, but every execution is full of new challenges.

Instant Response from AIMIX

Understanding the customer’s specific needs, our technical team worked immediately to develop a detailed solution. Our goal, not only to complete the task, but also to ensure that the adjusted output fully meets the customer’s expectations.

60 ton concrete mixing plant capacity adjustification

Development of the Plan

We had an in-depth conversation with the client to ensure we fully understood their needs. Then, based on the specific conditions of the AJ60 batch plant, we developed an implementation programme. The programme was designed to achieve efficiency and output improvements through technical modifications, while ensuring the stable operation of the small concrete batching plant.

Field Assessment

To ensure the feasibility of the plan, our technical team members, Engineer Zhang Shukui and Engineer Zhang, travelled to Balikpapan from 22nd to 25th May to conduct a thorough assessment of the customer’s ready mix concrete plant. This step was critical to the successful adjustment of the output.

Adjustment Process

After ensuring that all preparations were in place, we began the yield adjustment process. The process included several parts such as software updates and hardware adjustments, each step requiring precise calculations and manoeuvres.

  • On-Site Implementation

    Our team members work closely together on site to ensure that each adjustment is implemented with precision. We utilise advanced technology and experience to ensure that the adjustment process runs smoothly.

  • Results

    As a result of our technical team’s efforts, the adjustments were successfully completed. After testing, the output adjustment of the dry mix batching plant reached the expected target.

What’s more, the whole adjustment process did not have any negative impact on the daily operation of the batching plant concrete.

Customer’s Feedback

Customers have expressed great satisfaction with AIMIX’s after-sale services. They praise our professionalism and high efficiency, especially our attention to detail and problem-solving ability. For our customers, being able to adjust production in a timely and efficient manner means being better able to adapt to market demands and increase competitiveness.

customer and Aimix service team
adjusting the capacity of AIMIX engineer

AIMIX After-Sale Team’s Commitment

AIMIX after-sale team always adheres to the principle that the customer comes first. We are committed to providing the best service, whether it’s communication in the early stage, implementation in the middle stage or follow-up in the later stage. Our technical team keeps learning and exploring, aiming to provide more efficient and reliable solutions for our customers.

AIMIX Service Team Indonesia

In Conclusion

In the ever-changing construction industry, being able to quickly respond to market changes and make adjustments is the key to winning the competition, and AIMIX, with its professional technical support and services, helps customers achieve this goal. If you want to purchase a batching plant with sufficient after-sale services, why not contact us? Let AIMIX after-sale team be your strong backing to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities together!

Through this successful case of yield adjustment, we have once again proved the strength of AIMIX technical team and the firm commitment to our customers. In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of “customer first, quality is king” to provide more help and support for our customers around the world. Let’s go forward hand in hand and create a brilliant future together!

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