Aimix Set to Make a Powerful Impact at Mining Indonesia

Exciting news for mining and mineral recovery enterprises in Malaysia! Aimix Group, a reputable name in the industry, will demonstrate its advanced mobile crusher machines at the eagerly-awaited International Mining & Minerals Recovery Exhibition & Conference, known as Mining Indonesia 2023. This exhibition provides an extremely precious opening for potential customers like yourself to personally witness the superior quality and inventive design of Aimix’s crushing equipment.

Aimix Group in Jakarta international expo Kemayoran

  1. Exhibition Venue: Jakarta International Expo
  2. Venue Address: Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Exhibition time: Sept. 13 – 16, 2023
  4. Booth Number of Aimix Group: D1-8524

We believe that participating in the Mining Indonesia 2023 will be an opportunity to showcase our crushing equipment that is important for your mining and mineral recovery business.

What Will You See in the Exhibition from Aimix Group?

>Discover the Latest in Mobile Crushing Technology

In addition, Aimix will exhibit all types of mobile crushing equipment such as jaw-type, cone-type, impact-type, crawler-type, and compound type – all crucial tools to enhance your mining and mineral recovery operations.

jaw-type mobile crusher machine
Jaw-type Mobile Crusher Machine
cone-type mobile crusher machine
Cone-type Mobile Crusher Machine

To optimize the space at hand, Aimix has meticulously compiled a range of machinery models and instructional videos, which facilitate thorough familiarity with their equipment. These demonstrations furnish a complete comprehension of the attributes, operation, and efficiency of their mobile crushers.

Engage with Aimix’s Expert Team

Aimix Group’s committed professionals look forward to seeing you at Mining Indonesia 2023. Their wealth of expertise guarantees they can provide you with unmatchable support. What’s more, they ensure that your participation in the exhibition is truly worthwhile.

  1. Detailed product introduction for all types of mobile crushing plants. All the members in our team are well-trained and have the ability to explain our machines in details, including the machine parts, and working principles. Therefore, they can better recommend you some suitable machine models for your business.
  2. Design unique crushing solution for you. Our team can help you to design a set of unique crushing production line according to your requirement for the feeding size and finished products sizes.
  3. Explain our special services in Indonesia. Aimix has several warehouses in Bogor, Surabaya, and other cities in Indonesia. And we have some machines in stock in the warehouses. Therefore, we can arrange you to visit our machines in the warehouses.
AIMIX Indonesia team
AIMIX Indonesia team

Don’t Miss Out on This Exceptional Opportunity

We kindly invite you and your company to meet Aimix Group at Jakarta International Expo from 13th to 16th September 2023. With their advanced and committed team, Aimix is also ready to transform your methods of mining and mineral recovery operations.

Contact Aimix now to obtain further information about this exceptional event. Prepare to be enthralled with the state-of-the-art technology, bespoke solutions. Besides, prepare excellent services that Aimix provides for your mining and mineral recovery requirements.

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