Application Of A Concrete Batching Plant In Kalimantan Terakan, Indonesia

In Kalimantan Terakan, Indonesia, a set of concrete batching plant is booming. An excellent construction company is keen to increase  its productivity. After comparison, the company purchased a reliable and efficient 60 ton concrete batching plant from AIMIX. Let’s learn more about this case!

batching plant in Kalimantan Terakan, Indonesia

Learn About The Customer’s Equipment Needs

A local construction company urgently needed to increase its concrete production capacity to meet market demand. They were looking for an efficient and reliable concrete batching plant with full technical support and service. In this case, AIMIX’s professional team and services won the customer over, so let’s take a look at the solution!

AIMIX Provides The Customer With A Concrete Mixing Plant Solution

AIMIX’s local team quickly contacted the customer’s construction company and sent a team of professionals to meet with the customer. Based on an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs, AIMIX provided a customized solution: the 60 tph concrete batching plant and a 2 m3 mixer. This solution not only meets the customer’s production needs but also ensures productivity and product quality.

The owner of the construction company contacted us, and after learning more about AIMIX, he appreciated the company’s experience in the Indonesian market and showed great interest in the concrete mixing plant equipment provided by AIMIX. Although the cement at the customer’s site is in the form of bags, AIMIX cleverly proposed the use of horizontal feeders, which provides the customer with a more convenient and efficient production process.

After thorough consideration, the customer finally chose to purchase the mixing plant equipment from AIMIX. Satisfied with AIMIX’s performance and quality, they choose to continue working with us for future needs.

installation of the 60 ton batching plant in Indonesia
installation on site

Installation And Implementation Of The Batching Plant

To ensure that the customer can start production smoothly, AIMIX sent a team of professional engineers to the customer’s site to assist in the whole process of plant installation and commissioning. The following are the detailed steps of the implementation process:

Site Survey And Preparation

First, AIMIX engineers carried out a detailed site survey and evaluation. They learned key information about the customer’s production environment, site layout, and equipment installation locations. Based on the survey results, a detailed implementation plan was formulated.

Equipment Installation

According to the implementation plan, the engineering team started the equipment installation work. They accurately followed the design drawings and installation guidelines to gradually set up the equipment such as the mixing plant and mixer, and ensured that the installation position and connection method of each component and part met the requirements.

60 ton concrete mixing plant installation
batching plant setup
concrete foundation for the 60 ton concrete batching plant in Indonesia

System Commissioning

After the installation was completed, the team of engineers started to carry out the system commissioning of the equipment. They check the functions and performance of the equipment one by one. Besides, they also make necessary adjustments and optimizations. Therefore, they can ensure that the equipment can operate normally and achieve the expected production efficiency and product quality.

Operation Training

After the commissioning of the equipment, the team of engineers provided comprehensive operation training to the customer. They introduced in detail the operation methods, maintenance points, and troubleshooting techniques of the equipment to help customers master the use and maintenance skills of the equipment.

Of course, we also provide technical support and other services to make our customers satisfied.

concrete batching plant in Indonesia

Technical Support And After-Sales Service

In addition to the full service during the installation and commissioning phase of the equipment, AIMIX also provides continuous technical support and after-sales service. What’s more, customers can always reach our technical team for equipment support and maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Through the rigorous implementation process and thoughtful service, AIMIX ensured the smooth operation of the customer’s concrete mixing plant and won the customer’s high degree of trust and satisfaction.

Results and Benefits

Today, the customer has been successfully using the batching plant supplied by AIMIX for some time and highly appreciates its performance and reliability. The concrete products they produce have gained a good reputation in the market and have helped the company to grow.

Based on their trust and satisfaction with the batching plant, the customer has decided to purchase a second machine to further expand their production and meet the growing market demand. Furthermore, they think the concrete batching plant price is proper and is worthy of purchasing!

installation team is adjusting the machine
installation the parts of the concrete batching plant

Choose Our Batching Plant And Win The Future

The case in the Dalaguen market in Kalimantan proves once again the strength and expertise of AIMIX as a concrete plant manufacturer. By providing high-quality equipment and comprehensive services, AIMIX has become the preferred brand that customers trust and choose. In the future, AIMIX will continue to provide customers with even better solutions about the concrete batching plant Indonesia. Therefore, we can boost business value and success through its focus on innovation and quality.

All in all, if you need a reliable concrete batching plant to increase production capacity, AIMIX is the ideal choice for you. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring smooth production and business success through follow-up. Contact us and let the AIMIX team of professionals help you realize your dreams with a customized solution!

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