Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant is an equipment that is mainly used for the mass production of asphalt mixtures for highway construction, road maintenance, airport runways construction, parking lots construction, and industrial infrastructure projects. What is asphalt mixing plant? Here you get the answer about apa itu asphalt mixing plant. The batch asphalt mixing plant in Aimix Group has productivities of 20TPH to 400TPH. As an experienced asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, Aimix provides several types of asphalt mixing plant, including mobile-type, stationary-type, batch-type and drum-type asphalt mixing machine. Please proceed to check their specifications and prices.

80~100TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant – Most Popular Size In Indonesia

According to our latest sales records, most Indonesian customers have picked up 80tph ~ 100tph bituminous mixing plant for their construction projects. Here, I would like to show you some newest sales cases in Indonesia. And their capacities are within 80~100tph.

ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant in Palembang Indonesia

ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant Palembang Capacity: 80(t/h)

  • Use Place: Palembang, Indonesia
  • Application Field: Water Conservancy Construction
  • Price: 370,000 USD
  • Special Configuration: Bag dust removal
  • Installation: Local Installation Team in Palembang
  • Installation Time: 1 Month

In January 2020, one set of 80 tph asphalt mixing plant was sent to Palembang Indonesia. After the equipment arrived there, our engineer began to help with the installation. The following is a video taken on the installation site about the asphalt mixing plant palembang.

80tph asphalt mixing plant for road construction

ALQ80 Asphalt Mixing Plant In BatamCapacity: 80(t/h)

  • Use Place: Batam, Indonesia
  • Application Field: Port Construction
  • Price: 370,000 USD
  • Special Configuration: Water type dust removal
  • Installation: Local Installation Team in Batam
  • Installation Time: 1 Month
ALQ100 Asphalt Plant in Indonesia

ALQ100 Asphalt Mixing Plant in Surabaya Capacity: 100(t/h)

  • Use Place: Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Application Field: Highway Construction
  • Price: 420,000 USD
  • Special Configuration: Water type dust removal
  • Installation: Local Installation Team in Surabaya
  • Installation Time: 1 Month

What Customers Say About ALQ100 Asphalt Mixing Plant ?

Our Indonesian Customer
AMP Asphalt Mixing Plant

We heard from our local people that AIMIX can supply stationary asphalt mixing plants, so we contact AIMIX. With the help of the salesman and engineer, we chose ALQ100, capacity is 100 ton per hour, engineer helped us installation patiently and carefully. AIMIX is very good!

ALQ100 asphalt plant in Indonesia
ALQ100 asphalt plant in Probolingo Indonesia
ALQ100 asphalt mixing plant
100t asphalt mixing plant Indonesia

Why Is 80~100TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant Widely Used in Indonesia?

Because 80tph ~ 100tph amp asphalt mixing plant capacities can cover almost all your needs for highway construction, airport construction, harbor construction, municipal roads paving construction, and so on. For example, 80tph bitumen production plant can produce 80ton asphalt mixture per hour, and about 640ton asphalt mixture per day(assume your work time for one day is 8 hours). This output level is enough for your daily requirement.

80TPH asphalt mixing plant
80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant
asphalt mixture
Asphalt Mixture
asphalt for road construction
Asphalt for Road Construction

Since 80~100tph asphalt mixing plants are so popular in Indonesia market, Aimix provides you with several types asphalt mixing plants that have productivities of 80~100tph. Please go on checking their features and advantages.

Batch-Type Asphalt Mixing Plant – The Perfect Type For Highway Construction

Features – Batch-type Stirring Mode

The biggest feature of the batch-type asphalt mixing plant is that it has a mixer and a drying drum. The single mixer has better mixing performance and large mixing output of 40TPH~320TPH. Due to this configuration, a batch-type asphalt mixing plant indonesia can always produce high quality asphalt mixture. Therefore, the batch-type asphalt mixing plant machinery is the perfect equipment if you want to start your highway construction or bridge construction in Indonesia. In Aimix Group, batch-type asphalt processing plant models mainly include: ALQ series, ALYJ series and ALYQ series. The ALQ series belongs to the stationary type, and the ALYJ and ALYQ series belong to the mobile asphalt mixing plant.

dryer drum
Dryer Drum

ALQ Series Asphalt Mixing Plant Specifications

Especially our ALQ series, this is the most popular type in Indonesia. In recent years, Aimix has exported several ALQ series bituminous plant mix to Indonesia. Among these multi-capacity asphalt mixing plants, the ALQ80 and ALQ100 are the most popular models. The following sections are detailed spesifikasi asphalt mixing plant of the ALQ series.

Fuel: Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Dust filter: Gravity dust filter+ Cyclone dust filter + Bag dust filter/ Water dust filter

More Detailed Parameters of AIMIX batch mix asphalt Plant for Sale

Model ALQ40 ALQ60 ALQ80 ALQ100 ALQ120 ALQ160 ALQ200 ALQ240 ALQ320
Output 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h 100t/h 120t/h 160t/h 200t/h 240t/h 320t/h
Cold Aggregate Feeding System
Hopper Capacity 4×4.5m³ 4×6.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 4×7.5m³ 5×12m³ 5×12m³ 5×12m³ 6×15m³
Collect Belt Capacity 60t/h 80t/h 100t/h 120t/h 140t/h 200t/h 220t/h 280t/h 360t/h
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Size φ1.2m×5.2m φ1.5m×6m φ1.5m×6.7m φ1.65m×7m φ1.8m×8m φ2.2m×9m φ2.6m×9m φ2.6m×9.5m φ2.8m×10.2m
Dryer Capacity 60t/h 80t/h 100t/h 120t/h 140t/h 180t/h 240t/h 260t/h 360t/h
Fuel Consumption 70-300kg/h 100-400kg/h 120-600kg/h 150-1000kg/h 150-1000kg/h 150-1400kg/h 180-1800kg/h 180-1800kg/h 260-2500kg/h

Main Components and How Does An Asphalt Plant Work

Cara kerja asphalt mixing plant? Asphalt batch plants make small accurate “batches” of asphalt mixture through a process that is repeated over and over until the total tonnage for a project has been manufactured. They offer the highest level of flexibility in production.

The asphalt mixing plant layout is divided into two main bagian bagian asphalt mixing plant: the tower unit and other components. Asphalt mixing plant mainly consists of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting system, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished silo, and control system, etc.

asphalt mixing plant components in Aimix Group
Asphalt Mixing Plant 3D Picture

The batch-type asphalt mixing plant process is as follows: First, the weighed aggregate material is conveyed to the heated dryer drum, then all the materials are processed and dried. Furthermore, the dry aggregate is lifted to the mixer. At the same time, add liquid asphalt to the mixer. Furthermore, all the mixture is stirred evenly in the mixer and finally turned into asphalt mixture.

Advantages Of Using Batch-Type Asphalt Mixing Plant Indonesia

Here, I will explain to you about what benefits you can get if you use a batch-type bitumen mixing plant in Indonesia?

  • 1. Increase Your Mixing Efficiency: The mixing components in an asphalt manufacturing plant allow thorough mixing of the asphalt mixture, which ensures better quality and consistency. This allows precise distribution of aggregates, binders and additives, resulting in a homogeneous mixture. Therefore, you can use high grade asphalt for your road paving construction.
  • 2. Improved Heat Transfer: The drying drum facilitates efficient heat transfer during the asphalt production process. This allows the removal of moisture from the aggregate by exposing it to high temperatures, ensuring the desired asphalt quality.
  • 3. Increased Production Capacity: The presence of mixers and drying drums allows for higher production capacities. The dryer drum dries and heats the aggregate, while the mixer ensures proper mixing of the ingredients. This arrangement enables continuous production and reduces downtime between batches. This means that you can save a lot of time and increase your productivity.
  • 4. Improved Energy Efficiency: The combination of the dryer drum and mixer helps to optimize energy consumption. The dryer drum utilizes the waste heat generated during the production process to heat the aggregate, reducing the energy required for drying. This energy efficiency results into cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • 5. Versatile Applications: With mixers and drying drums, the asphalt plant equipment can produce various types of asphalt mixtures to meet the requirements of different projects. The mixer allows the addition of additives, recycled materials or modified binders, enabling the production of special asphalt mixtures with specific properties.
  • 6. Reduced Maintenance: The inclusion of mixers and drying drums in the asphalt mixing plant design simplifies the maintenance procedure. These asphalt mixing plant parts are usually designed to be easy to access, inspect, and clean. Maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the dryer drum or replacing mixer blades, can be performed more efficiently, reducing downtime. Thus, you can save a lot on maintenance costs during your use process .

In the following sections, I will continue to introduce another type of batch-type asphalt mixing plant amp for you, and that is the ALYJ series.

ALYJ Series Simple Batch-type Asphalt Mixing Plant Indonesia

The ALYJ series asphalt mixing plant belongs to the simple batch-type asphalt plant. With a compact structure and lower asphalt mix plant capacity, the ALYJ series will reduce your initial investment capital costs. Therefore, it will be your second choice if you are looking to buy a batch-type asphalt mixing plant with a lower budget. Below, you will find ALYJ series asphalt mixing plant specifications.

ALYJ20 simple batch mix asphalt plant

ALYJ20 Asphalt Mixing PlantCapacity: 20(t/h)

  • Model: ALYJ20
  • Production Capacity: 20t/h
  • Cold Aggregate Storage: 3m³×3
  • Fuel Consumption: 5-7.5kg/t(Fuel
  • Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 5t
  • Asphalt Temperature: 120-180℃
ALYJ40 simple batch mix asphalt plant

ALYJ40 Asphalt Mixing PlantCapacity: 40(t/h)

  • Model: ALYJ40
  • Production Capacity: 40t/h
  • Cold Aggregate Storage: 5m³×3
  • Fuel Consumption: 5-7.5kg/t(Fuel
  • Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t
  • Asphalt Temperature: 120-180℃
ALYJ60 simple batch mix asphalt plant

ALYJ60 Asphalt Mixing PlantCapacity: 60(t/h)

  • Model: ALYJ60
  • Production Capacity: 60t/h
  • Cold Aggregate Storage: 5m³×3
  • Fuel Consumption: 5-7.5kg/t(Fuel
  • Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 9t
  • Asphalt Temperature: 120-180℃
More Detailed Specifications of ALYJ Series
Output 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Power Fuel Oil 48kw 59kw 68kw 106kw 132kw 146kw 186kw
Burning Coal 67kw 78kw 91kw 129kw 170kw 192kw 262kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3m³×3 3m³×3 3m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×3 5m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 2t 5t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil 5-7.5kg/t
Burning Coal 13-15kg/t
Option Water Dust Filter、Bag Dust Filter、Contol Room、Asphalt Heat Tank、Mineral Flour Tank

What you gonna do if you have less budget? Here, I am gonna to introduce you with one of another asphalt mixing plant types. It has lower cost than batch-type asphalt mixing plant. Please go on reading to find its features and model details.

Drum-Type Asphalt Mixing Plant – Suitable Type For Small-Scale Road Improvement Works

The drum-type asphalt production plant has no mixer, and the drum has the functions of mixing and drying in one unit. Drum mix-type asphalt plant contains: ALT series. Now, check their asphalt mixing plant specifications below.

ALT Series

ALT40 drum mix asphalt plant

ALT40 Drum-type Asphalt Mixing PlantCapacity: 40(t/h)

  • Model: ALT40
  • Production Capacity: 40/h
  • Cold Aggregate Storage: 4.0m3×4
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
  • Unloading Height: 3m
  • Total power: 75kw
ALT60 drum mixing plant

ALT60 Drum-type Asphalt Mixing PlantCapacity: 60(t/h)

  • Model: ALT60
  • Production Capacity: 60t/h
  • Cold Aggregate Storage: 4.0m3×4
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
  • Unloading Height: 3m
  • Total power: 123kw
ALT80 asphalt mixing plant

ALT80 Drum-type Asphalt Mixing PlantCapacity: 80(t/h)

  • Model: ALT80
  • Production Capacity: 80t/h
  • Cold Aggregate Storage: 4.0m3×4
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel
  • Unloading Height: 3m
  • Total power: 140kw
Detailed Parameters of Drum Mix-type Asphalt Plant:
Model ALT20 ALT40 ALT60 ALT80 ALT100
Output 20t/h 45t/h 60t/h 80t/h 100t/h
Power Fuel Oil 34kw 65kw 105kw 135kw 170kw
Burning Coal 40kw 75kw 120kw 165kw 200kw
Cold Aggregate Feeding System 3.5m³×1 4m³×4 4m³×4 6.5m³×4 6.5m³×4
Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin 3t 3t 7t 7t 9t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil 5-7.5kg/t
Burning Coal 13-15kg/t
Asphalt Tank 10t 20t 30t 30t 35t
Control Room 2.2m 2.2m 3m 3m 3.5m
Option Bag Dust Filter
Advantages of Drum Mix-type Asphalt Mixing Plant
  1. Modular design, the main modules are equipped with trailer and chassis, which can realize rapid relocation and installation;
  2. High-precision screening, accurate metering, batch mixing, high quality of finished asphalt;
  3. Optimized design of drying drum and mixing tank, better equipment performance; key components are made of wear-resistant materials and have a longer service life;
  4. Simple design and small floor coverage.
  5. PLC system, intelligent control, easy to operate.
  6. Each module is equipped with a separate power distribution cabinet. The cables are arranged before leaving the factory, which is convenient and safe.

mobile drum mix asphalt plant

Latest Cases – 100tph Asphalt Mixing Plant Finished Installation

Good news comes in March 2021! The installation of an ALQ100 asphalt mixing plant was finished in Sri Lanka and was put into use. The following is the gambar asphalt mixing plant took on the installation site.

AIMIX 100ton asphalt plant
100t asphalt mixing plant

asphalt plant installation site
asphalt plant installation site
control room
control room
service team
service team

What Are The Advantages Of Asphalt Mixing Plant You Can Get?

Aimix has so many types and models of asphalt mixing plants for sale , and all types of asphalt plants are of high quality and have many features. So, you can get a lot of benefits if you buy a continuous asphalt mixing plant from Aimix Group.

  1. Compact modular design and integrated steel structure foundation, the layout is more reasonable, and the disassembly-transport-installation is faster and more convenient.
  2. Skirt-type feeding belt to ensure more stable and reliable feeding.
  3. Superior drying drum design and advanced self-developed combustion heating technology improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  4. The plate chain type hot aggregate and powder lifting design improve the service life of the hoist.
  5. Plus high-rise hot aggregate silo design, increase the storage capacity of hot aggregate silos, eliminate the phenomenon of materials and increase production.
  6. Adopting the world’s advanced pulse bag dust removal technology, the smoke emission is less than 20mg/Nm3, which is in line with international high environmental protection standards.
  7. Fully automatic/manual control system with fault self-diagnosis feedback program, make it simple and stable to operate.
  8. Optimized design and high-energy conversion rate hardened gear reducer for high energy efficiency.
  9. The core components adopt internationally renowned brand products, such as Siemens motors and electrical components, EBICO burners, Swiss METTLER TOLEDO load cells, etc., which reduce the equipment failure rate and extend the service life of the equipment.
  10. The products have passed the CE certification of the European Union and the GOST certification of Russia. The products fully meet the requirements of quality, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety in the European and American markets.

forced type asphalt mixing plant

Aimix Group Factory View

The following are some pictures and introduction video of our workshop. AIMIX GROUP mainly engaged in construction machine manufacturer. With more than 30 years developing, now AIMIX GROUP is a top manufacturer in China.

AIMIX workshop

Every year, we have hundreds of asphalt plants produced, and exported to more than 100 countries until now. Besides headquarter in China, AIMIX GROUP also builds warehouses in Indonesia, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, and service offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia. Welcome you visit AIMIX GROUP.

How Much Does an Asphalt Plant Cost?

Many people may ask how much is an asphalt mixing plant? Asphalt mixer plant price ranges according to the models. The very basic asphalt mixing plant can start from as low price as several tens of thousand dollars. Asphalt mixing plant price depending mainly on type and capacity. The larger the production capacity, the more the functions, the higher the price. Let’s delve into the harga asphalt mixing plant.

Price Ranges Of Different Types Of Asphalt Mixing Plants

  1. Batch-type asphalt mixing plant, the price starts from $80,000.
  2. Drum-type asphalt mixing plant, the price starts from $30,000.
  3. Mobile-type asphalt plant which includes forced-type and drum-type, the price starts from $30,000.

The prices above are just the basic prices of that series of asphalt plants with standard configuration. These prices doesn’t include the price of transportation etc. Transportation cost is also an important part of the cost of asphalt mixing plants. You can communicate with our sales to decide the transport mode and transport fees.

Asphalt batch mix plant
Asphalt batch mix plant
Asphalt drum mix plant
Asphalt drum mix plant
Mobile asphalt batch plant
Mobile asphalt batch plant

A Few Factors that May Influence the Asphalt Mixing Plant Price

Some customers may ask how much does it cost to start an asphalt mixing plant. How much an asphalt plant costs depends on your detailed requirements. With asphalt mixing plant price ranging from several tens of thousand to millions of dollars, an asphalt mixing plant adalah a serious investment for any company, small or large. Therefore, customers should choose one with reliable performance. There are several factors we need to confirm with you to give the cost of building a bitumen batch mix plant.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Type

Different types of asphalt mixing plants, such as batch-type asphalt mixing plants or drum-type asphalt plants, mobile-type asphalt plants, or stationary asphalt plants have different asphalt mixing plant layouts, as well as different prices. Their prices vary greatly. Generally speaking, if the asphalt mixing plants have the same output, a batch mix-type asphalt plant has a higher price than that of a drum mix-type asphalt plant.

Production Capacity of the Asphalt Mixing Plant

You need to determine the capacity of the asphalt mixing plant according to the amount of hot asphalt you want to produce. Generally speaking, for the same type of hot asphalt mixing plant, the larger the capacity, the higher the price. If you are not sure about the ideal capacity of the asphalt premix plant suitable for your project , please feel free to contact us and we will develop the perfect solution for you.

Detailed Configuration of Asphalt Plant

You should consider many factors, such as how many collecting hoppers you need to equip, how big the asphalt tanks attached to your asphalt plant equipment need to be, whether you need a hut that can temporarily store the finished mixture, whether you need additives to meet your project or not, how many bag dust filters you want to use in your asphalt processing plant.

Brand of Spare Parts in the Asphalt Mixing Plant

You can choose the brand of some spare parts in the asphalt mixing equipment if you have a demand. Such as what brand of burners, reducers and electrical components you will use, etc. These factors also influence the cost of building an amp aspal mixing plant.

Batch Mix-type Asphalt Plant vs Continuous drum-type Asphalt Plant Which one to Choose

In general, a batch mix-type asphalt plant is the best for a large and medium-sized road construction project that requires high quality asphalt mixture. While a continuous asphalt plant is suitable for small and medium-sized road construction projects. You can choose either type according to your real demand or ask our sales and engineers for some advice. Here are the details about asphalt batch plant vs drum plant.

Bright Features of Batch Mix-type Asphalt Mixing Plant

At present, batch mix-type asphalt plant is the most popular due to the following features.

  1. Accurate weighing, precise screening, and batching. Therefore, the finished asphalt mixture is of good quality.
  2. High efficiency, a single batch cycle is about 45 seconds) and large capacity (up to 400t/h).
  3. The recipes of asphalt mixture produced by a batch mix asphalt plant can be adjusted easily, thus it produces various kinds of asphalt mixtures.
  4. It has wide asphalt mixing plant applications, including highways, airports, national roads, city roads, and country roads, etc.
  5. Easy operation. Nowadays, most batch mix asphalt plant is automatically controlled.
batch mix asphalt plant
batch mix asphalt plant

Bright Features of Continuous drum-type Asphalt Plant

  1. As is known by its name, a continuous asphalt mixing plant will produce asphalt mixture in a consistent run once it is started. Aggregate drying, heating and mixing are all taken place in a drum. Compared with a batch-type bitumen batching plant, a continuous asphalt plant is simple in structure because it has no mixing tower and elevating system; therefore, it requires less land, less maintenance cost.
  2. However, due to lack of precise screening, it requires precise control over aggregate feeding at the very beginning of production.
  3. Normally, the capacity of a continuous asphalt plant varies between 20t/h and 100t/h.
  4. A continuous asphalt plant required less initial investment compared with a batch mix one (with the same capacity).
continuous drum asphalt plant
continuous drum asphalt plant

Different Metering Methods

  1. Batch mix-type asphalt plant: metered by weight, each sized aggregate is metered independently, thus it is much preciser.
  2. Continuous asphalt plant, metered by volume (flow rate on aggregate feeding), not so precise as a batch mix one.

Different Mixing Process

  1. Batch mix-type asphalt mixing plant: usually, materials (aggregate, filler, bitumen, additives if necessary ) are mixed in a twin shaft paddle mixer, and mixing is conducted by batches, therefore, the mixing performance is even and homogeneous. Besides, the batch circle can be shortened or extended according to finished asphalt quality. What’s more, the recipes can be adjusted very quickly and easily. All in all, a batch mix-type asphalt plant is an ideal equipment for high quality and special recipe asphalt mixtures such as porous pavement, polymer modified asphalt pavement, emulsified asphalt pavement.
  2. Continuous asphalt plant: the mixing process must be consistent, steady, and long enough.

From the above, you may have a good knowledge of the differences between batch mix-type asphalt plant and continuous drum-type asphalt plant. Both of the two types have their own advantages. Which one to choose depends on the project requirements of customers. The capacity and finished asphalt quality your project requires will decide your choice. The above is just some advice, you can talk with our sales and engineers to decide the most suitable plan. Just call us or click the button to contact us now!


  • Q1: How Many Kinds Of Asphalt Mixing Plants Do You Provide?/What Are The Different Types Of Asphalt Mixing Plants?
    A1: We have 4 kinds: stationary batch-type asphalt mixing plant(ALQ series), mobile batch-type asphalt plant(ALYQ series), drum-type asphalt mixing plant(ALT series), and simple batch-type asphalt plant (ALYJ series).
  • Q2: How Long Will It Take To Produce The Asphalt Mixing Plant?
    A2: Generally speaking, 40-80T asphalt mixing plants need 25-30 working days, 120-200T asphalt mixing plants need 35-50 working days.
  • Q3: How Can I Get Remote Support For My Asphalt Plant?
    A3: Your asphalt plant must be fitted with a support module and the connection must be ensured by cable or GSM.
  • Q4: Can I Get The Spare Parts In Time?
    A4: We have spare parts in stock in the warehouses of our local partners located in several cities of Indonesia, you can get spare parts in time.
  • Q5:How To Choose The Right Asphalt Mixing Plant?
    A5: Simply put, match the asphalt plant to your project’s scale, mobility needs, prioritize technology and sustainability, choose a reliable manufacturer, consider both initial and ongoing costs, and think about future expansion capabilities.

AIMIX Service in Indonesia

  1. Professional engineer team, guarantee fast response and professional proposal.
  2. Branch office and team in Indonesia, quality and timely service assured.
  3. Local custom clearance partner in Major city Surabaya and Jakarta and can solve custom clearance issues for customers who don’t have import experience.
  4. Spare parts available in warehouses in Indonesia. Contact us for addresses now if you want to have a visit.
  5. Indonesia local Installation team, more than 10 years of installation experience, can guarantee timely installation and maintenance.

aimix service team

Get Asphalt Mixing Plant in Indonesia from Aimix

To serve customers better, Aimix not only has office in China, but also sets branch offices in Indonesia. We have office and sales in Indonesia to serve the local customers, which makes it very convenient for customers in Indonesia to buy asphalt mixing plant equipment from us.

Therefore, customers in Indonesia can get high-level asphalt mixing plant from us at a competitive price. Also, customers in Indonesia can get fast and reliable services from us from pre-sale to after-sale.

If you are interested in aimix asphalt mixing plants, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the form below. Besides, contact us to get the harga asphalt mixing plant now!

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