Asphalt Plant in Batam Paves the Way for Highway Construction Success

We, Aimix Group, have exported one set of 80TPH asphalt mixing plant to Batam, one city of Indonesia. Right now, our engineers have completed the installation and testing work for our customers. Next, the asphalt batching plant will show its power to contribute to the success of the highway construction. In the following, we would like to share some details about this case here.

Project Overview

As the above mentioned, our customer has installed this set of 80TPH asphalt mixing plant in Batam. Now, let’s see what kind of fields our customer has used it for and his project details below.

  • Machine Model: 80TPH asphalt mixing plant
  • Capacity: 80 ton per hour
  • Use Place: Batam, Indonesia
  • Application Field: Highway Construction

Our customer plans to build a new port in Batam. Therefore, he needs a lot of asphalt concrete for this project. According to his budget and daily production demand, about 700 ton per day, our sales recommand this 80TPH asphalt mixing plant for him. Right now, let’s see how our 80TPH asphalt mixing plant helps for our customer for his project.

What Does Our Asphalt Plant Do for This Project?

80TPH asphalt mixing plant mainly produces and supplies qualified asphalt concrete, which is used in the construction of waterways and piers in ports. Now, take a look at the finished asphalt concrete below.

asphalt concrete

The asphalt concrete will be used for road surface paving work for the waterway and dock for the purpose of supporting the loading, unloading and transportation of ships and cargo. Our customer starts this port project after this set of 80TPH asphalt mixing plant is completely installed in Batam. A few months have passed, and he has fulfilled the road paving work of several channels. Now, let’s take a look at them.

road paving

Secondly, our 80tph asphalt mixing plant also produces waterproof coating material which is mainly used for waterproof supports for the buildings and facilities in the port. As we all know, docks, warehouses, embankments, and other port buildings need to possess the ability of waterproof so as to protect its structure from seawater erosion and damage.

80tph asphalt mixing plant in Aimix

To sum up, asphalt mixing plant for sale in Aimix Group can not only produces asphalt concrete but also waterproof coating material, which is an useful equipment for your port construction, dam construction, bridge construction, and so on. Contact us if you require an 80TPH asphalt mixing plant in Indonesia. Alternatively, if you wish to visit our customer’s site in Batam, please inform us.

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