Concrete Batching Plant Solutions to Meet Client Needs in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Balikpapan, Indonesia, is a vibrant land with many projects that are shaping the future of the land. We have recently completed a project for a 60 tph stationary concrete mixing plant and a 2 cubic meter mixer. The customer’s needs were greatly met by the concrete batching plant Indonesia solution we provided. Let’s explore this project together!

60 tph stationary concrete batching plant Indonesia producing process

Project Background And Requirements

A local business owner in Balikpapan, Kalimantan, Indonesia was faced with a pressing problem: the construction schedule needed to be accelerated, and the rapid procurement of a concrete batching equipment became his top priority. To address this need, he turned to the internet and discovered our services. Contacting us via email, he expressed his eagerness to purchase a beton batching plant.

60 ton Indonesia concrete batching plant stationary
installation of 60 ton stationary batching plant Indonesia

AIMIX Response And Solution

As a service provider in Indonesia, our professional team responded immediately to the client’s needs. We have a local office and a stock of various types of silo batching plant to quickly meet the customer’s needs.

Solutions for the Customer

For the customer’s specific situation, we provided a complete solution.
a 60-ton per hour stationary concrete batching plant with a 2-cubic meter mixer.
This solution not only meets the customer’s project requirements but is also a reasonable choice in terms of costing.

60 tph stationary concrete batching plant Indonesia on site

Customer Evaluation And Order Fulfillment

Upon review, the customer found our solution satisfactory, expressing contentment with both our services and the batching plant di indonesia. Although we have a local office in Indonesia and stock the concrete batching plant, the customer showed confidence in our solution. Without directly viewing the stock, he immediately made the decision to place an order. The trust in our professionalism and reliability gave the customer confidence to believe we would finalize the order perfectly.

The next step was the transportation of the equipment as well as the installation and operation, so let me continue to explore!

60 ton stationary concrete batching plant Indonesia installation
60 tph stationary batching plant Indonesia

Installation And Operation Of The Batching Plant

What’s more, our installation team then moved quickly to take care of the transportation and installation of the equipment. After more than a month of careful installation, the batch plant was successfully put into use. Its stable and reliable operation has greatly improved the customer’s production efficiency and strongly contributed to the acceleration of the project’s progress. The customer said it was an extremely pleasant purchase experience!

60 tph stationary concrete batching plant Indonesia

The Choice To Help You To Success

In the highly competitive engineering field, time is money.  Besides, choosing our concrete batching plants for sale is not only the guarantee of efficient production but also the acceleration of the project progress. Therefore, whether you are facing a tight deadline or pursuing higher productivity, we can provide you with customized solutions about the concrete batching plant Indonesia. Let’s work together to help you succeed!

Through our professional services, we will breathe new life into your project and make you stand out in the competitive market. All in all, we look forward to working with you! Contact us now to choose your preferred new concrete plant and get the concrete batching plant prices!

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