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Concrete Mixer Hydraulic Pump and Aggregate Batching Machine for Road Project in Kupang

Today, I will share a successful case of our concrete mixer hydraulic pump and aggregate batching machine working for a road project in Indonesia. In the following part, I will write down the purchase process and a working overview of our customers’ sites.

Machine Details

  • Model: 1 set of integrated machines that combine an ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump trailer and a set of 2 bins batching machine, and 1 wheel loader
  • Using Place: Kupang City, Indonesia
  • Application Field: Road Project

Working Video Overview of Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump

Here, I attach a working video of our ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer with pump shot from our customers’ working sites. As you can see, our concrete pump equipment is running well not only for the concrete mixing work but also for the concrete conveying work.

How Does This Integrated Machine Work for Road Project?

As you can see from the above video, our customer has built a temporary working site and set up the portable concrete mixer pump in an empty place. Besides the concrete pump, there is a stockyard for the sand, gravel, and stone materials. Now I will write down how they work for our customers’ road project in Kupang.

  • Machine Installation: Drag and fix the integrated concrete pump equipment to the site. The whole machine is well assembled so that it can be put into production at once it is fixed on the ground.
  • Aggregate Feeding: Our customer has set up the concrete pumping machine near the stockyard. Therefore, it is easy for the worker to drive the wheel loader to feed aggregate materials to the batching machine. The aggregate materials and cement are discharged into the lifting hopper after being weighed by the batching machine.
  • Concrete Mixing Process: The mixing drum will start to stir all the materials together and output fluid concrete to the filtering hopper.
  • Pumping Concrete: Next, the concrete is conveyed to a dump truck by several meters of pipes. Then the concrete is delivered to the road by the dump truck.

Why Choose This Integrated Machine?

Actually, there are single concrete drum mixer pumps and single batching machines for sale in Aimix. But this time, our sales team recommends this integrated equipment for our customer due to the following reasons.

  • 1. Can produce higher levels of concrete. By means of this 2 bins aggregate batching machine, our customer can precisely weigh the sand, stone, or gravel materials. In other words, it is easier for our client to control the concrete proportion.
  • 2. Save shipping fee. This kind of integrated design helps save some space. Our customer will need a 40HQ container and an extra 20GP container if he buys a single cement mixer trailer pump and a single batching machine plus a wheel loader. But right now, buying this kind of integrated machine and a wheel loader will only need a 40HQ container. As a result, this design has helped save a lot of shipping fees.
  • 3. Possess multifunctions of feeding and weighing aggregate materials, mixing concrete, and pumping the finished concrete. You may have found that this integrated machine can fulfill the whole working process as a mini batching plant.
  • 4. Easy to move. You can use a wheel loader or a forklift to easily transfer them. Consequently, this machine combination is suitable for road paving construction that needs frequent changing working sites.

Other Options If You Don’t Need An Integrated Machine

You can directly buy our concrete mixer pump machine if you don’t need to precisely measure the aggregate materials by the aggregate batching machine. Here, I list some succussful cases of our concrete mixture pumps that are widely applied for other construction items, please check the following cases in Indonesia.

  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Using Place: Terminal Ende, Indonesia
  • Applications: Airport Construction

c3 concrete mixer pump for airport construction

  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Using Place: Papua, Indonesia
  • Applications: Church Construction

cement mixer hydraulic pump for church construction

  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Using Place: Bangka, Indonesia
  • Applications: Dam Construction

lightweight concrete mixer pump for dam construction

  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Using Place: Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Applications: Self-built House Construction

mobile concrete mixer pump for self-built house construction

Contact us if you are interested in this integrated machine for aimix concrete mixer pump and aggregate batching machines.

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