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Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

Concrete trailer pump for sale is mainly used for the concrete conveying work for some large-scale concrete construction projects, including high-rise building construction, highway construction, overpass construction, civil building construction, and so on. This also explains what is a trailer pump. By means of high-pressure pumping, aimix concrete trailer pumps for sale hydraulic can reach the horizontal conveying distances of 500 to 1200 meters, and the vertical pumping height of 120 to 260 meters. Please continue to read more specifications below.

concrete trailer pump for sale 65 meter

concrete trailer pump for sale 61 meter
concrete trailer pump for sale 63 meter
concrete trailer pump for sale 52 meter

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump

Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 40/26
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 120
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 500

Master Parts:

Trailer base, wheels, filtering hopper, hydraulic pressure parts, electric parts, pipes.

What Fields Can You Use Our Trailer Pumps for?

In this part, I will list some working cases, videos, and pictures of our trailer mounted concrete pump for sale in the whole world, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and so on.

Concrete Pouring Work for A 45 Meters High Hotel Construction – ABT40C Working in Papua, Indonesia

concrete pouring work

concrete pump for placing of concrete on the roof

Foundation Pouring Work – ABT30C Working in Manowari, Papur, Indonesia

aimix pumpcrete

founcation pouring work

Building A Factory – ABT40C Working in the Philippines

towable concrete pump 40m3

concrete trailer pump for sale business in Aimix

pull behind concrete pump 60meters

Making Prefab Concrete Products – ABT60C Working in Uzbekistan

This case is our ABT60C working with a 4.0m3 self-loading mixer with pump for the prefab products making work.

trailer pumps for sale and self loading mixer

self loading mixer 4m3

Placing of Concrete for the 13th Floor – ABT60C Working in the Philippines

concrete pump on trailer
concrete pumping machine
concrete pumpcrete

Tunnel Construction – ABT80C Working in Peru

concrete pump trailer ABT80C
concrete pumping equipment
concrete pouring work for a tunnel

Floor Pouring Work – ABT40C Working in Uzbekistan

cement pump trailer and concrete mixer truck
concrete pump for sale trailer ABT40C
concrete conveying work

How to Choose A Right Concrete Trailer Pump in Indonesia?

As we all know, there are many different application fields you can use concrete trailer pumps for. Hence, choosing the right type or model of the trailer concrete pump mixer will be your first thing to consider. In Aimix Group, there are two types of small concrete pumps, and they are diesel type small trailer concrete pump for sale and electric type small concrete pump trailer. In the following parts, I will list the main types of trailer concrete pump and their differences and application fields so that you can take a view and make a decision.

  • Diesel-powered Concrete Trailer Pump in Aimix

    Concrete trailer pump for sale diesel is the most popular type in the market. Until now, Aimix has sold over 500 sets to Indonesia. There are ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C diesel concrete pumps for sale in Aimix. “C” means that the engine type is diesel. What is more, the number “40”, “60”, and “80” means the maximum pumping capacities for the concrete per hour. And ABT40C is the most hot-selling model among them. Below parts are characteristics and advantages of trailer pumps.

Technical Specifications of Diesel Pump Trailer

trailer concrete pumps ABT40C

ABT40C Cement Pump Trailer Capacity: 40(m3/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 40/26
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 120
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 500
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(L./H)(mpa): 8/10
  • Hopper Capacity×Feeding Height(L×mm): 400×1250
pump trailer ABT60C

ABT60C Trailer Pump for Concrete Capacity: 45/67(m3/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 45/67
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 180
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 1000
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(L./H)(mpa): 13/7
  • Hopper Capacity×Feeding Height(L×mm): 800×1400
trailer mounted pump ABT80C

ABT80C Concrete Pump on Trailer Capacity: 45/84(m3/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 45/84
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 260
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 1200
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(L./H)(mpa): 16/7
  • Hopper Capacity×Feeding Height(L×mm): 800×1400
  • Features and Benefits of Aimix Diesel-type Pumps

    1. It applies diesel-engine so that it is suitable for those construction works that lack electricity. Therefore, if your projects are located in some remote areas that lack of electricity, then our diesel-type towable concrete pumps for sale will be your first choice to buy.

    2. With regard to the trailer concrete pump capacity, the maximum pumping distances of diesel portable concrete pumps are larger than the electric type pump. To be precise, its maximum horizontal pumping distances can reach 1200 meters, and its maximum vertical pumping distances can get to 260 meters. In other words, with those excellent pumping capacities, you can apply trailer-mounted concrete pumps to almost all construction projects.

    3. You can call it a tow behind concrete pump because the diesel-type cement pump trailer for sale has a hook at the side so that you can easily drag the diesel type concrete pump trailer for sale for transferring between site to site.


    Trailer pump for sale can realize continuous concrete conveying work by means of utilizing some horizontal or vertical pipelines to pump the concrete to the construction sites. The trailer line pump can pump concrete both in a level way and a vertical way at the same time. That is why the towable concrete pump can be widely applied for urban construction, water conservancy engineering construction, railway construction, tunnel construction, bridge construction, rural self-built house construction, foundation pouring construction, and so on. In the below parts, I will list some application fields of our diesel transcrete trailer pump for sale.

    For Building A Factory

    trailer pump concrete ABT40C for building a factory

    For High-rise Building Construction

    concrete pump trailer for high-rise building construction

    For Making Prefab Concrete Slabs

    trailer mounted pumps for making prefab products

    For Expressway Construction

    trailer pump for concrete for expressway construction

  • Electric-powered Concrete Trailer Pump in Aimix

    In Aimix Group, there are ABT40D, ABT60D, and ABT80D electric-type pumps. “D” means the engine type is electricity. Go on to read its features and applications.

    Features and Benefits

    1. The electric trailer mounted concrete pump uses electricity as its engine. In other words, it will save your operating costs during the daily conveying work because the cost of using electricity is lower. Thence, I will recommend your to buy our electric type concrete pump mini if your construction sites are located in those areas that can supply normal power. Therefore, you can feel the price for trailer concrete pump is worthwhile. Contact us and get the mini trailer concrete pump price.

    2. Besides, its maximum level conveying distances of the concrete pump on trailer for sale are 1000 meters, and its maximum vertical pumping height can reach 200 meters.


    Thus, you can buy our electric type trailer-mounted concrete pump for many kinds of projects, such as high-rise building construction, municipal construction, railway construction, factory floor pouring construction, and industrial building construction that has a long conveying distance and high demand for concrete.

Technical Specifications of Electric Trailer Mounted Pumps

concrete pumping trailer ABT60D

ABT60D Concrete Pumping Trailer Capacity: 36/60(m3/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 36/60
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 160
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 800
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(L./H)(mpa): 13/7
  • Hopper Capacity×Feeding Height(L×mm): 800×1400

What About the Concrete Trailer Pump Price in Indonesia?

How much is a concrete pump trailer? Of course, everyone focus on the concrete pump trailer price before they buy concrete pump trailer. Since there are different types of pumps in Aimix, and both of the two types have different size and configure. Thereupon, I can only give you the approximately price range to help you make your order about the towable concrete pump trailer. But as one of the trailer concrete pump manufacturers, Aimix can give you the wholesale price in Indonesia.

How Much Does A Concrete Pump Trailer Cost?

In the following, there are the ranges of the concrete trailer pump price. You can take them as a reference if you want to buy concrete pump trailer.

  • For the Electric-type: The ABT40D to ABT80D trailer mounted concrete pump prices vary from 15000 USD – 60000 USD.
  • About the Diesel-type: The ABT40C to ABT80C concrete trailer pump costs vary from 23000 USD – 60000 USD.

What Services Can You Get in Indonesia?

Aimix, as one of outstanding trailer concrete pump companies, has been researching and producing the concrete pump trailer mounted for over 30 years. We not only focus on the quality of concrete pump machines but also pay attention to the after-sales services in Indonesia. You can check our services below and send us your inquiry about our concrete pump tow behind or ask us any questions about our services right away.

Pre-sale Services

We have professional engineers who can supply you with the 3D drawings and layout for the concrete mixing pump trailer according to your projects.

After-sale Services

Machine Production Supervision Services

After you have made the orders, we will start the machine production at once. And we will also arrange for our engineers to supervise the whole process of the production to make sure all the parts are produced according to the requirements of our clients.

Shipping Services

Regarding the shipping services, there are two aspects to mention here. One is that our 60-people after-service team will pick up the most cost-effective shipping way for you. And another one is that our staff will reinforce all the machinery parts with ropes to protect the products from damage in the process of shipping.

Turnkey Service in Indonesia

What is turnkey service? The answer is that Aimix will supply you with the complete process of after-sale services, including custom clearance services, machine delivery services, door-to-door installation services, worker-training services, and maintenance services. Say in other words, you can just stay at your sites and wait for the arrival of the new concrete trailer pump for sale you have ordered from Aimix Group.

Local Support in Indonesia

Aimix has several local partners located all over the cities of Indonesia. Having local partners spread across various cities in Indonesia allows AIMIX Group to offer comprehensive technical support to customers regardless of their location. Whether you’re in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, or any other city in Indonesia, you can rely on Aimix for assistance with your technical needs. This localized support network ensures that customers receive prompt and effective help whenever required.

Local Warehouse in Indonesia

What is more, Aimix has a warehouse in Indonesia. We can arrange a visit for our trailer concrete pump for sale in stock to help you make your decisions. Overall, having a warehouse in Indonesia demonstrates Aimix’s commitment to serving our customers in the region more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, contact us and get the concrete mixer pump trailer or trailer concrete pump price now!

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