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Crusher Plant for Sale

What is crusher plant for sale? Crusher plant for sale is crushing equipment designed to crush large rocks, such as granite, andesite, basalt, quartz, and marble into smaller sizes gravel, or sand.

Then you can use the broken aggregate, gravel, or sand materials for house construction, road paving construction, infrastructure construction, or other construction items.

In other words, with the superior crusher plant function, buying crusher plant will be very useful for you to run many kinds of profitable businesses in Indonesia.

crushing screening plant



What Projects Can You Use the Crusher Plant for?

With crushing capacities of 16-500TPH, crusher plants can ensure your productivity of processing raw material.

Therefore, our crushing plant for sale is usually used for construction aggregate production projects, ore processing projects, glass or ceramics production projects, recycling and environmental protection projects, and so on.

Crushing Plant Can Produce Construction Aggregates

You can buy our crushing plants to process various hard rocks, including granite, andesite, shale, basalt, marble, pebbles, and so on. With crusher plant capacities of 16-500TPH, our crusher plant for sale can crush them into 10-20mm and 20-30mm aggregates.

There are a lot of applications for those crushed aggregate materials. See the crushing plant flow chart together!

crusher plant working flow
Crusher Plant Working Flow

What You Can Use the Crushed Aggregates For?

  1. 1

    Produce concrete or asphalt mixtures. Aggregates are one of the most important raw materials for making concrete or asphalt mixture. Therefore, one set of crushing plant equipment may be a necessary equipment to produce as many aggregates as you need if you are running a set of concrete batching plants or asphalt mixing plants.

  2. 2

    Filling materials for road base and pavement.

  3. 3

    Fillers for house foundations, columns, beams, and other structures in building construction.

  4. 4

    Making concrete bricks.

producing concrete
Producing Concrete
for road paving
For Road Paving
for building construction
For Building Construction
making concrete bricks
Making Concrete Bricks

What Benefits Will You Get If You Can Produce Large Amount of Aggregates by Your Own?

  1. 1

    Meet your own project needs: On the one hand, assuming you are running a quarry, you can use the crushing station and equipment to produce aggregates for your own construction projects, including house construction, apartment construction, hotel construction, and so on.

  2. 2

    Meet requirements of surroundings companies: On the other hand, you can become one of the aggregates suppliers in Indonesia and use our crushing and screening plant to produce and then sell aggregates to rmc concrete suppliers, construction companies, construction contractors, and building material suppliers.

  3. 3

    Do equipment leasing business in your local areas: What is more, you can lease the crusher screening plants to others after your own use.

300 tph crusher plant

Here, we will display some cases of our crusher plant for sale to show you how it serves our customers in the construction aggregate production projects.

Cases of Aimix Crushing Plants in Indonesia

200TPH crushing plants sale

  1. Client needs: Crushing hard rocks and mountain rocks from different origins to produce aggregates for various building materials
  2. Feeding size: ≤600mm
  3. Finished product size: 10-24mm
  4. Final purchase plan given by aimix engineers: 200TPH stationary-type crusher plant machine.
  5. Parts: APG-4211W vibrating feeder, APJ-7510E jaw crusher, APC-200C compound cone crusher, and APS-2160Y4 finished product vibrating screen.
  6. APG-4211W Vibrating Feeder
    APG-4211W Vibrating Feeder
    APJ-7510E Jaw Crusher
    APJ-7510E jaw crusher
    APC-200C compound cone crusher
    APC-200C Compound Cone Crusher
    APS-2160Y4 finished product vibrating screen
    APS-2160Y4 Vibrating Screen

  7. Why recommend this set of configurations: The maximum feeding size has reached to 600mm, so our engineers equip a jaw type crushing plant as the primary crusher because the jaw crusher has stable performance for crushing hard and large rocks.

    Secondly, considering that our customers need more fine aggregates so that we equip the second crusher: APC-200C compound cone crusher for further processing the stones conveyed from the jaw crusher plant.

    After secondary crushing, the crushed aggregates will be conveyed to the vibrating screen, and aggregates with different particle sizes will be screened and transported to different areas.

    Aggregates with 10-24mm particle size will be transported to the finished product silos. Aggregates with more than 24mm will be conveyed back to the cone crusher plant for triple crushing.

    Finally, our customers agree with the crusher plant parts and screen crusher plant specifications.

    Up to now, this set of 200 tph crusher plant is running great at our customers’ site. It can stably output more than 1600ton 10-24mm aggregates each day. And our customers are satisfied with the primary crushing plant for sale in Aimix Group.

  8. Contact us if you are interested in this set of 200TPH stationary-type crushing plant equipment for sale. Get the 200 tph crusher plant price now! Or, tell us your actual needs, and we can design a new set of stone crushing plants to meet your requirements, for example, different capacities, or different configurations. Besides, Aimix also supply mobile-type crusher plants for sale for you to choose from. Go on reading to see the cases of our mobile-type crusher and screening plants.

  1. Customer demand: Crushing mountain stones mined by customers themselves to produce aggregates for various house construction.
  2. Feeding size: ≤400mm
  3. Finished product size: 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  4. Final purchase plan given by aimix engineers: APY4-4660S mobile-type crusher plant.
  5. 30TPH crushing plant equipment

  6. Why recommend this model?: Our customers have no requirement for the grain shape of the finished product. And they demand us to control the proportion of the sand and gravel in the finished products under 20%. Thence, our engineers draw up the plan to contain jaw crusher and cone crusher so as to ensure the particle sizes of the finished products can meet our customers’ requirements.

    we recommend the APY4-4660S mobile-type crusher plant for sale because this model has an APJ-4060E jaw crusher and an APC-600Y cone crusher in one unit. APJ-4060E jaw crusher is in charge of the primary crushing process, and the APC-600Y cone crusher is responsible for the secondary fine crushing.

    It is worth mentioning that there is another reason we recommend this model, and that is because the APY4-4660S mobile-type crush plant for sale has a mobile chassis that can help you to save a lot of labor costs and time to freely transfer it to different sites.

    After giving this crushing solution, our customers expressed their recognition of our recommendation and finally purchased this mobile-type 30TPH crusher plant.
    The good news is that our APY4-4660S mobile-type crusherplant is running well for our customers.

With the development of infrastructure in Indonesia, starting the aggregate business would have good market prospects. Thus, buying a crusher plant would be a profitable investment to make now. With a high return on investment, you can use the crushing screening plant to make a lot of money and earn the cresar plant cost back within six months.

Crusher Plant Can Attribute with Your Construction Waste Recycling Projects

A crusher plant for sale can process construction waste, concrete chips, and asphalt waste into reusable aggregate.

Then you can use the recycled materials for making environmentally friendly recycled bricks, recycled asphalt, and recycled construction-use aggregates.

In a word, you can use our plant crusher for sale to turn the waste into money.

construction waste can be crushed into aggregates
Applications of Crushed Construction Waste

Cases of Aimix Crusher Plant Applied for Processing Construction Waste

  1. Raw material: Construction waste
  2. Production scale: 100TPH
  3. Raw material specification: ≤ 500mm
  4. Finished product specifications: 0-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-40mm
  5. Customer request: Customers require the grain shape of the finished products should be first-class so that they can sell them and grab the majority share in the local aggregate supplying markets.
  6. Final purchase model: APY3-1010F impact-type crusher plant machinery.
  7. impact-type crusher plant

  8. Why choose this model: The impact crusher is the most suitable kind of stone crusher for processing construction waste because it has a three-chamber structure, which can process the stones with finer and more even grain size, and the grain shape of the finished product is a regular rhombus.

    APY3-1010F impact-type plant crushing for sale uses the track impact crusher as its main crusher, and its productivity ranges from 75TPH to 150TPH. Consequently, our engineers recommend this model to our customers. Besides, the APY3-F series belongs to a mobile crushing plant, which can be easily towed by a truck to different demolition sites.

    You can take a look at the following video if you want to further learn how crusher plant works and crushes construction waste into recycled materials.

Crusher Plant Can Be Applied for Your Glass or Ceramics Production Project

You can use our plant crushing and screening to crush the quartz and acquire the raw materials for making glass and ceramics: quartz sand.

It is a piece of useful equipment if you plan to start a glass factory or ceramic manufactory, and it is also a good idea to buy a crushing plant and equipment if you want to become a quartz sand supplier in Indonesia.

Cases of Aimix Crushing Plants Used for Making Quartz Sand

150TPH crusher plants

  1. Raw material: Quartz
  2. Production scale: 150TPH
  3. Raw material specification: ≤ 400mm
  4. Finished product specifications: 0-3mm quartz sand
  5. Customer request: Customers need 100TPH productivity of quartz sand.
  6. Final purchase model: APY2-69J mobile jaw-type crusher plant, APY2-160C mobile cone-type crusher plant, and APC-9532X sand making machine
  7. APY2-69J mobile jaw-type crusher plant
    APY2-69J mobile jaw-type crusher plant
    APY2-160C mobile cone-type crusher plant
    APY2-160C mobile cone-type crusher plant
    APC-9532X sand making machine
    APC-9532X sand making machine

  8. Why choose this model: The maximum feeding size of the raw materials is 400mm, so we equip an APY2-69J jaw-type crusher plant for sale that has good performance on crushing coarse stones.

    And we equip the cone crushing plant equipment to further process the stones because our customers need 0-3mm finished products. Besides, we also equip the sand making machine due to high cleanliness requirements for finished products. Get the 150 tph crusher plant price now!

Crushing and Screening Plant Can Be Used for Your Mining and Metallurgy Projects

By cooperating with the ball mill, the screening and crushing plant for sale can be used in the mining and metallurgical industries for breaking raw ore into smaller particles for easy extraction of useful metals and minerals.

In general, Aimix has many types of crusher plants, including stationary-type, mobile-type, crawler-type, impact-type, cone-type, and jaw-type. All of them can serve your mining, house construction, road construction, and other kinds of projects. We will list some cases of aimix crusher plants applied in the global areas. Contact us now for advice on choosing which model and size of crusher plant sale for your own use.

crusher plant photos

Now, we believe that you have understood the crusher plant function, crusher plant features, crusher plant working principle, crusher plant types in Aimix, and advantages, and made an initial decision in your heart. Next, we will introduce the price ranges of our crusher plant for sale in Indonesia so as to help you make your definite crusher machine according to your budget.

How Much Is A Crusher Plant in Indonesia?

However, it is difficult for us to give you a fixed crusher plant price because each set of crusher plant for sale need customized services for different configuration according to your actual need. Therefore, we will give you an estimated crusher machine plant price now.

  1. The crusher plant price of the APY2-J series is between 550000-960000 USD.
  2. And crusher plant cost of the APY2-F series is between 620000-940000 USD.
  3. Besides, the crushing plant price of the APY2-C series is between 750000-1350000 USD.
  4. And crushing plant price of the APY3-F series is between 910000-1420000 USD.

The thing is should be aware of is that those price lists are not the final crusher plant price. As you can see, Aimix has many types of crushing plants for sale in Indonesia. We recommend you tell us the following information so that our engineering consultant can customize the best solution and help you finalize the model with a good crusher plant price.

  1. 1

    The species and feeding sizes of your raw materials.

  2. 2

    What applications do you plan to use the crushed stone for?

  3. 3

    How much daily crushing capacity do you need?

  4. 4

    What is your requirement for the particle sizes of the final products?

So, contact Aimix now and provide your actual needs, and then you can leave the rest to us. We promise you a suitable configuration and an appropriate crusher plant price.

With more than 10 years of experience as one of the crushing plant manufacturers in Indonesia, Aimix can not only supply you with qualified crusher plants for sale with reasonable crusher plant prices in Indonesia but also provide you with customized services.

Aimix Group Can Offer You with One-on-one Services in Indonesia

As a crusher plant company in Indonesia, Aimix Group can provide you with one-on-one pre-sale services and after-sale services in Indonesia.

Pre-sale Services

  1. Supply customized services: Aimix will design a unique crusher plant for sale with your required parts so as to suit your own projects’ needs. For example, assuming you need a 300 tph crusher plant, we will equip the right model of a feeding machine, a primary crusher machine, a secondary crusher machine, and a piece of screening equipment according to your actual need.
  2. Provide a 3D graph: Our professional engineers will design a 3D graph so that you can clearly see the layout of your working sites and estimate how many venues you need to set up the crusher plant near me. Here, I will show you a customized 3D graph for other customers, and you can contact us now to make your own 3D graph.
  3. 150TPH Crushing Plant
    3D Graph of 150TPH Crushing Plant
  4. Help You Make Decision for the Right Type of Crusher Plants: If you are planning to start a mining project in Indonesia, then we may recommend our stationary-type mining crusher plants, and that is because fixed crushing plant for sale has no need for frequent movement, and can be made larger to accommodate and add more parts and supporting facilities, such as feeding hoppers, conveyor belts, screening equipment, etc. Therefore, you can consider our stationary-type crusher plants for your mining projects.

After-sale Services

Local office in Jakarta:

Our after-sale team in Jakarta will supply 24-hour services to respond to your call.

Local partners in several cities of Indonesia:

Aimix has developed a few local partners that can dispatch engineers to your sites for installation services, maintenance services, training services, and consumable parts replacement services.

And Aimix has cooperated with those partners from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bush, Papua, Morowali, Palembang, Batam, Kalimantan, Manado, and Lombok for many years. Thence, you can get excellent services from our local partners.

Local agents:

Aimix has many agents in many cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Bush, Papua, Morowali, Palembang, Batam, Kalimantan, Manado, and Lombok.

  1. Our agents have our machines in stock. Thus, you can go to our agents’ warehouses to visit our crusher plant equipment.
  2. Besides, our local agents can quickly supply consumable parts of crusher plant for you. They have bearings, conveyor belts, vibration mechanisms, motors, electrical components, plates for jaw crusher, liners for cone crushers, and lubrication system components in stock in their warehouse. If you have a crusher plant business plan, they can send it to you right away.
  3. What is more, they can supply regular door-to-door services to help you evaluate whether your plant crusher machine needs to replace the consumable parts.

agent's warehouse in Jakarta
agent’s warehouse in Jakarta
equipment in stock in Surabaya
equipment in stock in Surabaya

The crusher plant for sale in Aimix Group can be an indispensable piece of equipment that can help you earn a lot of money for wide application fields. If you need a crusher plant to carry out your crushing business in Indonesia, please let us know.

Aimix Group is one of the leading crusher plant manufacturers of different types of crusher plants, which can always offer you a suitable crushing plant and greatly reduce your purchase cost at the same time. Contact us to help you make a crusher plant investment and let us design a crushing solution for you.

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