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Customers Choose Aimix Mixer Pump for Three-storey House Construction

In August, our 30m3 diesel concrete mixer and pump is successfully transported and installed in our customers’ site in Martapura, South Kalimantan.

Right now, our customers are using our ABJZ30C diesel concrete mixer and pump for his three-storey house construction project. Let’s see the working site by using our diesel concrete mixer pump.

Let’s see what our customers have said about Aimix Group and why they choose our machine.

“Aimix diesel concrete mixer pump is of very good quality. It can not only mix concrete on-site but also offer rapid and efficient concrete placement. These two functions of their equipment have perfectly solved our actual need for building our three-storey house. Besides, we can adjust the mix proportions, consistency, and additives according to our own requirements for the concrete placement for the beam, columns, floor“, said Aditya who is in charge of this project.

With respect to the reasons why they have chosen Aimix Group to buy this kind of concrete mixer with pump, here they give two reasons that let them only take 5 days and decide to buy our machine.

Why Our Customers Choose Aimix Group?

Aimix Group Has Concrete Mixer and Pump in Stock in Bogor

Our customers are urgently in need of one diesel concrete mixer and pump. Therefore, when they know aimix group has a warehouse in Bogor and some concrete mixer and pumps in stock in the warehouse, they send three engineers to our warehouse in Bogor right away to visit our equipment. Here, we have shot some pictures when our customers visit our warehouse in Bogor.

Our sales show the equipment to them and explain to them the working principle of diesel concrete mixer and pump work hnd how it can improve their working efficiency and speed up their house construction project progress.

After visiting our diesel concrete mixer and pump, our customers have expressed their strong purchase intention.

customer visit our diesel concrete mixer and pump in Bogor
Customer Visit Our Diesel Concrete Mixer And Pump In Bogor
diesel concrete mixer and pump in stock in Bogor
Diesel Concrete Mixer And Pump In Stock In Bogor

Favorable After-sale Services

The second reason is that our customers value more on the after-sale services.Our after-sale services include delivery services, installation services, and training services.

Our customers is always worried about that their workers have no idea to operate this set of diesel concrete mixer with pump. Thence, when we tell them that we can dispatch our engineers to their sites to teach their workers how to use the machine, they are very satisified. After that, they place their order at once.

And on August, we send two engineers to our customers’ site in Martapura to provide installation and use guidance. Finally, our customers have put our mixer-type mini concrete pump into production and everything is going well now.

aimix after-sale service for diesel concrete mixer and pump
quick delivery for diesel concrete mixer and pump
aimix ABJZ30C diesel concrete mixer and pump

To sum up, our concrete mixer pump is running well for helping our customers to build their three-storey house in Martapura, and both of our quality of concrete mixer pump and services have been highly recognized by our customers. Please let us know If you have the same need for our concrete mixer pump machine.

Except for being applied for house construction, aimix diesel concrete mixer pumps can be also used for road paving construction, dam construction, and so on. Here, we list some other applications of diesel concrete mixer with pumps. Looking forward to your inquiry if you are interested in our machines.

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