Egg Laying Block Making Machine

Egg laying block making machine refers to hydraulic concrete block making machine on wheels. It Lays blocks on the concrete floor and moves to the next laying. By using this egg layer block machine, any type of concrete block can be produced by just changing the different types of molds.

egg laying block machine

Egg Layer Block Making Machine Is A Good Investment For Beginners

  1. The machine is sturdy and durable, easy to operate.
  2. 1-3 people can finish the production process.
  3. Various molds can be changed to produce hollow bricks and standard bricks of various specifications .
  4. No need for pallets, which can save some cost.
  5. Small site ground coverage. 100-500 square meters of cement floor can be ok.
  6. Small investment, quick effect. It is an ideal choice for small block factories and rural areas.

egg laying block making machine

As a China block making machine manufacturer and exporter, Aimix provides customers ABM-6MS egg layer block machine for sale. The detailed information is as the following.
Raw material:sand, cement, fly ash, concrete, boiler slag, mountain flour, industrial waste etc.
Packing: ABM-6MS mobile block machine and its accessories would be packaged in one 20ft general container


ABM-6MS Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr Pcs/8Hr
400*100*200 9 1080 8640
400*150*200 7 840 6720
400*200*200 6 720 5760
400*250*200 4 480 3840

Main Technical Parameter:

ABM-6MS Dimension of host machine 2550*2150*1750mm Power of host machine 11.2kw
Weight of host machine 2.5T Vibration force 45kn
Vibration type Mold vibration Models of mixer JS500
Rated voltage 380v/220v Forming period 25-30s

Features Of Egg Laying Block Making Machine

  1. Less manpower. It only needs one or two person in the production process. Different from other baking-free brick machines, it can use three-phase electricity, or two-phase electricity to produce.
  2. Without using the pallet in the production process, the blocks produced is directly laid on the ground.
  3. Various types products. The appearance of the produced bricks is the same as that of the large-scale block making machines. Various specifications and shapes are available just by changing the molds. It can produce various types blocks such as hollow blocks, blind hole bricks, standard bricks, walkway bricks, grass bricks, road tiles…
  4. Raw materials are easy to access: slag, river sand, construction waste, stone powder and cement etc. raw materials are easy to access.
  5. Environment-friendly. By using this egg layer brick making machine, people can produce concrete blocks without using the soil as raw materials, which help to protect the land. What’s more, it doesn’t need to bake the blocks in the production process, which is environment friendly.

egg laying block machine details

Site Requirements

The production of this egg laying concrete block making machine requires a flat work site. The concrete thickness of the site ground should be 80-100 mm. It is ok if there is no hardening of concrete, however, it is necessary to ensure that the ground is flat and hard, and the working site should be more than 300 square meters.
egg layer block machine

Working Video Of Egg Layer Block Machine

Maintenance And Precautions

  1. Always check whether the wire is broken or loose to prevent the electricity leakage phenomenon.
  2. Check the tightening of each part before starting the machine, paying special attention to the eccentric block.
  3. Clean the machine after work every day and inject lubricant.
  4. When there is no material in the mould box, the pressing plate should not be violently dropped. Because that may cause the deformation of the positioning plate and affect the size of the product.

Our egg laying block making machine belongs to hydraulic semi-automatic mobile brick making machine. Egg laying block making machine price is much lower than that of stationary block making machine. Our egg laying type block machine can form a simple block making production line with the addition of a small wheel loader and a concrete mixer. With less investment and fast return, it is a good choice for small block factories and beginners.

full egg laying block machine line

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