High Praise from Jambi Customer for Aimix 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Machine

One customer from Jambi, Indonesia bought a set of AS-3.5 self-loading concrete machine a few months ago. Today, we would like to share his feedback and some pictures and video on his working site.

self loading concrete mixer china
self concrete mixer

Project Overview in Jambi

  • 1. Project: Rural self-built house construction
  • 2. Purchasing Model: 3.5m3
  • 3. Application: Our customer is one of the local construction contractors in Jambi. He uses the self-loader mixer to produce and supply concrete for house building construction.

In the following part, I attach one working video about our loading mixer so that you can have a look at its working performance.

What Customers Say About Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Until now, this customer has been using our self-loading concrete machine for over 2 months. He said that this machine has helped him a lot. Please go on reading to check what praise he has given for our self-loading mixer truck.

  • 1. I have contracted one house construction project in the suburb. The road is full of mud and soil. Hence, the construction environment is not so good. In the beginning, I was worried about whether this machine could work in this kind of place. But right now, it isn’t a problem at all because I find that the self-loading mixer machine can be freely driven on the muddy road.
  • 2. It is cost-effective to use this AS-3.5 mixer since you will only need to hire one driver to operate it. Then, it will complete the self-loading, self-weighing, self-mixing, self-carrying, and self-discharging systems by itself. In other words, it will replace about 6-8 workers for you on your site. Although the self-loading mixer price won’t be a problem if you consider the long-term expenses on the labor cost.
  • 3. As the working video shows, this mixer can produce concrete on the site. Hence, it is very convenient for you to use fresh concrete and you don’t need to worry about the shipping fee for buying ready mixed concrete from a batching plant.

As you can see, our self loading machine has earned a lot of praise from our customers in Indonesia. Contact us if you have the same need.

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