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Hotel Built by ABT40C Mini Concrete Pump Machine Opened on 22nd, July, 2022 in Papua, Indonesia

Congratulations to our customers! This customer bought one set of ABT40C mini concrete pump machine for his hotel construction projects in Papua in 2020. A few days ago, he told us that his hotel had opened and sent us some pictures to share this good news with us. We are so glad to hear his hotel opening news and will share this here.

aimix 40m3 concrete pump

customer feeback about aimix mini pump
hotel built by Aimix concrete pump

Hotel Opening Ceremony in Papua, Indonesia

The Maxone hotel is located in Papua, Indonesia. On 22nd, July, 2022, the hotel was well decorated and put into use. If you are in Papua, you can go to visit our customer’s hotel. And I believe our customers will warmly welcome you.

max one hotel opening
customer visit for aimix group in Indonesia

Case Review about ABT40C for the Hotel Construction

  • Our customer contacted us 2 years ago and told us that he was gonna plan to start a hotel construction project in Papua. And he needed one mini concrete pumping machine for the placing of concrete for his building.
  • Then our sales asked him and got to know how many cubic meters of concrete he wanted to convey each hour and the vertical pumping height he needed, and recommended him our ABT40C pump.
  • He mainly used this pump machine to pump the concrete 45 meters high to the hotel building. And I have attach one video to show the working scenes at our customers’ sites. As you can see, The concrete mixer truck discharged the concrete to the hopper of the ABT40C pump, and next, the concrete was pumped to the roof along with the pipes.
  • Besides, our customer hereafter visited our office in Surabaya for negotiating to buy more aimix construction machines in the future.

Contact Aimix Group if you are interested in this hotel or our machine details. Kindly send us your inquiry no matter what you need, and we will reply you with full details within 24 hours.

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