Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

Hydraulic concrete block making machine as the name suggests, is the equipment for the production of blocks with hydraulic transmission. It is the mainstream among large brick machines. The machine can use fly ash, slag, coal gangue or other industrial waste residue and river sand, gravel, cement as raw materials to produce concrete blocks. By replacing the molds, it can produce a variety of hollow blocks, perforated bricks, curbs, pavement bricks and grass bricks, slope protection bricks with different specifications and other concrete products.

Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

Hot Types of Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine:

ABM-6S block making machine

ABM-8S concrete block making machine

ABM-10S concrete brick machine

ABM-12S concrete block maker

Main Components of Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine:

  1. Send board machine

It consists of a pallet, a fork plate, a fork frame, a propulsion cylinder and a frame. It is mainly used for storing pallets and transporting pallets in cycles.

  1. Molding machine

It consists of main frame, cloth car, station shaft sliding sleeve, vibration table, mold, up and down synchronization mechanism, propulsion cylinder, etc. It is mainly used for main material filling, molding, vibration, forming and demoulding.

  1. Block conveyor

It consists of a transmission frame, a chain transmission mechanism, a pulley transmission mechanism, a horizontal guide wheel, etc., and is mainly used for conveying the finished product block.

main components of block machine

  1. Hydraulic station

It consists of a fuel tank, a motor, an oil pump, a filter, a cooler, an integrated block, a hydraulic valve, etc., and mainly provides driving power source for each moving component. The hydraulic station uses N32 or N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The filtration accuracy of the oil injection into the fuel tank is not less than 20μm. Unfiltered oil must not be injected into the fuel tank.

  1. Electrical control cabinet

(1) Control section

The control part is composed of PLC programmable controller, expansion module, touch screen man-machine interface, intermediate relay, AC contactor and other electrical components. It has manual and automatic operation modes to control the actions of each process. For example, the functions of the upper and lower pressure heads, the upper and lower of the mold box, the advance and retreat of the main material, the pre-vibration, the main vibration of the forming, the demoulding, and the advance and retreat of the pallet can all realize the man-machine dialogue, and adjust the feeding times and vibration time outside the machine.

(2) Manipulating part

The manipulation part is composed of an indicator light, a manipulation button, a programmable intelligent operation panel etc. Through the operation of the relevant electrical components of the console, the current device state can be displayed, and manual and automatic conversion can be conveniently realized. Set or modify the relevant working parameters, and cut off the power in time when the equipment fails, to ensure the safety of the person and equipment.


ABM-3S Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle molding Pcs/Hr
390*190*190 3 15-20s 540-720
200*100*60 10 15-25s 1500-1800
225*112.5*60 8 15-25s 1200-1400
ABM-4SE 390*190*190 4 24-26s 580
240*115*90 9 22-25s 1400
240*115*53 21 22-25s 3300
ABM-6S 200*100*60 21 18-23s 3287-4200
200*160*60 12 18-23s 1878-2400
240*115*53 32 15-17s 6500-7800
390*190*190 6 20-25s 864-1080
ABM-8S 200*100*60 28 18-23s 4382-5600
200*160*60 20 18-23s 3130-4000
240*115*53 42 15-17s 9000-10000
390*190*190 8 20-25s 1150-1440
ABM-10S 200*100*60 31 18-23s 4852-6200
200*160*60 21 18-23s 3287-4200
240*115*53 52 15-17s 11011-12480
390*190*190 10 20-25s 1440-1800
ABM-12S 200*100*60 38 18-23s 5948-7600
200*160*60 25 18-23s 3913-5000
240*115*53 62 15-17s 12700-14400
390*190*190 12 20-25s 1728-2160

Features of Aimix Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine:

  1. This machineis a comprehensive technical equipment for mechanical, hydraulic and computer automatic control. It is characterized by high efficiency, reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  2. The block forming is mainly based on mechanical vibration, supplemented by hydraulic pressure, and vibration and pressure are completed. The produced block products can withstand compressive strength of up to 15 MPa (megapascals), high compactness, good frost resistance and impermeability, excellent sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation performance, and accurate dimensions.
  3. Integrated oil circuit system, using international standardization mode, high life, low energy consumption design, the introduction of a large number of imported components is another guarantee of high quality.hydraulic block making machine
  4. Operation mode: It has automatic, semi-automatic different operation modes to ensure uninterrupted production.
  5. Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, to achieve a reasonable operating speed, accurate deceleration braking and positioning.
  6. Database system: intelligent services, can record, reset, save, transfer, warning, processing, print reports.
  7. Self-test function: automatic fault diagnosis can occur to ensure production safety.
  8. Metering control system: high precision, fully automatic
  9. Advanced hydraulic parts: The press adopts high-tech, high-precision imported components and hydraulic parts from Siemens Germany. It is a high-grade hydraulic brick making machine of the same type in China, with high speed, high output and full function. It can produce new building materials such as hollow bricks, solid bricks, blind hole bricks, square bricks and road paving bricks of various varieties and specifications.
  10. Energy saving and environmental protection: brick machinepresses have low noise, low power consumption and can save 40% of electricity.

Associated Equipment

It can form a simple block production line with the addition of concrete batching machine, concrete mixer, belt conveyor and palletizing machine. Take ABM-12S block making machine for example, it can be combined with PL1200 batching machine, JS750 mixer, 8m belt conveyor, and palletizing machine to form a simple production line.

Installation and commissioning

The factory-made machines are factory tested in the factory according to the relevant regulations. However, due to long-distance transportation and long-term placement, the following inspections should be carried out when installing the hydraulic brick machine:

  1. Check whether the hydraulic cement block making machineis damaged or deformed during transportation (especially pay attention to hydraulic lines).
  2. Check if the fasteners in the main parts of the brick making machineare loose.
  3. Check whether the cylinders and lubrication points of each working part are refueled according to requirements, and whether the oil quantity is suitable.
  4. In addition, the hydraulic brick machineshould be fully wiped. Before the test machine, the parts that slide relative to each moving part should be lubricated according to regulations. If the machine is disassembled due to transportation needs, it can be divided into a molding device, a plate feeding device, a feeding device, a brick discharging device, a palletizing device, a phase electric control device, etc., and the assembly is assembled in place according to the assembly relationship.

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