Installation and Working Process of A Mobile Batching Plant

Aimix will introduce the main steps of the installation and working processes of a mobile batching plant today. Please read the following parts if you are interested in how to set up a mobile batching plant and how does a mobile batching plant work?

Video Display about the Installation and Working Processes of A Mobile Batching Plant 60m3

In Aimix Group, the 60m3 mobile plant belongs to one of the most popular models. Our engineers design and make a 3D video to show you how to set up all the parts of a 60m3 mobile concrete batching plant and how to produce concrete in detail. You can check now and send us your inquiry anytime.

Installation Details

  • 1. The main frame of the mobile plant is integrated into a movable chassis. And the mobile frame mainly consists of aggregate batching machines, weighing systems, belt conveyors, and concrete mixer, and addictive adding systems. Therefore, you can use a truck to drag the movable parts to the job sites and fix them on the ground, then you can start the installation of the other parts.
  • 2. Assemble the pieces of the cement silos on the ground. Next, mount the powder weighing systems on the bottom of the cement silos. Then, mount the screw conveyors between the cement silos and the concrete mixer.
  • 3. So far, the mobile plant is well installed on your sites. Next, you can build an abrupt slope at the side of the aggregate batching machine for the sake of feeding aggregate materials into the hoppers.
  • 4. Finally, match the electric systems so that the whole mini concrete plant can start to work.

Working Processes Details

As you can see from the above 3D video, all the working procedures are very clear. Next part, I will write them down so that you can learn more.

Feeding System

Drive a wheel loader to feed the sand, gravel, stone, and other aggregate materials to the hoppers of the batching machine.

Weighing System

  • Aggregate Materials Weighing System: The weighing systems equipped under the bottom of the hoppers of the batching machine will next start to weigh all the materials in proportion. Then the batching machine will discharge the weighed materials to the belt conveyor. Afterward, all the materials will be transported to the concrete mixer.
  • Powder Materials Weight System: At the same time, the weighing systems of the cement silos start to measure the cement, fly ash, or other powder materials. Hereafter, the powder materials are transported to the concrete mixer by the screw conveyors.

Water Supply System

Besides, start the water supply system and add the additive materials to the concrete mixer.

Mixing System

When all the materials are transported into the concrete mixer, you can start the mixing system to mix all the materials together.

Discharging System

Open the discharging port of the concrete mixer. Finally, the finished concrete is unloaded onto a concrete mixer truck and then carried to the construction sites.

Contact Aimix if you have any questions about the working details of our mobile concrete batch plant anytime. And our sales and engineers will reply to you with a professional explanation and design a unique concrete solution for you.

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