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stone jaw crusher for sale 110t

Jaw crusher for sale is the most suitable stone crusher to smash hard stone or rock materials, such as cobblestone, granite, limestone, and marble. Hence, jaw rock crushers for sale are suitable for your investment in Indonesia if you are looking for crushing equipment to process stones into sand. In Aimix Group, there are a few models for sale, and their crushing capacities are from 1 to 800TPH. Please go on reading for more details.

Capacity: 1-800(t/h)
  • Max. Inlet Size (mm): 150×250 – 1200×1600
  • Max. Feeding Size(mm): 130-1000
  • Max. Outlet Size(mm): 15-275

What is Jaw Crusher?

Before we introduce the types of stone jaw crushers for sale in Aimix Group, we should learn what is a primary jaw crusher and its working principle. Generally speaking, jaw crushers utilize the crushing cavity that is composed of two jaw plates, a moving jaw plate, and a static jaw plate to smash various soft and hard ores with a compressive strength that is less than or equal to 300MPa.

jaw crusher working principle

Application Fields

It can be mainly used in the mining industry, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials, ceramics, and other industrial sectors for primary crushing and fine crushing of various ores and rocks, for example, basalt, river stone, granite, gravel, limestone, quartz, etc.


The maximum feeding size needs to be less than 1000mm, and its output capacities vary from 1-800TPH. What is more, its ratio of crushing is larger and the particle size of the discharging product is uniform. So, it is widely used for smashing basalt, cobblestone, iron ore, limestone, granite, quartz, shale, sand, pebble, bluestone, gypsum, construction waste, etc.

Types of Jaw Crushers in Aimix Group

In Aimix Group, there are mainly two types, stationary jaw crusher for sale and mobile jaw crusher for sale. Please go on browsing to check what differences between these two types.

  • Stationary Type

    Stationary type contains mini jaw crusher for sale and large jaw crusher for sale. Both of them refer to a single machine that can complete simple primary crushing and intermediate crushing work. In Aimix Group, there are the APJ-E series and APJ-V series.

    APJ-E Series: It is a classic model in Aimix Group, which includes the inlet sizes of 250×400mm, 400×600mm, and 600×900mm.

    APJ-V Series: Compared with the APJ-E series, the APJ-V series apply a symmetrical “V” type crushing chamber which makes its crushing cavity deeper and free of dead space, as well as the crushing yields of the APJ-V series are larger than the APJ-E series. Consequently, it greatly maximizes the feeding size, crushing outputs, and crushing ratio. What is more, the crushing yields of the APJ-V series are improved by over 30% than the ordinary crusher machines.

Hot Models of Jaw Crushing Machine in Aimix

jaw crusher for sale APJ-5075E

APJ-5075E Ore Jaw Crusher Capacity: 40-110(t/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Capacity(t/h)): 40-110
  • Inlet Size(mm): 500×750
  • Max. Feeding Size(mm): 425
  • Outlet Size(mm): Scree:50-100
  • Power(kw): 55
  • Overallsize(L×W×H)(mm): 1890×1916×1870

APJ-7510E Jaw Rock Crusher Capacity: 110-320(t/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Capacity(t/h)): 110-320
  • Inlet Size(mm): 750×1060
  • Max. Feeding Size(mm): 630
  • Outlet Size(mm): 80-180
  • Power(kw): 90-110
  • Overallsize(L×W×H)(mm): 2450×2472×2840

APJ-110V Jaw Crusher Stone Capacity: 190-450(t/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Capacity(t/h)): 190-450
  • Inlet Size(mm): 850×1100
  • Max. Feeding Size(mm): 720
  • Outlet Size(mm): 70-200
  • Power(kw): 160
  • Overallsize(L×W×H)(mm): 3750×2280×2880

Technical Specifications of APJ-E Series

ModelInlet Size(mm)Max Feeding Size(mm) Outlet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overallsize(L×W×H(mm) Weight(t)
APJ-5075E500×750425 50-10040-110551890×1916×187011.7

Specifications of APJ-V Series

ModelInlet Size(mm)Max Feeding Size(mm)Outlet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Overallsize(L×W×H)(mm)Weight(t)
  • Mobile Type

    With regard to the mobile jaw crusher machines, I would like to say that they belong to large production lines that are mainly made up of the feeding machine, screening machine, conveyor belts, jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, sand washing machine, and other electric motors parts. While jaw stone crusher plays the role of primary crusher in these production lines.

    How Can Our Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant Make Benefits for You?

    1. As you can see, our small portable jaw crusher is installed on a movable trailer. Thereby, you can easily transfer it in a shorter time and with fewer labor costs.

    2. Compared with setting up a set of stationary crushing plant in Indonesia, using our small portable jaw crusher for sale can save you more space area.

    3. Our APY4 series mobile type machines include primary crushers and secondary crushers, which can yield crushed stones with better particle size.

    4. Its one-piece structure will definitely shorten your shipping fees.

APY4-combined mobile jaw crusher plant

APY4-6912S Portable Jaw Crusher Capacity: 60-160(t/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Capacity(t/h)): 60-160
  • Feeder Model: APG-3896W
  • Primary Crusher: APJ-6090E Jaw Crusher
  • Secondary Crusher: APF-1214 Cone Crusher
  • Weight(t): 50
  • Vibrating Screen: APS-1848Y
trailer mounted jaw crusher APY2-110J

APY2-110J Mobile Jaw Crusher Capacity: 250-400(t/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Capacity(t/h)): 250-400
  • Feeder Model: APG-4211W
  • Primary Crusher: APJ-110V Jaw Crusher
  • Max Feed Size(mm) 650
  • Weight(t): 65
  • Hopper Capacity(m3): 7

Rock-crushing Solutions Made by Aimix Group

Aimix has made several crushing solutions for our customers and sold over 20 sets of jaw type stone crusher plants all around the world. Next, I will share some cases of customized stone processing solutions with you. You can contact us if you have the same need for these machines in Indonesia.

200TPH Mobile Jaw Crusher Machine for Smashing Hard Rock in Madagascar

  • 1. Client Needs: Crushing hard rock and mountain rock from different origins for the sake of producing sand and gravel aggregates for various building materials. In addition to this, the maximum size of raw materials reaches 600mm, and our customers require the finished product is sand and gravel with sizes of 0-24mm.
  • 2. Demand Analysis: Due to the particle size of the raw material being too large, we need to configure the main crusher machine with a large crushing ratio. What is more, the finished stones are yielded by two crushing lines. However, our engineers configure a set of 200TPH mobile jaw rock crushers due to the uncertainty of the site and the storage capacity of raw materials.
  • 3. Specific Configuration: APG-4211W vibrating feeder, APJ-7510E stone jaw crusher, APC-200C compound cone crusher, and APS-2160Y4 finished vibrating screen.

jaw crusher machine for sale

500 tph jaw crusher for sale
primary jaw crusher for sale

60TPH Stationary Jaw Crusher Plant for Mountain Rocks in Salvador

  • Application Fields: Crushing mountain rocks for producing aggregate materials: sand and stones for building materials.
  • Main Parts: APG-0724Z vibrating feeder, APJ-4060E quarry jaw crusher, APC-900Y compound cone crusher, and APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen.
  • Crushing Capacity: 60-80TPH
  • Processing Materials: Mountain stone.
  • Input Size: 400×600mm Outlet Size: 3-13mm(sand), 15-50mm(stone)

jaw crusher equipment 60tph

Key Points You Should Make Clear Before You Buy A Jaw Crusher.

Before you are choosing to buy one right type of machine from a jaw crusher manufacturer, there are many points you should consider. The most important thing is that you should figure out the purposes you want to use the machine for. Actually, there are two purposes you may want to use it for, one is to obtain small stones, and another one is to obtain sand. About different purposes, you will need to buy a different type. Now, I will give you some advice when you are thinking about which type of jaw crusher Indonesia you should buy. Actually, there are a few factors you should consider before you buy a rock jaw crusher.

1. Make sure the grain size of stone you need.

In that case, if you intend to buy jaw crusher in Indonesia, you should first figure out what granularity of stones you want to acquire. For example, the inlet size, feeding size, and outlet size of distinct models are also different. Since Aimix has so many models and sizes, you can choose a suitable model to meet your requirement.

2. Consider your daily stone output or sand output.

The different output capacities will need different parts. For instance, if you want to make and sell sand, then you will need a set of jaw-type mobile crushing plant, and then you can get the outlet size you need for the sand.

3. Which kind of projects are you gonna use our crushers for?

Apart from this, you should also consider which type of projects you plan to start. For example, starting a quarry, a mining factory, or a construction waste processing factory will need different models of jaw crusher in China. Thus, you should tell us your engineering plans and then we can design a unique crushing solution for you.

4. What configuration do you need?

As we all know, you may use our crushing equipment for many different industries. Thence, different industries will need different stone-crushing solutions and different configurations. In recent years, Aimix has made many crushing solutions for our customers, I will list them here and hope they are useful for you to make your own decision.

5. Think Clear what you need: a single jaw crusher or a jaw crusher plant?

Aimix has both single rock jaw crusher for sale and trailer mounted jaw crusher for sale. While their crushing capacities vary from 1-2200t/h. According to your need, we will match some vibrating screens, secondary crushers, and storage silos for you. When you want to purchase any type of stone jaw crusher, you should tell us your need and we can design unique crushing solutions for you.

6. Learn the budget you want to put in.

We need to know your budget for the machine, and then we can recommend you the right model with a good jaw crusher machine price.

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