Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Asphalt mixing plant for sale is mainly used to produce various kinds of finished asphalt mixture that is suitable for building various road surfaces, including highways, expressways, city roads, municipal roads, country roads, and so on. Aimix Group, one of the asphalt mixing plant suppliers, can provide batch-type and drum-type asphalt mixing plants for sale in Indonesia. Please keep reading to find the details and capacity of asphalt mixing plant of each type and choose the ideal model for your project.

ALQ80 asphalt mix plant for sale
ALQ80 asphalt mix plant for sale Indonesia
100tph asphalt mix plant for sale
asphalt mixture
asphalt mixture applied for highway

80tph asphalt mixing plant for sale Indonesia

Asphalt Mixing Plant ALQ80 Installed in Palembang

Capacity: 80TPH
Application: Port Construction

80TPH asphalt mixing plant for sale

Asphalt Mixing Plant ALQ80 Installed in Batam

Capacity: 80TPH
Application: Water Conservancy Construction

100tph asphalt mixing plant for sale

Asphalt Mixing Plant ALQ100 Installed in Surabaya

Capacity: 100TPH
Application: Highway Construction

finished asphalt mixture

Ready-mixed Asphalt Mixture

Application: Highway construction, country road construction

Asphalt is applied to highways

Asphalt Mixing Plant Applied for Highway Asphalt Paving Works

Application: Highway Construction

Before you buy asphalt mixing plant, it’s a good idea to know in advance how many types of asphalt mixing plant there are in Aimix Group, then I will show you the technical specifications of all these types and models.

What Types And Models Of Asphalt Mixing Plants Can You Get From Aimix?

Based on the mixing method, we divide the asphalt mixing plant for sale in Aimix Group from batch-type and drum-type.

Definition Of Batch-Type Asphalt Mixing Plant

Batch-type asphalt mixing plant for sale has independent mixer and dryer. Mainly there are three kinds of models for batch type.

  1. ALQ series: ALQ40, ALQ60, ALQ80, ALQ100, ALQ120, ALQ160, ALQ200, ALQ240, and ALQ320;
  2. ALYQ series: ALYQ40, ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ100, ALYQ120, and ALYQ160;
  3. Series ALYJ: ALYJ10, ALYJ15, ALYJ20, ALYJ30, ALYJ40, ALYJ60, ALYJ80.

Among these models, the numbers in the model represent capacity. For example, ALQ40 can produce 40 tons of asphalt concrete per hour, and ALQ80 can produce 80 tons of asphalt concrete per hour. What’s more, the ALQ series belongs to the stationary-type, while the ALYQ and ALYJ series belong to the mobile-type.

  • 80TPH new asphalt plants for sale

    Model: ALQ80
    Capacity: 80t/h
    Vibrating screen: 4
    Rated Mixing Capacity: 1200kg
    Fuel Type: oil, coal, gas

  • ALYQ120 new asphalt plants for sale

    Model: ALYQ120
    Capacity: 120t/h
    Vibrating screen: 4
    Rated Mixing Capacity: 1700kg
    Dry Capacity: 150t/h

  • ALYJ60 asphalt plant supplier

    Model: ALYJ60
    Capacity: 60t/h
    Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 5m³×3
    Asphalt Storage Bins Completed: 9t
    Asphalt Temperature: 120-180℃

What Field Is Suitable For Batch-Type Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Asphalt plant for sale is a machine or equipment used to produce the mixture of asphalt and stone aggregate material. In general, contractor companies use the asphalt mixing plant to produce pavement material such as asphalt mixture. Therefore, the use of an asphalt mixing plant is intended to produce a mixture of pavement materials with large quantities with guaranteed quality and a homogeneous mixing effect.

Batch-type asphalt mix plant for sale can produce high-grade asphalt, which is suitable for road paving work for highway construction, expressway construction, airport construction, port construction, overpass construction, and so on.

highway construction
Highway Construction
airport construction
Airport Construction
expressway construction
Expressway Construction

Main Components Of Batch Type

There are mainly 7 parts for an asphalt mixing plant.

  1. Cold Aggregate Feed System
  2. Dryer Drum
  3. Mixer
  4. Vibrating Screen
  5. Dust Collector
  6. Weighing System
  7. Finished Product Storage Silos

asphalt mixing plant components in Aimix Group

How Does Batch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant Work?

The main working procedure for the asphalt mixing plant is as follows.

  1. Aggregate Feeding System: Aggregate material is weighed and then transported to the drying drum.
  2. Drying System: Start burner and dry all aggregate materials.
  3. Hot Material Lifting System: Then, the dry aggregate material will be lifted onto the vibrating screen and waiting for screening.
  4. Aggregate Screening System: The vibrating screen will filter the aggregate into four particle sizes. And these aggregates will be deposited to the relevant hot materials storage. Then it will be added to the mixer according to the comparison.
  5. Powder Material System: Add powder ingredients to the mixer, including fly ash, mineral powder and so on.
  6. Bitumen Supply System: In this section, spray molten bitumen into the mixer.
  7. Mixing System: Mixer starts to mix all ingredients and convert them into asphalt concrete.
  8. Finished Product Storage System: Finally, store finished asphalt concrete into finished product silos.

Here I also attach a video about the asphalt mixing plant production process. Contact us if you have any questions about our asphalt plant equipment for sale.

Precautions for site selection

  1. The site should choose a place with a slightly higher terrain, a dry surrounding environment, and a low groundwater level. Avoid installation near the river.
  2. The geological requirements are hard and can effectively prevent ground subsidence.
  3. The venue should choose a location with convenient transportation.
  4. Stay away from homes and densely populated areas.
  5. Determine the plan for building an asphalt station according to the topography.
  6. Convenient sources of water and electricity.
ALQ60 asphalt plant finish installation in Kyrgyzatan
ALQ60 asphalt plant finish installation in Kyrgyzatan

What Is A Drum-Type Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Meanwhile, the most important component of the drum type asphalt mixing plant is the drying drum. And that is because the drum has the functions of mixing and drying in one unit. In Aimix Group, drum-type asphalt mixing plant for sale Indonesia mainly refers to the ALT series.

  • ALT Series: ALT20, ALT40, ALT60, and ALT80
  • ALT40 new asphalt plants for sale

    Model: ALT40
    Capacity: 40t/h
    Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 4m³×4
    Complete Asphalt Storage Bins: 3t

  • asphalt plant supplier ALT80

    Model: ALT80
    Capacity: 80t/jam
    Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 6.5m³×4
    Complete Asphalt Storage Bins 7t

What Projects Can You Use Our Drum Type Asphalt Mixing Plant?

The ALT series asphalt mixing plant for sale in Indonesia has a small capacity and a compact structure. Therefore, it is very suitable for country road paving projects, community road construction, village road pavement construction or sidewalk paving construction. Here I give you some examples of what fields you can apply in our asphalt drum mix plant.

Community Road construction
Community Road Construction
Village Road asphalt pavement
Village Road Construction
sidewalk pavement construction
Sidewalk Pavement Construction

Some Customer Reviews

From AIMIX Customer
Asphalt plant
Palembang, Indonesia

“Thanks AIMIX helped us choose ALQ80 stationary asphalt plant and install it, believe it can produce qualitified asphalt mixture. The burner of the Italian Ebico brand AIMIX uses has stable performance and can save about 20% to 30% of fuel, which greatly saves production costs.

We ever used a set of second-hand equipment in South Korea, and the design and quality of AIMIX new asphalt plants for sale are not worse than South Korea.”

Since you have known the technical specifications of all types of asphalt mixing plants for sale in Aimix, then how to choose a suitable one will be your first thing to consider. In the below part, we will list some key points to help you to make your decision.

Tips on Choosing A Right Model of Asphalt Mixing Plant

It is important for you to choose a right model of asphalt mixing plant so that you can ensure your efficient and cost-effective asphalt production in Indonesia. Now, I will attach some tips for your consideration when selecting an ideal model.

  1. Determine Your Production Needs

    Evaluate the volume of asphalt you need to produce. Consider the daily, weekly, and yearly production targets. This will help you determine the required capacity of the asphalt mixing plant for sale and ensure it can meet your production demands. For example, according to the production capacity, aimix asphalt mixing plant can be divided into three sizes: small size, medium size, and large size.

    Small-sized asphalt mixing plant for sale has a productivity below 40tons per hour, and we will recommend you to choose ALYJ10, ALYJ15, ALYJ20, ALYJ30, ALYJ40, ALQ40, and ALYQ40 if you need mini asphalt mixing plant.

    ALT60 Asphalt Plant Equipment
    60tph asphalt plant equipment for sale
    For Sidewalk Paving Projects

    Medim-sized asphalt mixing plant for sale has 40~100tph productivities. Our ALYJ60, ALYJ80, ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ100, ALQ60, ALQ80, and ALQ100 will be suitable for you if you are in need of medium-sized asphalt mixing plants.

    80tph asphalt plant equipment for sale
    ALQ80 Asphalt Mixing Plant Works For Port Construction In Batam
    100tph asphalt plant equipment for sale
    ALQ100 Asphalt Mixing Plant Works For Highway Construction In Surabaya

    The large-sized asphalt mixing plant for sale has a productivity above 100tons per hour, so our ALYQ120, ALYQ160, ALQ120, ALQ160, ALQ200, ALQ240, and ALQ320 will be the right models in case you need large volume asphalt mixture production.

  2. Assess Your Project Requirements

    Consider the types of projects you will be undertaking. Different projects may have specific requirements, such as certain mix designs, production rates, or environmental regulations. Ensure that the plant model you choose can accommodate these project-specific needs.

    In Aimix Group, batch-type asphalt mixing plant can ensure high-level asphalt mixture production. Therefore, if you want qualified asphalt mixture for your high-grade highway construction, then our ALQ series and ALYQ series asphalt mixing plants for sale will be your first choice.

    However, you may consider our ALT series asphalt mixing plant for sale if you run some small-scaled road paving or road repairing construction projects in Indonesia.

    asphalt plant for sale ALQ100
    ALQ100 Works For Airport Construction
    asphalt plant for sale ALT60
    ALT60 Works For City Road Construction
  3. Pay Attention to Your Budget

    Actually, buying which type of asphalt mixing plant will mostly rely on how much budget you can invest for your projects. While, the budget will cover asphalt mixing plant price, purchasing or leasing expenses for construction sites, labor costs, raw material costs, and so on.

    Among those above mentioned points, the asphalt plant price accounts a large proportion in your budget. Now, we will give you the ranges of our asphalt mixer plant price for all the types of asphalt mixing plants for sale in Aimix Group.

    ALQ series Asphalt Mixing Plant Price:

    ALQ40-ALQ100: 80,000-300,000 USD

    ALQ120-ALQ320: 250,000-600,000 USD

    ALYQ60-ALYQ120: 80,000-300,000 USD

    ALYJ Series Asphalt Plant Cost:

    ALYJ10-ALYJ40: 40,000-150,000 USD

    ALT Series Asphalt Plant Price:

    ALT20-ALT100: 30,000-180,000 USD

    The above asphalt mixing plant price is an approximate range, contact us for specific asphalt mixing plant price if you have further questions about how much is asphalt mixing plant.

  4. Consider the Mobility Options

    Depending on your project requirements, you may need a stationary-type asphalt plant or a mobile-type asphalt plant that can be easily transported from one location to another. Mobile asphalt mixing plants are ideal for temporary projects or when frequent relocation is required, while stationary plants are suitable for long-term or high-volume production.

    In Aimix Group, ALYQ series, ALYJ series, and ALT series are mobile types of asphalt mixing plants, and ALQ series are stationary types. It is up to you to choose the mobile type or stationary type asphalt mixing plants on the basis of your actual needs.

    asphalt plant for sale ALYQ60
    ALYQ60 Mobile-type Asphal Mixing Plant
    ALQ60 asphalt plant for sale
    ALQ60 Stationary-type Asphalt Mixing Plant

After you learning all the asphalt mixing plant functions, applications, capacities, and several tips, now it is time for you to learn more about our services in Indonesia.

Aimix Services

Aimix supplies the highest quality equipment and also pays special attention to training operators, mechanics, and electrical technicians to obtain the skills needed to handle the plant. We provide after-sales services such as spare parts and periodic visits by engineers to the site. Technical support and maintenance service will be provided by our professional after-sale team.

  1. High quality assured;
  2. Favorable price as we are manufacturer;
  3. Provide professional technical and project solutions;
  4. Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
  5. Well-trained and experienced staff to answer all your inquiries in fluent English and Indonesia.
  6. Local partners and agents will support timely service.
  7. Engineers will go to clients’ site for guiding the installation and test-running;
  8. Spare parts supply,We will keep your know the complete data, when you need any spare parts, we will send to you as a fast way.
  9. 15 months super long time guarantee period.

120tph asphalt mixing plant for sale
100ton asphalt mixing plant for sale

Want to buy an asphalt mixing plant for sale in Java, Indonesia? You have come to the right place. As a manufacturer of asphalt mix plant that has exported our products to more than 100 countries around the world, AIMIX has set up a branch office in Indonesia to serve customers faster and better. Aimix provides faster and better service due to our established overseas branch offices and warehouses in Indonesia. It will be a good choice for customers to choose Aimix.

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