Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

What is mobile batching plant? Mobile batching plant for sale has wheel-based structure and integrated components so that it can be assembled and disassembled within a few hours. It belongs to a compact concrete batching plant which can complete the concrete batching and mixing on site. And it is economical and convenient to transport the mobile batching plant ready mix among your different sites. Therefore, you can widely use it for your construction projects with long-term engineering construction, multiple construction points and shorter construction period for each point. For example, highway construction, bridge construction, road paving construction, and so on. AIMIX supplies several kinds of mobile batch plants for your concrete solutions in Indonesia. Besides, AIMIX also offers you customized services, installation services, training services and maintenance services around all the cities in Indonesia.

mobile batching plant for sale

mobile batching plant
batching plant mobile
mobile batch plant

AJY-35 Mobile Batching Plant Working for Highway Construction

Capacity: 35(m3/h)
  • Theoretical Productivity (m³/h):35
  • Mixer Model:JS750
  • Mixer Output Volume (L):750
  • Mixer Motor Power (kW):30

Main Parts:

Wheel-base, aggregate batching machine, belt conveyor, concrete mixer, batching plant silos, screw conveyors, automatic control system.

Types of Concrete Mobile Batching Plant in AIMIX

According to different elements, there are a few different types of mobile concrete batching plants for sale in AIMIX GROUP, including common mobile concrete plant, mini mobile batching plant, and reversible concrete batching plant. I will list all the features and advantages below so that you can choose one suitable model or size for your own construction project in Indonesia.

  • Features and Advantages of Common Mobile Concrete Plant

    1. There are AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50 and AJY-60 common mobile concrete batch plants for sale in AIMIX. And their capacities are 25m3/h, 35m3/h, and 50m3/h. All of them are equipped with twin-shaft concrete mixers with good mixing performance which can help you produce well-stirred concrete with a shorter time.

    2. The aggregate batcher, belt conveyors, and concrete mixer are put on a trailer unit. Thence, you can use a truck to easily drag the whole trailer to change your construction sites.

    3. Small mobile concrete batching plant for sale only takes you about 3 hours to install or disassemble all the parts of the plant on-site. Except for the cement silos, screw conveyors and other few parts, all the other wiring parts installed in the trailer unit do not need to be disassembled. Therefore, you can easily use a 30 ton crane to transfer the whole plant. In other words, it can save you a lot of time and labor cost thereby improve your working efficiency.

    4. Compared with the stationary concrete plant, the concrete mobile batching plant needs less floor space. Therefore, you will not need to spend extra money for the land fee and can start production at a small and flat area. At the same time, the mobile batching plant price is lower than the stationary plant.

    5. There is no need to build a foundation for the dry mobile concrete plants. Thence, you can save a lot of money and time for hiring workers to build the foundations.

    6. Mobile concrete batching plant is an useful equipment for your mobile construction of public railways, bridges, ports, hydro-power and other projects.

    7. In addition, the mobile batch mix plant has intelligent control system so that it can help you save your labor cost and working intensity.

    8. What the most important thing is that the large or small mobile concrete batch plants for sale are equipped with accurate weighing system Therefore it can precisely measure the aggregate materials for you. Accordingly, it can save cement and improve the quality of concrete.

concrete mobile batching plant

AJY-35 Small Mobile Batching Plant

Capacity: 35(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-35
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 35
  • Mixer Model: JS-750
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): 80/60
  • Discharging capacity(L): 750

batching plant Indonesia

AJY-50 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Capacity: 50(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-50
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): 80/60
  • Discharging capacity(L): 1000

concrete mobile plant

AJY-60 Concrete Mobile Plant for Sale

Capacity: 50(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-60
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
  • Mixer Model: JS-1000
  • Mixing Cycle Period(s): 60
  • Rated Input Volume of Batching Machine(L): 1600

  • Features and Advantages of Mini Mobile Batching Plants

    1. A mini mobile concrete batching plant has more compact structure and shape so that you can use less time to transfer it.

    2. Besides, aimix mini mobile batching machine will occupy less floor space and has no need to built a foundation for it. Therefore, you can use it for quick production for concrete on site.

    3. What is more, the mobile type mini concrete mix plant can be put into one cabinet as a whole, which also helps to reduce your shipping fee and transportation costs.

    4. Its motor components are at the bottom so that you can easily inspect all the elctric parts any time.

mini mobile concrete batching mixing plant

AJL-25 Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Mixing Plant

Capacity: 25(m3/h)
  • Model: AJL-25
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 25
  • Mixer Model: Planetary concrete mixer
  • Bag cement hopper(t): 2
  • Discharging Capacity(L): 500

mini cement plant manufacturers

AJY-35 Small Mobile Batching Plant

Capacity: 35(m3/h)
  • Model: AJY-35
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 35
  • Mixer: JS750 (0.75m3)Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
  • Mobile Cement Silo(t): 50
  • Aggregate Batching Machine with 2 bins: PLD800

  • Features and Advantages of Reversible Concrete Batching Plant

    1. The reversible concrete batching plants use a drum mixer to stir the concrete. Hence, you can prduce concrete with shorter time.

    2. With a simple structure, you can buy it with lower mobile batching plant cost.

    3. Besides, the reversible drum mixer batching plant is both practical and economic to use for your small-sized construction projects in Indonesia, including small power station project, rural house building construction, and so on.

drum mixer mini concrete batching plant

AJT-60 Reversible Concrete Batching Plant

Capacity: 50-60(m3/h)
  • Model: AJT-60
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50-60
  • Mixer Model: JZM1500
  • Motor Power(KW): 11×2
  • Mixing Time(S): 40

Services in Aimix Group in Indonesia

Aimix has local partners in Indonesia who can provide a whole after-sale services process, including custom clearance services, delivery services, installation services, training services, and maintenance services.

Aimix offers you customized services for the mobile batching plants. You can ask for different configure and structures to meet your unique concrete production solutions.

Aimix provides you one-year warranty for free and lifetime maintenance.

Aimix will arrange a regular returning visit to your site and provide technical supports all around the cities in Indonesia.

Customer Feedbacks from Global Countries

As one of experienced mobile batching plant manufacturers and exporters in China, Aimix group co. ltd has developed for more than 30 years and expanded our business to overseas countries. And Aimix has exported our mobile concrete mixing plants to many countries over the world such as the Philippines, Pakistan, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. From 2019, we have sales, offices, local agents, and local service partners in Indonesia.

AJY-35 Working in Indonesia for Port Construction

mobile concrete plant
35m3 Mobile Batching Plant
mobile concrete mixing plant

mobile mixing plant

AJT-60 Working in Ambon, Indonesia for Building A Power Station

reversible concrete batching plant
AJT-60 Drum Mixer Mini Batching Plant
mini mobile concrete batching mixing plant

drum mixer mini batching plant

Mobile Batching Plant 60 Cubic Meter Working in the Philippines for Roading Paving Construction

60m3 mobile concrete batching plant for sale
60m3 mobile batching plant
AJY60 mobile batching plant

AJY60 mobile batching plant to Philippines

AJY-35 Working in Uzbekistan for Building Bridge

mobile concrete mixing plant for sale
35m3 Mobile Batching Plant
mobile concrete mixer plant

mini mobile batching machine

AJY-35 Working in Uzbekistan for Building An Isolation Hospital

35m3 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant
35m3 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant
small mobile batching plant

mobile batch mix plant

How Does A Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Work?

Want to learn more about how does a concrete batching plant work? Let’s delve into it together!

  • Actually, the mobile batching plant working principle is simple with the rmc plant. You can learn it very fast and know how to operate it.
  • Firstly, you need to load aggregate materials to the aggregate batching machine.
  • Then, you can start to weigh the materials and conveyor them to the concrete mixer. At the same time, you need to add water and some addictives to the mixer, and add powder materials by the screw conveyors.
  • Afterward, you need to start the concrete mixer and stir all the materials then unload the ready mixed concrete to a mixer truck.

Factors That May Influence the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Price in Indonesia?

  • Generally speaking, AIMIX AJY series mobile batching plant price starts from 20,000 USD, AJT series reversible type mobile concrete mixing plant price starts from 30,000 USD. AJL-25 mobile concrete batch plant cost and AJS25 harga batching plant mobile starts from 20,000 USD.
  • You may be interested in how much is a mobile batch plant concrete. Since AIMIX has so many different kinds and models of mobile batching plants for sale, I can not give you an exact price number now unless you tell me your actual need for the size and model, your project details, your requirement for daily concrete output, or other details.
  • Therefore, I will list some factors or elements that may influence the price of mobile batching plants. And I hope these points will be useful for you to choose a right model with an ideal price.

1. Concrete Yields Capacities

When referring to the harga batching plant mobile, we should first think about the mobile batching plant capacities. The prices of dry mobile concrete batching plants ranges are mainly depended on the production capacity. The larger the mobile batching plant capacity is, the higher the cost of mobile batching plant is. For example, AJY-50 can produce about 50m3 concrete per hour, and AJY-35 can make 35 cubic of concrete per hour.

AJY-50 Price
AJY-35 Price
AJL-25 Price
AJT-60 Price

35m3 mobile batching plant

60m3 mobile batching plant

2. Components Standards

As we all know, the mobile batching plant Indonesia contains several parts, including the concrete mixer, aggregate batching machine, belt conveyor, batching plant silos, main frame, steel structure, and so on. AIMIX has optional choices for you for every parts. For example, the thickness of steel plate of cement silo can be set up for 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm. And you can choose to equip your silo with 6mm for the whole plate of the silo. The thicker the plate is, the longer the length of the service life it will have.

3. The Brands of Control System

AIMIX has an ordinary type and exported type(BOSURE)for the control system so that you can choose a different type for your concrete batching plant mobile.

4. Specially-customized Services

In general, we provide standard products and customized products. If the standard products do not meet your requirement, we can provide you with customized services. For example, it is optional to choose three-bin or four-bin aggregate batching machines for your needs. With regard to the concrete mixer, AIMIX has many different brands and kinds to choose, such as planetary concrete mixer, JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, JZM series concrete mixer, and so on. And different configure and components mean different prices. I believe that you will find the most suitable one in AIMIX GROUP.

5. Shipping Fees

AIMIX GROUP,one of mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers, has a 60-people after-sale services team who can provide you with the most suitable shipping solutions for you, concluding car transportation, shipping transportation, and railway transportation. According to your ports of arrival in Indonesia, our team can help to choose a shipping method and line with the shortest time and cost.

Mobile Concrete Batch Plant Manufacturer in Indonesia-AIMIX GROUP

As one of the leading mobile batching plant manufacturers, AIMIX GROUP has sold countless of mobile batching plants and other kinds of construction machines to Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Metan, Batam, Papua, Ambon, Sabang, and so on. If you are looking for buying one set of the mobile concrete mixing plants in Indonesia, then you should consider AIMIX. I will list some of the advantages of AIMIX below.

AIMIX Indonesia service team
aimix service teamAimix after service team

1. Local Agents Who Have AIMIX Mobile Plant Concrete in Stock

AIMIX has been exporting mobile plant concrete to Indonesia for over 13 years since 2009. Hence, Aimix group,as one of professional mobile concrete batch plant manufacturers, has developed several local agents in some cities in Indonesia. They have some machines in stock so that you can have a look at our machines. What is more, you can get the products in more convenient way and shorter period. Therefore, customers in Indonesia can get qualified mobile concrete batching plants or any other concrete equipment with better after-sales guarantee.

2. Local Partners for Installation

Aimix has several local partners throughout the Indoneisa for the installation of different machines, including self-loading machines, asphalt mix equipment, concrete pump equipment, and so on. You can entrust our local partners for the TURNKEY services(containing custom clearance services, machines delivery services, installation services, training services, and maintenance services). Besides, our local partners can also provide you with technical supports and electric maintenance any time. Therefore, customers in Indonesia can get fast and reliable services from us from pre-sale to after-sale.

batching plant Indonesia

Difference Between Mobile Mixing Plant And Stationary Batching Plant

The mobile cement plant and the stationary concrete batching plant have almost the same operation process, operation mode, and maintenance method. However, there are still some differences between them. Please go on reading.

What Is A Mobile Batching Plant?

Mobile concrete batching refers to setting up batching equipment on-site and producing concrete on site. And its chassis can be easily towed by a truck tractor. The mobile concrete mixing plants can be designed so that each component can be towed and moved, therefore it can be easily and flexibly transferred after changing the working site. It has unique features such as flexible movement, quick and easy assembly and disassembly, fast production, and simple storage management.

What Is A Stationary Plant?

The stationary concrete mixing station is just the opposite. It is necessary to lay the foundation with concrete and fix the equipment on the foundation so that it will not move easily. This requires the foundation to be firm, the configuration to be complete, and the output is much larger than the compact concrete batching plant.

Main Differences

1. However, all of the mobile cement plants adopt a belt conveyor to transport the raw aggregates while stationary concrete batching plants adopt a skip hopper or a belt conveyor to transport the raw aggregates.
2. Compared with the stationary type, the production capacities of mobile cement batch plants have 25m3/h, 35m3/h, and 50m3/h. While the stationary type plants capacities vary from 25m3/h, 35m3/h, 50m3/h, 60m3/h, 75m3/h, 90m3/h, 120m3/h, 180m3/h, and 240m3/h.
3. In general, if you want a foundation-free plant, then the mobile concrete batching plant trailer would be perfect for you because it doesn’t need to build the foundation. Hence, you can save some money and labor cost to build the foundation before you install the plant. While the stationary concrete batching plants usually need a firm foundation.
4. Mobile concrete mixing plant for sale is mainly applied for those projects that have centralized construction sites, such as rural self-built house construction, power station construction, and so on. However, the stationary type can be often used for commercial concrete selling business, ready mix concrete products making business, and so on. You can choose one between these two types according to your actual needs. At the same time, you can contact us for some advice, and we will help you to choose the most suitable plan and solution.

Benefits To Invest A Mobile Batching Plant in Indonesia

There are a lot of benefits if you invest a mobile concrete mixer plant in Indonesia. And I will list some of them below. Contact us for an inquiry now if you need to know the cost of mobile batching plant in Indonesia!

  • 1. When installing the mobile concrete plant for sale, you only need to choose a flat space because it is a foundation-free plant. And it can be put into production a few hours after you install it well. Therefore, it is very suitable for your construction work with tight schedules.
  • 2. It is equipped with tires and traction pins. And its maximum dragging speed is 60km/h. Besides, you can move the main frame and accessories at the samee time. Therefore, it is a cost-effective way for you to transfer it from site to site.
  • 3. It is suitable for producing dry-hard, semi-dry-hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete.
  • 4. Aimix adopts international well-known brands for the mixing host reducer, metering sensor and control system so that aimix mobile batching plants have lower failure rate and higher measurement accuracy. These features can help you save a lot of maintenance cost and save cement cost.
  • 5. It uses computer control system so that you can easily operate the machine.
  • 6. All the operations are monitored by the dynamic panel displayed in the control room. Hence, you can easily master all the operation conditions, store and print report data.

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