1000TPH mobile crusher plant

Mobile Crusher Plant

Mobile crusher plant for sale is an efficient equipment used in the mining, construction, and recycling industries for crushing and screening granite, basalt, cobblestone, limestone, copper ore, raw ore material, construction waste, and other kinds of raw materials.

crawler-type mobile crusher plants

It consists of several accessories, including primary crushers, secondary crushers, screening machines, conveying components, and movable chassis. With mobility as a key advantage, mobile crushing plant for sale can eliminate the need for material transportation so as to reduce the labor costs.

crushing process of a mobile crusher plant
Crushing Process of A Mobile Crusher Plant

Mobile Crushing Plants Application Scenarios

Mobile crushing equipments are mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials processing projects that often need to be relocated, especially for the highways, railways, hydropower projects, etc. Different configuration forms are used depending on the material requirements of the finished product.

The portable crushing plants for sale can also be used in the construction waste treatment project in urban demolition. The construction waste is crushed and screened into several kinds of recycled aggregates of different sizes, which is the basis for the realization of the construction waste recycling project.

Mining and processing of ore
Mining and processing of ore
Upstream production of industrial milling
Upstream production of industrial milling
coal mining
coal mining
Industrial waste disposal
Industrial waste disposal

Cases of Mobile Crusher Plants

  • Raw Material: Pebble
  • Application Field: Pebble Mining
  • Feeding Size: 250mm
  • Final Product Size: 0-5mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Configuration: Mobile jaw crusher plant, mobile cone crusher plant, and mobile screening machine.

  • Model: 30TPH compound crusher mobile plant
  • Raw Material: Basalt
  • Feeding Size: 600mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Application Field: Quarry
  • Configuration: feeder machine, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and screening machine

30tph mobile crusher plant

  • Model: 50TPH compound portable crusher plant
  • Raw Material: Cobblestone
  • Feeding Size: 450mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Application Field: Cobblestone Mining
  • Configuration: feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and screening equipment

50tph mobile crusher plants

  • Model: 200TPH mobile crushing and screening plant for sale
  • Raw Material: Copper Ore
  • Feeding Size: 150mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 0-25mm
  • Application Field: Copper Ore Mining
  • Configuration: portable jaw crusher plant, mobile cone plant, and belt conveyors.

200tph mobile crusher plant

  • Raw Material: Construction Waste
  • Application: Construction waste recycling industry

Hot Selling Types of Mobile Crushing Plants

AIMIX hot types of mobile crushing plants for sale mainly include primary mobile crushing plant (mobile jaw crusher plant), secondary mobile crushing plant (mobile cone crusher plant), mobile impact crushing plant, crawler mobile crushing plant, and combined mobile crushing plant. We will introduce these mobile crusher plants for sale in detail in the following.

Primary Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant – The First Stage Crushing

Mobile jaw crusher plants are commonly used for the first crushing stage in various industries, such as mining, quarrying, and construction. Their primary function is to break down large, hard materials into smaller pieces, making them suitable for further processing or transport. Aimix offers APY2 series mobile jaw crusher plants for sale in Indonesia, with crushing capacities from 45tph to 400tph, and maximum feeding size of 650mm.

mobile jaw crusher plant

  • Crushing Capacities: 45-400TPH
  • Maximum Feeding Size: 650mm
  • Crushing Host: Jaw Crusher
  • Application Areas: mining, smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

Technical Features of Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant:

  1. Low Transportation Cost:It crushes the material on site, without transporting the material for off-site crushing, so the material transportation cost is greatly reduced
  2. Superior Performance: The jaw portable crushing station has simple, reasonable and compact structure. Multi-strict inspections guarantee the superior quality of each mobile crushing machine.
  3. Unique Design: A few wear parts are made of ultra hard and wear-resisting materials with small size and light weight, so it is easy to replace the parts
  4. Flexible Configuration: The mobile crusher station can be composed of two-stage plants or three-stage plants, which is of high flexibility and can be used individually.
VPE69 mobile jaw crushing plant
APYE69 mobile jaw crushing plant
VPE110 mobile jaw crushing plant
APYE110 mobile jaw crushing plant
VPE110 mobile jaw crushing plant
APYE110 mobile jaw crushing plant

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant – Secondary Mobile Crusher Plant

Mobile cone crusher plant is a high-efficiency rock crushing equipment developed and launched by our company in combination with advanced technology and experience at home and abroad. It is composed of a vibrating screen, belt conveyor, cone crusher, electric motor, and electric control cabinet.


  • Production Capacity: 50-420TPH
  • Application Areas: many industries, such as mining, smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.
  • Advantages: The mobile stone crusher and screening plant eliminates the obstacles of crushing site, environment, and basic configuration to customers’ crushing operations, reduces the tedious procedures and labor-hour consumption of infrastructure installation, and truly provides customers with convenient, efficient, and low-cost crushing equipment. High crushing capacity, low operating cost, suitable for all kinds of materials. Various configurations can be adopted according to the type, scale, and finished material requirements of processing raw materials.

Technical Features of Mobile Cone Crushing Plant:

  • Great Mobility: Different crushing equipment is separately installed. Its short wheelbase and tight turning radius mean they can be transported on highway and moved at crushing site.
  • Hydraulic Lift Mode: Landing legs adopt hydraulic lift mode which is of convenient operation and reliable performance.
  • Unique Design of Conveyor: It adopts automatic portable conveyor for return material, providing customers with convenience of field installation.
  • Good Performance: Working well on intermediate crushing and particel shape, which used for medium hardness stone crushing.
mobile cone crushing plant
mobile cone crusher plant

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Mobile Impact Crusher Plant – Secondary and Tertiary Crushing

The mobile impact crushing plant is mainly used for secondary and tertiary crushing, with high productivity, large crushing ratio, good particle size, and suitable for medium-hard crushing materials. The frame of portable impact crushing plants is used as the carrying platform, which can easily upgrade and replace the host portable crusher plant for sale.

mobile impact crusher plant

  • Production capacity: 70-500TPH
  • Crushing Host: Impact Crusher
  • Application areas: Mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other industries.

Technical Features of Mobile Impact Crushing Plant:

  1. Unit integration: The portable impactor plants can be directly operated, eliminating the tedious infrastructure installation and manual hour consumption.
  2. Strong mobility: Small transportation turning radius, flexible and fashionable, to meet customer needs;
  3. Ship-shaped steel frame structure: The ship-shaped steel frame structure is adopted, the chassis of the car body is low, the weight is light, and the volume is reasonably controlled;
  4. Hydraulic lift function: The vibrating screen has hydraulic lifting function, which is easy to operate. It can also be flexibly equipped with 2 to 4 layers of screens according to user needs.
20t Mobile Impact Crushing Plant
20t Mobile Impact Crushing Plant
Mobile Impact Crushing Plant Indonesia
60t Mobile Impact Crushing Plant
Mobile Impact Crushing Plant Indonesia
80t Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

Workflow of Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

The following is a video of our mobile impact crushing plant. You can see the main components and workflow of it in this video.

Crawler Type Mobile Crusher Plant

Crawler mobile crush plant is a kind of high-efficiency crushing equipment. The crawler type mobile screening plant for sale adopts self-driving mode, advanced technology, and complete functions. Portable crushing and screening plants can reach any position of the worksite under any terrain conditions. The whole mobile crushing station is an integrated equipment composed of crushing, feeding, screening, conveying, and other links, which can solve various production needs in one stop, and is widely used in sand and gravel, ore dressing, coal mine, concrete mixing plant, and other fields.

crawler type mobile crusher plant

  • Capacity: 150~500T/H
  • Processing materials: limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, construction waste, etc.
  • Application areas: The portable crushing screening plant is suitable for medium soft and hard natural stone, construction waste recycled aggregate, etc.

Technical Features of Crawler-type Mobile Crushing Plant

  1. Super heavy-duty rotor, high wear-resistant material, large crushing cavity, so that the feeding particle size is large, the product is stable, the output is high, the particle shape is good, and the crushing ratio is large;
  2. The gap between the counterattack frame and the plate hammer, the extension and retraction of the side-out belt conveyor, and the three sides of the silo are all adjusted by hydraulic drive, and are automatically retracted and retracted.
  3. Ultra-long track chassis, smaller ground pressure and better stability. Driven by high-speed hydraulic motor and planetary reducer, the driving torque can reach 80,000 N/m.
  4. The intelligent wireless remote control device is adopted to walk on its own crawler, and a single person can remotely operate the upper and lower ordinary flatbed trailers to realize fast transition operations;

Combined Mobile Crushing Plant – Contains Two or More Crushers

Combined mobile crushing plant has high flexibility. Two or more stone crushers are included in portable screen plants for sale. The portable crushing plant for sale can be desined into two-stage or three-stage crushing systems such as coarse crushing and fine crushing according to actual needs. The purpose of its design concept is to stand in the customer’s position, and eliminate the obstacles to the customer’s crushing operation, such as the elimination of complex crushing sites and basic configuration. Based on the new concept principle of “proximity handling” of materials, truly provide customers with simple, efficient, and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

mobile crushing unit

  • Production capacity: 50-400(T/H)
  • Application areas: Mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry, etc.

Technical Features of Combined Mobile Crusher Plant:

  1. The operation function is direct and effective: the integrated series of mobile stone crushing plants can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer’s requirements for material types and products in the process, to meet the needs of users in mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc.;
  2. Flexible combination and strong adaptability: this series stone mobile crusher plant can be combined into a two-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing and fine crushing according to actual needs, or a three-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing, and can also operate independently, with great flexibility;
  3. Retractable and adjustable bracket: The body bracket can be expanded and retracted according to the height of the ground to ensure that the body is stabilized when the mobile crushing machine is running, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged;
  4. Reliable performance and convenient maintenance: The main equipment of the mobile crushing unit is optimized and strengthened with higher strength and better performance.

The Performance Advantages of Mobile Crushing Plant Indonesia:

The mobile crushing screening plant is flexible, convenient, and highly maneuverable, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; it can crush materials on-site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thereby greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials. The specific performance of the mobile stone crusher is as follows:

  • Strong mobility: The tire-type mobile screening plant for sale has a short length, and different crushing equipment is installed on an independent movable chassis. The wheelbase is short and the turning radius is small. The tire mobile crush plant can be flexibly driven on ordinary roads and operating areas.
  • Integrated complete set of units: The integrated mobile crusher and screening plant installation form eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation operations for separate components, and reduces the consumption of materials and manual hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of site stationing.
  • Reduce the cost of material transportation: The portable screening plant can process materials on site without having to move the materials off site for reprocessing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
  • The operation function is direct and effective: the integrated series of mobile crushing plants can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer’s requirements for material types and products in the process, to meet the needs of users in mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc. This requirement makes the production organization and logistics transfer more direct and effective, and the cost is maximized.
  • Flexible combination and strong adaptability: The mobile crushing & screening plant can be combined into a two-stage crushing and screening systems for coarse crushing and fine crushing according to actual needs, or a three-stage crushing and screening system for coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing.

mobile crushing & screening plant

When to Choose A Mobile Crushing Plant?

  1. If the construction site is small, a mobile crushing plant is preferred.
  2. If the construction environment is harsh, and it is necessary to drive on the rough roads in the crushing field, then portable crusher plants can be selected.
  3. For small and medium-scale crushing or sand making requirements, if there is a demand for processing materials at the quarrying site to reduce the cost of raw material transportation, mobile crushing and screening equipment should be selected.

mobile crushing station

Maintenance and Overhaul Precautions

  • 1. The mobile crushing unit should be lubricated as required, and the small and medium-sized equipment is mainly lubricated with grease and lubricating oil regularly. In large-scale portable crusher for sale, if cone-type and large-scale jaw crushers are used, there is generally a forced lubrication system. At this time, you should always pay attention to observe parameters such as oil temperature, oil pressure, flow rate, etc. Tighten loose fasteners.
  • 2.During the operation of the mobile-type stone crusher plant, always pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment. When there is excessive noise or vibration, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. After troubleshooting, a no-load restart should be performed in the startup sequence.
  • 3.During the operation of the mobile crushing plants, it is also necessary to observe the quality and yield of the product. When the quality and yield are abnormal, failures such as blockage of the crusher and screening machine or damage to the screen surface may occur.
  • 4.In order to keep the mobile crusher plant models in good performance, in addition to the normal maintenance, the equipment should be subject to minor repairs, medium repairs and major repairs as planned.
  • 5.The maintenance plan of the mobile crushing and screening plants for sale is proposed according to the inspection requirements of each part of the machinery used. Due to the differences in the maintenance plan of each portable crusher machine for sale, when conditions permit, some machines can be replaced for maintenance. This reduces downtime for maintenance and improves equipment utilization.

Where to Find Mobile Crushing Plant Manufacturers in Indonesia

As one of experienced mobile crusher plant manufacturers, AIMIX Group is a large-scale mining machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, and sales. If you are looking for a mobile crusher plant supplier, AIMIX will be a good choice. We have a complete service team and reasonable mobile crushing plant price for each partner. Spot direct sales, no intermediate link costs, now come to the factory for inspection and purchase, and you can also enjoy ex-factory price discounts.

For the specific mobile crusher plant price, you can click on the online free consultation at any time. The technical manager will serve you, and you can enjoy various services such as installation, commissioning, post-repair, and maintenance.

AIMIX Workshop Overview

For more than 30 years of hard work, AIMIX has a large-scale production plant of 60,000 square meters. We have professional core production technology for rock cone crushers and have a complete factory system. The following picture is taken in our workshop of the mobile screening and crushing equipment.

AIMIX workshop overview

Advantages of Choosing AIMIX Mobile Crusher Plant

  • Quality Ensured: 39 Years Experience,cooperated with the world Famous companys: Lafarge Group(WORLD TOP 500) l With CE, ISO9001 certificates , and through BV, SGS test.Exported to over 100 countries and get highly appraisedby our clients.
  • Service Ensured: Professional Engineers team with APEC and injected Vaccine l with 6 Oversea office in Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mylasia, Uzbekistan and Pakistan supply the local spare parts ,local engineers and maintance for free l Warehouse in Pakistan, Uzbekistan directly offer equipment l Any time anywhere, you have a TEAM here offer support on Technology, Manufacture.
  • Other Service:12 months warranty from date of delivery; Accept OEM, accept customers’ special design requests.

AIMIX Indonesia team

Are you looking for a mobile crusher plant in Indonesia? As one of the mobile crusher plant suppliers, AIMX provides customers high-quality mobile crushing plants for sale at a reasonable cost for customers all over the world. Now, we have set branch offices and overseas warehouses in Indonesia. It will be more convenient for customers to ask for after-sale service supports in Indonesia. We can give you professional advice and help you design the most suitable plan. If you want to invest in the crushing industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us now to get our latest mobile crusher plant price! Just leave a message in the form below, we will reply in 24 hours!

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