Mobile Stone Crusher

Mobile stone crusher integrates the feeder machines, crushers, vibrating screen machines, and belt conveyors on a movable chassis, which has the performance advantages that can move with the transferring of your construction sites, and can reduce material transportation costs and infrastructure costs.

mobile stone crusher 500tph

The mobile stone crusher plant is used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, roads and other industries, especially in areas such as highways, railways, construction waste, etc.

It is mainly applied for crushing limestone, granite, basalt, mineral ores, and various other natural resources that are typically found in coarse forms, into fine materials that can be used for building, decorative, mineral processing, or other purposes.

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With a wide types of mobile stone crushers for sale in the market, making the right choice requires your careful consideration of factors like raw material types. In order to help you make a right decision, we will list some guides for selecting a stone crusher mobile for your different raw materials.

Types of Raw Materials Determine the Selection of Mobile Stone Crusher

The first step in choosing the right mobile stone crusher machine is to thoroughly figure out your raw material types. Different materials, such as limestone, granite, marbles, pebbles, ores, waste concrete, and waste asphalt, have varying hardness levels, characteristics, size, density, and abrasiveness. Correspondingly, they will need different mobile stone crusher plants.

Features and Applications of Granite, Basalt, and Cobblestone

Granite, basalt, and cobblestone belong to the very hard and durable natural stones. They typically rank around 6-7 on the Mohs scale, which making them quite resistant to scratching and abrasion. The hardness and durability make granite, basalt, and cobblestone an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including making concrete, making asphalt mixture, flooring, walkways paving, driveways paving, road construction, and building construction.

Which Kind of Mobile Stone Crushers Suit for Granite, Basalt and Cobblestone

We recommend a mobile jaw stone crusher to proceed these kinds of hard stones. Mobile jaw stone crushers are commonly used for crushing granite, basalt, pebble, mountain rocks, volcanic stone, and other relatively hard stones because of their specific design and advantages that make them well-suited for these hard and dense materials. Here are some reasons why mobile jaw stone crushers are a suitable choice for crushing these types of stones.

mobile jaw stone crusher

High Compression Strength Design

Mobile jaw stone crusher is designed with a V-shaped crushing cavity, and the extrusion working principle between the fixed jaw plates and movable jaw plates make the jaw-type mobile stone crushing machines have the characteristics of high crushing force and large crushing ratio, which making them ideal for crushing these hard rocks.

Besides, the jaw plates in a jaw stone crusher are typically made from wear-resistant materials like manganese steel. These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand abrasion and impact, which are common when crushing hard rocks. What is more, the jaw plates can be replaced when they wear out, and this way will ensure longer lifespan for the mobile stone crushers and reduce your maintenance costs.

mobile jaw stone crusher working principle

Large Crushing Chamber

Jaw-type mobile stone crusher for sale has a large crushing chamber, which allows for crushing raw materials with maximum feeding size of 650mm. At the same time, its large crushing chamber can process large quantities of material at a time, which will enable efficient crushing of the mobile crushing plant so as to improve your working efficiency.

Adjustable Discharge Size

Jaw-type portable stone crusher has an adjustable discharge size, which allows for precise control over the final crushed product’s size. This flexibility is important when different sizes of crushed material are required for various applications. For example, its discharge particle sizes range from 10-350mm, which can meet your specific size requirements of 0-5mm sand, 10-20mm crushed rocks, and 20-30mm gravel.

These design make the jaw-type mobile stone crushing plants widely suitable for building construction, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, and so on. Here, we attach some cases for your reference.

Cases of Jaw-type Mobile Stone Crusher

  • Raw Material: Granite

    Applications: Customers are one of the construction contractors, and their business mainly covers the construction of apartments, hotels, supermarkets, office buildings, etc. They need a mass of construction aggregates to supply the concrete production of the concrete batching plants.

    Configuration: Crawler-type mobile jaw stone crusher, crawler-type mobile cone stone crusher, and crawler-type mobile screening equipment.

    Mobile stone crusher price: The price is from 550,000 – 950,000 USD. Due to different requirements, Aimix will equip you with different configuration. Therefore, we can not give you a final mobile stone crusher machine price here, and we can only give you an approximate price range for your reference.

  • Raw Material: Basalt

    Applications: Customers need a stone crusher mobile plant to crushing basalt with 600mm feeding size into 0-24mm aggregate for their road paving construction.

    Configuration: APY2-750J mobile jaw stone crusher, and APY2-1210F mobile cone stone crusher.

    Equipment Selection Analysis: The particle size of the raw material is relatively large and reaches 600mm, so our jaw-type mobile stone crusher for sale with a large crushing ratio will suit for the primary crushing need. Besides, we also equip a cone-type portable stone crusher for sale to crush the materials with smaller size because our customers need the size of the finished product should be divided into two crushing stages and reach to 0-24mm size.

    200 tph mobile stone crusher price: APY2 series mobile stone crusher price list is from 550,000-960,000 USD. Contact us and give your own requirements, then we can give you a final mobile stone crusher plant price for your solutions.

200tph mobile stone crusher

Features and Applications of the Construction Waste

Construction waste refers to the materials and debris generated during construction, renovation, demolition, or excavation projects. Many construction waste, such as concrete and asphalt are recyclable. After being processed, the construction waste can be turned into recycling construction aggregates material, and then applied for your building construction, road paving construction, and so on.

Which Type of Stone Mobile Crushers Suit for Construction Waste

We recommend our impact-type mobile stone crusher plant for sale for your construction waste recycling business for some reasons. The design of an impact crusher makes it well-suited for crushing construction waste due to its unique features that enable efficient and effective processing of diverse materials found in construction and demolition debris. Here’s an overview of the design of an impact crusher and why it is suitable for crushing construction waste.

mobile impact stone crusher

Rotor and Hammers

Impact-type mobile stone crushers have a rotor with hammers or blow bars that rotate at high speeds. When construction waste enters the crusher, the hammers impact and shatter the materials. This design efficiently breaks down a wide range of construction waste materials, including concrete, bricks, tiles, and asphalt.

Large Feed Opening

Mobile impact stone crushers typically have large feed openings, allowing for the easy entry of bulky construction waste materials. The wide inlet ensures that materials of different sizes and shapes can be processed without blockages, making it suitable for handling the irregular and varied nature of construction waste.

working principle of impact crusher

High Reduction Ratio

Impact-type mobile stone crusher machines are known for their high reduction ratios, meaning they can effectively reduce the size of construction waste materials into smaller, reusable aggregates. This is essential for recycling and reusing construction waste materials.

Wear-Resistant Materials

Impact-type mobile stone crusher plants are constructed with wear-resistant materials for key components such as the hammers, impact plates, and liners. These materials are chosen to withstand the abrasion and impact forces generated when crushing construction waste.

Properly managed construction waste can provide opportunities for resource recovery and recycling, which will contribute to help you turn waste into recycled aggregate materials. Then, you can use the recycled aggregate for your own construction projects, or sell them to other construction contractors. And one of our customers purchases a set of our mobile impact stone crusher to produce recycled aggregates for the subway construction project. We will list the case details in the following part.

Cases of Impact-type Mobile Stone Crusher

  • Raw Material: Construction Waste

    Applications: Customers plan to process the demolition waste of buildings and acquire construction aggregates for their subway construction.

    Configuration: Crawler-type mobile impact stone crusher, and crawler-type mobile screening equipment.

    Feedback: With high flexibility, our customers can easily move the crawler-type movable stone crusher among the demolition sites. This way has greatly improve their working efficiency and save time. Besides, it’s also the solution to save your crushing workspace.

mobile impact stone crusher plant

Features and Applications of Limestone

Limestone is generally considered a relatively soft stone in comparison to harder natural stones like granite or basalt. Limestone typically falls within the range of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Crushed limestone is suitable for various applications in construction and architecture, such as for flooring, wall cladding, and decorative elements.

What Kind of Mobile Stone Crushers Are Suitable for Limestone?

With regard to your limestone crushing requirements, we often recommend you with the cone-type mobile stone crushers. The design of a cone-type mobile stone crusher is ideal for efficiently crushing limestone and other relatively soft and medium-hard materials. Go on finding the reasons to choose a cone-type mobile stone crushers for crushing limestone.

mobile cone stone crusher

Cone-Shaped Crushing Chamber

The core design feature of a mobile cone stone crusher is its cone-shaped crushing chamber, which gradually narrows from the top to the bottom. This design allows for efficient compression crushing, as the incoming feed material is crushed between the mantle (the cone-shaped liner) and the concave (the stationary outer surface of the crushing chamber). This gradual reduction in the chamber can ensure to produce well-graded and finely crushed limestone aggregates. Thence, the cone-type mobile stone crusher will be an ideal choice when you prefer better grain shape for the finished products.

cone crusher working principle


  • When processing ores in industries like mining and metallurgy, understanding the hardness of the ore is crucial for selecting the appropriate equipment and methods for crushing, grinding, and extracting valuable minerals.
  • The hardness of various ores can vary widely depending on their mineral composition and the geological conditions under which they are formed.
  • Different ores may require different levels of force and energy to be broken down into smaller particles or to release the desired minerals.
  • If you have the need of crushing ore stones, please contact us and tell us the specific type of ore stones, and then we can help you choose a right mobile-type crusher plant according to the hardness and size of your raw materials.

In the above sections, we have listed some types of raw materials and their suitable mobile stone crushers. Contact us if you have other kinds of raw materials that need to be processed. As one of the mobile stone crusher suppliers, Aimix Group not only provides you with qualified mobile stone crushers for sale in Indonesia, but also customized services.

Competitive Services in Aimix Group

One-on-one Services

  1. Demand analysis and selection services: After receiving your inquiry on aimix mobile-type stone crusher plants, our engineers will start to analyze your raw materials, final particle size requirements, applications, and budget, then give you some plans for your selection. For instance, we will use a jaw-type mobile stone crusher for your hard rocks crushing business, and an impact-type mobile stone crushing plant for your concrete waste crushing business. What is more, we can design an integrating solution for your specific demands by means of adding different types of mobile stone crushers together.
  2. Supply 3D graph and site layout graph: Our engineers can also offer you a 3D graph and a stone crusher mobile layout according to your venue size and terrain conditions. After checking the mobile stone crusher 3D graph and site layout graph, you will quickly understand our crushing solutions and figure out whether our solution will suit your actual need or not.
  3. 150 tph mobile stone crusher price

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In summary, Aimix Group always provides top-notch mobile stone crusher and reliable support in Indonesia to empower you to start your stone crushing business and achieve your project goals with ease and confidence. Tell your requirements, and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right mobile stone crushers.

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