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Portable Concrete Pump

Portable concrete pump is a towable concrete pumping machine that utilizes some horizontal or vertical pipes to continuously transport concrete to the construction sites. It can complete vertical transportation and level transportation for the concrete at the same time. With max. 260 meters vertical pumping capacity and max. 1200 meters horizontal pumping capacity, the portable concrete pumps are widely used for housing construction, water conservancy construction, tunnels and bridges construction, road construction, factory floors construction, railways and highways construction. Please go on reading for more specifications.

concrete pumping machine

Which Portable Concrete Pump Types Will Be Suitable For Your Projects?

There are two types of portable concrete pumps for sale in Indonesia, one is trailer type and another one mixer type. Here, I will show you some brief introductions about these two types.

  • 1. A tailer-type portable concrete pumper is an efficient concrete conveying machine. In Aimix Group, there are ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, ABT40D, ABJT60D, and ABT80D trailer-type pumps. “C” means the engine type is diesel, and “D” means the engine type is electric. Besides, the maximum horizontal pumping distances of ABT40C are 500 meters, and the maximum vertical pumping height of ABT40C can reach 120 meters. However, the maximum horizontal pumping distances of the ABT60C concrete pump small portable can reach 1000 meters, and its vertical pumping distances can reach to 180 meters.
  • 2. Mixer-type has two functions in one unit, and they are mixing and pumping functions. In other words, a portable concrete mixer with pump can both stir concrete and pump concrete at the same time. In Aimix Group, there are ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D mixer-type pumps. The biggest horizontal pumping distance of ABJZ40C is 600 meters, and the biggest vertical pumping height of ABJZ40C mini portable concrete pump is 150 meters.

In the following parts, I will list their different technical specifications and applications so that you can choose the right pump for your construction projects.

Hot Sale Models in Aimix Group Co.,Ltd:

portable concrete pump 60m

ABT40C Portable Diesel Concrete Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 40/26
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 120
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 500
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(L./H)(mpa): 8/10
  • Hopper Capacity×Feeding Height(L×mm): 400×1250
portable concrete mixer pump ABJZ40C

ABJZ40C Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

  • Max. Theoretical Throughput (L./H)(m3/h): 40
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 150
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance(m): 600
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): Scree:40
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(L./H)(mpa) 10
  • Hopper Capacity×Feeding Height(L×mm): 400×1200

How to Choose the Right Type of Small Portable Concrete Pump in Aimix?

If you want to figure out which type of portable concrete pumping machine is more suitable for you, then you should first learn their different characteristics, functions, and main applications. And now I will list some key points to give you some instructions.

  • Please Make Sure Whether You Need to Stir Concrete On-Site or Not

    1. If you need to stir the concrete on site, then I will recommend our portable concrete mixer and pump because it combines self-loading aggregate materials, mixing concrete and high-pressure pumping concrete in one unit. Therefore, our mixer-type pumps can be widely used for rural self-built house construction, factory floor construction, road paving construction, bridge construction, and so on. Anyway, I will show you some pictures and videos below so that you will know if you need our mixer-type pump or not.

    Applications of Mixer-type:

    For Sports Hall Construction

    40m3 concrete pump for building house

    For Foundation Construction

    40m3 concrete pump for foundation construction in Jamaica

    For Factory Floor Construction

    pumping machine for floor construction

    For Dam Construction

    portable pumpcrete

  • Working Videos of Mixer-type in Different Fields

    1. ABJZ40C Small Portable Concrete Pumping Machine Working in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung Islands Province In Indonesia

    This set of 40m3 portable mini concrete pump is used for the dam construction projects in Indonesia.

    portable pumpcrete machine

    portable mini concrete pump 40m3

    2. ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Mixer with Pump Working in Nabire, Indonesia

    In this case, our 40m3 diesel concrete pump is applied for building a sports hall in Nabire, Indonesia.

    portable concrete mixer and pump working in Nabire

    portable concrete mixer pump 40m3

    3. ABJZ40C and AS-3.5 Working For Church Construction in Indonesia

    This case is about our ABJZ40C aimix concrete mixer pump working with an AS-3.5 self-loading mixer machine for the church construction in Indonesia.

    concrete pumpcrete machines for sale

    mixer and pump equipment

    concrete pumping machine and self loading mixture machine

    4. ABJZ40C Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump Working in the Philippines

    As you can see, in this video, our 40m3 diesel-powered concrete pump is discharging concrete to the hopper. Next, the concrete is pumped to the pouring point in the ground.

    aimix concrete pump machine

    concrete pouring pump

    5. ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Mixer Pump Working in Nigeria

    Aimix ABJZ40C pump is mixing concrete and conveying concrete for a rural self-built 3-4 floors house construction project in Nigeria.

    concrete pumping equipment works in Nigeria

    concrete pump machine packing and shipping to Nigeria

  • 2. If you do not need to stir concrete on-site and only want to transport the ready mixed concrete to the construction sites, then I will recommend our trailer-type portable cement pump because it is mainly used for horizontal or vertical concrete pumping work for the large-scale construction projects, such as tall buildings construction, bridge construction, expressways construction, railway construction, tunnel construction, and overpasses construction. Whatever, I will show you some successful cases of our trailer-type concrete pump machines applied in different projects below. And I hope these pictures or videos will be helpful to you to make decisions to buy our trailer-type concrete portable pump or not.

    Applications of Trailer-type Pumps

    For Self-built House Building

    concrete pump for conveying concrete

    For Making Prefab Concrete Products

    concrete pump works with a self loading machines

    For Foundation Pouring Construction

    concrete pump portable

    For Expressway Construction

    portable concrete pump 55m

  • Working Videos of Trailer-type Concrete Pumps in Several Fields

    1. ABT40C Working for 45m High Hotel Floor Pouring Construction in Papua, Indonesia

    In this case, our customer bought our small concrete pump for conveying the concrete to the 45m high roof of a hotel.

    concrete pump manufacturer

    concrete pouring on the roof

    2. Hotel Opens On 22nd July 2022 In Papua, Indonesia

    This hotel is built by our ABT40C portable concrete pump for sale. Our customer gives us high praise for our pump equipment and has decided to buy more machines from Aimix Group next year.

    concrete pump vehicles

    customer feedback about aimix

    maxone hotels building

    3. ABT30C Working for Foundations Construction Project in Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia

    Our customer bought this set of ABT30C small portable concrete pump for sale to do placing of concrete for his foundation construction. It uses a concrete mixer truck to load concrete to the site, and then the mixer truck will discharge the concrete to the hopper of the pump. Afterward, the concrete will be transported to the foundation points by our ABT30C pump.

    concrete pump portable for pouring concrete

    concrete pump equipment for sale

    4. ABT80C Working for Tunnel Construction in Peru

    portable electric concrete pump
    portable concrete pump suppliers
    concrete pouring work for a tunnel

    5. ABT40C Working for Factory Floor Construction in Uzbekistan

    small concrete pump machine
    portable concrete pump manufacturer in Indonesia
    placing of concrete

    6. ABT60C Working for Placing of Concrete for a 13th Tall Building in the Philippines

    concrete pump for transporting concrete to the building
    aimix pump concrete
    concrete pumpcrete

What Are the Portable Concrete Pump Prices in Indonesia

As one of the portable concrete pump suppliers, Aimix can offer you a competitive factory price. As you can see, Aimix has two different kinds of pumps, and different types have both diesel-powered and electric-powered machines. Hence, their cost will differ due to the different configure and parts. Contact us if you need our price catalog. And please tell us your actual need for the concrete pumping distances, concrete pumping capacities, which fields you want to use our portable pumpcrete for, and other details of your projects. Then we can give you the relevant model and price.

  • With regard to our trailer-type pumps, our diesel-powered portable concrete pump price is from 23000 USD to 60000 USD, and portable concrete pump electric cost is from 15000 USD to 60000 USD.
  • For our mixer-type pumps, the price for a portable c3 diesel concrete mixer with pump is from 20000 USD to 40000 USD, and the cost of our electric-powered portable concrete mixer pump for sale is from 20000 USD to 30000 USD.

What Service Can Aimix Offer You in Indonesia?

We are one of the leading portable concrete pump manufacturers, and we are capable of supplying qualified concrete pump machines and trustworthy after-sale services in Indonesia. If you want to know where to buy portable concrete pump in Indonesia, then you should come to Aimix Group. It is our pleasure to deal with your inquiry about our pumping machine. Kindly send us your actual need and project types, and we will give you an immediate offer and a competitive price then. Please check our service items.

Aimix Group can supply Turnkey services in Indonesia(including custom clearance services, delivery services, door-to-door installation services, training services, and maintenance services)

In Indonesia, Aimix has a warehouse that has some machines in stock so that you can have a look at our machine. Contact us for an address now.

Aimix has several local partners who can provide technical support or other services for our local customers in Indonesia.

We can provide you with a 1-year warranty from the date of supply.

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