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Portable Mini Concrete Pumps in Stock in Bogor

Right now, we have two kinds of portable mini concrete pumps in stock in our agent’s warehouse in Bogor. Aimix has a local agent in Bogor City, Indonesia. And Aimix has several mixer-type concrete pumps and trailer-type concrete pumps in stock in our agent’s warehouse. Please go on looking at the machine details now.

Mixer-type Mini Pumpcrete

mixer-type mini pumpcrete
ABJZ30C Diesel Mini Concrete Pump

The first kind is our mixer-type mini concrete pumpcrete, also called concrete mixer with pump machine. As you can see, it has a mixer drum that can rotate to stir the aggregate materials and turn them into concrete mortar. What is more, this kind of concrete pump has two functions mixing concrete and pumping concrete in one unit.

Since this mixer-type mini concrete pump equipment has so many good advantages, it is suitable for you to use for most construction projects, including road paving or repairing construction, rural self-built house construction, sidewalk construction, and so on. The attached cases in the following part have showed that our concrete pumps can be widely used for different projects.

Machine Details

  • Model: ABJZ30C
  • Quantity: 5 Sets
  • Place: Bogor

Apart from this, our mixer-type mini pumps can be a useful unit to replace a concrete mixer and a concrete pump at the same time. Therefore, buying a mixer-type mini cement pump will be a wise decision to make right now. Contact us!

Trailer-type Mini Concrete Pump Machine

The second kind of machine in stock is our trailer-type mini concrete pumps.

Item Details

  • Model: ABT30C
  • Quantity: 6 Sets
  • Place: Bogor

mini concrete pump yards per hour 30n3

mini concrete pump volume per hour 30m3

mini concrete pump design aimix

It is a useful concrete conveying equipment for high-rise buildings construction and large-square foundations construction. ABT30C is a popular model and size for sale in the Indonesia market, involving Surabaya, Papua, Jakarta, and so on. Contact us for more cases details on our old customers’ sites if you are interested in our trailer-type mini concrete pump now.

The total quantities of these mini concrete pumping machines are only a few in stock, please hurry up and send your inquiry now for the well-made machines now. Or we can arrange a visit to the warehouse in Bogor City if you want to test our machine.

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