Powerful Crusher Machine is applied to Crush Mountain Rocks

Have you any need for crushing mountain rocks? We have designed a set of 60tph crusher plant for one of our customers for the purpose of crushing mountain rocks. Now, we list the specifications and details of this crushing solution, including our design concept. Besides, we hope they will be useful as your reference in case you have the same need.

60tph crusher plant used for construction aggregate
3D Graph of 60tph Crusher Plant

Client Background and Requirement

The customer has recently acquired a 20-year mining license in their local area and intends to open a quarry. They aim to supply construction aggregates to local construction contractors and RMC concrete suppliers. Their top priority is purchasing a crusher plant for this purpose. As a result, they came across our company on Google and have provided a list of their requirements.

  • Raw Materials: Mountain Rocks
  • Applications: Production of Construction Aggregate
  • Crushing Capacity Needs: 60-80TPH
  • Dischaging Size: 5-10mm; 10-20mm; 20-30mm
  • Grain Shape of Finished Products: No special requirements

Equipment Selection for 60TPH Crusher Plant

Upon receipt of the customer’s inquiry, our engineers commence the design of the crushing solution. Firstly, let us discuss the ultimate crushing solution: our engineers design a 60tph stationary-type crusher plant for our customers. In the following part, we will display their design concept and reasons on why choose those configuration for this crushing plant.

Why Design These Configurations for Mountain Rocks

  • Considering the hardness of the mountain rocks is pretty high as the raw materials, our engineers design a jaw crusher as the primary crusher that can better crush the coarse materials during the first crushing step. Besides, our engineers choose APJ-4060E jaw crusher that can output 60mm materials according to the mining crushing curve.

    jaw crusher in 60tph crusher plant
  • Our customer makes 1 request: he demands the proportion of sand and 0-5mm small stones in the finished product should be less than 30%. Therefore, except for the primary crushing step, we also need a secondary crusher to further process the crushed mountain rocks materials.

    The secondary crusher must have the ability to output crushed materials of a suitable and uniform size. Consistency in size will contribute to higher-quality materials. Thus, our engineers have chosen a cone crusher as the secondary crusher responsible for processing the 60mm crushed rocks and producing 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-30mm aggregate materials.

    cone crusher in 60tph crusher plant

  • In addition to the feeder and vibrating screen, the final equipment consists of an APG-0724Z vibrating feeder, an APJ-4060E jaw crusher, an APC-900Y compound cone crusher, and an APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen.

    jaw crusher and cone crusher

After several rounds of communication, our engineers achieved the customer’s requirements with the final solution. Customers highly appreciate the exceptional services provided by our professional engineers.

Superior Services from Aimix Group

Offer Crusher Plant Layout Graph

  • Aimix can offer professional layout analysis and design. For example, in this crushing solution, Aimix draws a layout graph according to our customer’s site after determining the crusher plant parts.
  • By means of the layout graph, our customer can properly allocate and utilize his available site space and maximize space efficiency.
  • Apart from this, the site layout is a powerful communication tool that can convey our engineers’ overall vision of the project to our customer. You will understand after checking the following layout graph.

crusher plant layout

Supply Customized Design for Private Demands

Each of our customers has unique crushing requirements, including varying raw materials, crushing capacity, feeding size, discharge size, and particle shape. Aimix strives to offer tailored solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs. As such, we provide an array of crusher machines, including jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers to match our customers’ specifications.

In this crushing solution for mountain rocks, Aimix has installed a 60tph crusher plant comprising of an APJ-4060E jaw crusher and an APC-900Y cone crusher. Aimix Group will develop a distinct approach for configuration selection for other crushing solutions.

This crushing solution of 60TPH crusher plant is well recognized by customer. What’s more, it is currently running well at customer’s sites. If you have any crushing needs, you can contact us to customize a plan.

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