Promote Your Concrete Flooring Projects with the Self-Loading Mixer

Recently, in Bandung,Indonesia, a transformation unfolded in a nondescript courtyard, where a flat concrete ground emerged to banish the inconvenience of muddy roads during rain. This ingenious solution, made possible by the AS3.5 self-loading concrete mixer, has not only simplified daily life but also garnered high praise from a satisfied Indonesian customer in Bandung, Indonesia. Here are some introduction about this pleasing news.

self-loading concrete mixer as35

Showing the Power of AS3.5: A Self-Loading Marvel

There is a machine capable of both moving automatically and producing concrete. That’s the AS3.5 self-loading transit mixer, a game-changer for numerous applications. The self-loading mixer tank, with a capacity of 3.5 square, boasts an impressive hourly output of about 18 square. Over a 10-hour span, it can churn out a staggering 180 square of concrete, equating to nearly 500 tonnes—more than sufficient for extensive flooring projects.

This self-loading marvel unloads within different directions around the body. Besides, it ensures workers can efficiently wait by the side for the truck to complete unloading. The AS3.5’s ability to effortlessly push concrete out of the way adds an extra layer of convenience to the flooring process.

self loading concrete mixer on site
AS-3.5 Self-loading concrete mixer sent
self-loading mixer in factory

The Customer’s Perspective: A Satisfied Testimonial

Our satisfied Indonesian customer shared insights into the myriad advantages of the AS3.5 self-loading concrete mixer in concrete floor hardening projects.

1. Abundant Material Supply

The AS3.5 self loading mixer truck ensures a daily output of materials that surpasses requirements, providing ample resources for even the most extensive flooring projects. This translates to enhanced productivity and efficiency in project completion.

2. With A 270° Automatic Unloading

The machine’s capability to achieve automatic unloading in a 270° range is an advanced promoter. This feature of the self-loading transit mixer not only ensures convenience but also accelerates the overall process, making it quick and hassle-free for the operators.

Self-Loading Mixer Working site

3. Time and Cost Efficiency through Automatic Transportation

For projects covering wide areas, the AS3.5’s automatic transportation feature proves invaluable. It not only saves considerable material transport time but also showcases flexibility and compactness compared to traditional mixer trucks. The automatic production of concrete further enhances practicality and efficiency.

4. Precision with Automatic Weighing System

The self loading concrete mixer Indonesia comes equipped with an automatic weighing system. This advanced feature calculates the precise dosage of raw materials required based on the desired hardness of the concrete. The result? Concrete production aligning greatly with national standards, eliminating concerns about poor quality flooring.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Flooring Projects with AS3.5 Self-Loading Mixer

In the realm of concrete floor hardening, the AS3.5 self-loading concrete mixer for sale emerges as a star performer, earning accolades from satisfied customers. Its unique combination of automatic features, abundant output, and precision make it an indispensable asset for construction sites, factories, workshops, and more. Revolutionize your flooring projects with the AS3.5 self-loading concrete mixer—where innovation meets efficiency.

Don’t wait for a long time, and seize the opportunity to make your business more successful.

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