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Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is a multifunctional concrete mixing equipment that can independently finish the workflow of feeding cement and aggregate materials, mixing and outputing concrete, transporting the finished concrete, and discharging the concrete mixture on its own. Its main usage is to produce concrete. Owing to integrating multiple functions into one, aimix self loading concrete mixers have wide applications.

3.5cub self loading concrete mixer

What Construction Items Can You Apply A Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

  • Road Paving Construction

    Self loading concrete mixers can produce C20 and C30 concrete, and you can use these grades of concrete for floor covering, road paving, and pathway paving construction. Besides, self loading concrete mixer for sale can realize on-site mixing and produce as much concrete as you need, which can prevent wastage.

    Some of our customers have bought our self loading concrete mixer machines for their road paving construction, and we display these cases here.

    self loading concrete mixer for road paving construction

3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working for Road Paving Construction

Use Place: Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Equipment Model: AS-3.5

NOTE: The number 3.5 means the concrete mixing capacities for per batch. Each set of self loading concrete mixers can output about 4 batches of concrete per hour. In total, AS-3.5 can produce about 14m3 concrete per hour. According to the mixing capacities, Aimix also provides AS-2.6, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5 self loading concrete mixers for sale

Work Overview: In this case, AS-3.5 cooperates with one ABT40C concrete pump mini for this road paving construction. Our 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer is in charge of producing concrete, and then discharging concrete to the hopper of mini concrete pump. Then mini concrete pump starts to convey the concrete to several meters away by means of some laying pipes.

Our customers only need one driver to handle the machine to complete the whole concrete producing work, including the aggregate feeding work, aggregate weighing work, water-supplying work, concrete mixing work, concrete conveying work, and concrete discharging work.

In total, our self-loading concrete mixer replaces about 6-8 workers. And it greatly improve the working efficiency at the same time.

To sum up, a self loader concrete mixer has not only saved 6-8 labor costs but also shortened the construction period for our customers.

self loading mixer 3.5m3

self loading concrete mixer china

  • Small and Medium Buildings Construction

    Concrete self loading mixer also has the ability to produce C25 and C40 concrete, the concrete strength of these grades of concrete can meet your requirements for foundations, floors, walls, and columns of self-built houses construction, villas consruction, residential apartment construction, hotel construction, factory construction, and so on.

    In the below parts, we will display some cases to help you understand how can a self loading concrete mixer work for these building construction projects.

    self loading concrete mixer for house construction

3.5 Cubic Meters Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working for Apartment Construction

Use Place: Kalimantan, Indonesia

Equipment Model: AS-3.5

Project Overview: The concrete mixing formula and ratio can be freely adjusted by our customers. In this case, our customers first use our self concrete mixer to produce several batches of concrete in order to test the strength of concrete. After testing several times, they finally find the most suitable formula and ratio that suits their apartment construction.

Here, we attach some pictures shot from our customers’ working sites.

self-loading concrete mixer for house construction
self-loading concrete mixer unit
self-loading concrete mixer applications

It is free for our customers to adjust and control the concrete strength any time so as to meet the requirements for the placing of concrete for different parts of buildings, such as columns, slabs, beams, and foundations.

You can start to produce concrete at any time, and not limited by the sites.

Its mixing drum can turn 270 degrees, which is very convenient to discharge the concrete from any angle. Therefore, the self loading concrete mixer can accurately deliver the finished concrete to the place where it needs to be poured.

customer feedback from aimix group

concrete discharging work

3.5cbm Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working for Church Construction

Use Place: Papua, Indonesia

Equipment Model: AS-3.5

Working Overview: Our customers plan to finish this church construction within 3 months, and our mini self loading concrete mixer greatly improves their construction efficiency and eliminates risk of delay. In this case, the self concrete mixer machine has played a stable performance for producing about 14m3 concrete per hour to support the slabs pouring, columns pouring, and beam pouring.

This church construction site locates at rough terrains. And our self loading rough terrain concrete mixers are 4×4 wheel steering so that it is easy to drive it on the rough terrains, such as narrow roads, mudy roads, mountain road, or steep slopes.

AS-3.5 self loading mixer and ABJZ40C concrete pump

3.5 cubic meters

self loading rough terrain concrete mixers

  • Making Prefab Concrete Products

    With a 270 degrees rotating mixing drum, small self loader concrete mixer can ensures concrete to be accurately poured into molds, thereby ensuring even distribution and consistency within precast elements.

    The use of multifunctional self loading concrete mixers can speed up the production process of precast components, reduce the time for concrete transportation and discharging, and improve production efficiency.

    We display a case in the below part.

    self loading concrete mixer for making prefab concrete products

4cbm Self-loading Concrete Mixer Working for Producing Prefab Concrete Slabs

mobile self concrete mixer

4m3 self loading mixer

After knowing which application fields you can use the self loading concrete mixer trucks, now you maybe want to learn the details about the working principal of self loading concrete mixers. Next, we will explain the details to help you understand it.

How Does A Self Loading Concrete Mixer Work?

  1. Self-Loading and weighing Aggregates: The front bucket begins with self-loading the necessary materials into the mixing drum, including cement, aggregates (such as sand and gravel), water, and some additives. There is a weighing device on the bucket. When the bucket loads the materials, the weighing device starts to measure all the materials.
  2. Self-mixing Process: Once the ingredients are loaded into the drum, the vehicle’s engine powers the drum to start rotating. Clockwise rotating means the mixing drum is mixing all the materials inside, and counterclockwise means discharging the well-mixed concrete out. The mixing process continues as the self-loading concrete mixer moves to the construction site.
  3. Self-transporting: The self loading concrete mixer for sale transports the mixed concrete to the desired location. It functions as both a mixing unit and a mobile concrete transport vehicle, eliminating the need for a separate concrete mixer and transport truck.
  4. Self-unloading Concrete: Once the self loading concrete mixer arrives at the construction site, it can automatically reverse the rotation of the drum to discharge the concrete. The discharge chute is positioned over the intended area, and the operator can control the rate of discharge to achieve accurate placement.

Now, we also attach a self loading concrete mixer video here to explain its working principles, including the self-loading, self-metering, self-mixing, self-transporting, and self-discharging processes.

The unique self loading concrete mixer working principle can provide you with efficient and customized concrete supply services. Then, buying a self loading concrete mixer would be helpful to reduce human input and improve the overall efficiency for your different construction projects.

Aimix Group is dedicated to manufacturing various types of self loading concrete mixers for many years. Our unique product design has won the favor of many customers.

What Are The Configuration Differences Between AIMIX And Other Brands?

  • Other suppliers adopt single or double-long oil cylinders of buckets. A single oil cylinder caused bucket lifting not stable, and a long oil cylinder also is not convenient for DHL, in the future if your oil cylinder is broken and there is a need to buy a new one from the supplier, DHL cost will be much higher because of a bigger size.
  • However, AIMIX adopts a double short oil cylinder for each set of self loading concrete mixers for sale. When you load aggregate into a bucket, you can not avoid little aggregate coming out from the bucket, if the oil cylinder is too long, the aggregate will hit the oil cylinder and may cause an easily broken cylinder. AIMIX’s reasonable design of the oil cylinder avoids your future cost of maintenance.

Main Advantages of Self loading Concrete Mixer

With over 10 years of experience, Aimix Group can not only provide cost-effective self loading concrete mixer price but also supply with acclaimed services in Indonesia. Our superb services play a vital role of helping the self loading concrete mixer for sale from Aimix Group account a large market share in Indonesia.

Aimix Services In Indonesia

Local Agents to Serve You

  1. Aimix Group has developed several local agents in Jakarta, Bogor, Sarabaya, Bush, and other cities in Indonesia. And our agents have our self loading concrete mixers, concrete pumps, and other equipment in stock in their warehouses.
  2. Thus, each of our customers can come to the newest warehouses to visit our self loading concrete mixer for sale.
  3. Once you have made your decision to buy aimix self loading concrete mixers, our agents can arrange the delivery right away. And you can receive our machines within 3 days.

Local Partners to Serve You

  1. Aimix Group has a few local partners with long-term cooperation in many cities of Indonesia. And they can offer our customers with installation services, delivery services, maintenance services, and traning services.
  2. No matter where you are, Aimix Group can dispatch engineers and service staff to your sites when you need us.

local partners
Local Partners in Jakarta

After getting knowing so many information about self loading concrete mixer for sale in Aimix Group, please let us know if you have any need. We are looking forward to providing qualified and reliable self loading concrete mixer for your construction projects to meet your various concrete needs.

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