Six Sets Aimix Self-loading Concrete Mixer Inspected by Philippines Customer

In January 2020, six sets 1.8m3 Aimix self load concrete mixer was transported to Bataan in the Philippines. After the self loading concrete mixers arrived, our customer inspected them and was satisfied with this equipment. After acceptance of the self loading concrete mixers, our customer left in a private helicopter.

Self loading concrete mixer is a new design in Aimix. It combines the function of concrete mixing and concrete transport all in one. For customers who have a demand for mixing and transport concrete in small or medium amounts, it is a good choice. Also, it is a good choice for customers who have the demand to transfer between different construction sites.Aimix self-loading concrete mixer in the Philippines

2.6 cub self loading concrete mixer

Self loading concrete mixer is a great design that combines the function of concrete mixing and transportation together. It not only can mix concrete, but also transport the mixed concrete in a short way. We can say that a self loading concrete mixer is equal to a concrete mixer plus a concrete mixer truck to some degree.
Aimix-self-loading-concrete-mixersself loading concrete mixer exported

As an experienced self loading concrete mixer manufacturer and exporter, Aimix has exported our self load concrete mixers to many countries all over the world such as the Philippines, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc. If you are interested in our self-loaded concrete mixer, please don’t hesitate to contact us now! Leave a message in the form below, we will reply in 24 hours!

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