1000TPH stone crusher plant

Stone Crushing Plant for Sale

Stone crushing plant is a key equipment to crush, screen, and classify the large chunk of raw granite, raw basalt, raw ore, raw quarze, construction waste, and other raw materials into specific sizes, such as 0-5mm, 50-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, and 30-40mm. Stone crushing plants are widely used for mining, quarry, metallurgical and chemical industries, urban infrastructure, road construction, and the recycling of construction waste.

Detailed Introduction of Stone Crushing Plants

Types Of Stone Crushing Plants

Stone crushing plants may be either stationary-type or mobile-type. A stone crushing plant may contain several different crushers (primary, secondary, tertiary, …) where different crushing, selection, and transport cycles are done in order to obtain different stone sizes or the required graulometry.

The final product of a stone crushing plant – sand and gravel aggregates are necessary raw materials for the construction of houses, bridges, roads, and the production of various daily consumer goods. They are widely used in various urban infrastructure constructions, concrete batching plants in construction society, dry mortar mix plants, and asphalt mixing plants, etc.

stone crushing plant applied field

Owing to their different components and working principles, the stone crusher plants are capable of crushing and screening various raw stone materials. Since Aimix Group supplies various types of stone crusher plants for sale in Indonesia, you can always find a suitable one from us according to your actual needs and application fields.

Mobile-type Stone Crusher Plants

There are mainly a few classifications for the mobile crushing plants. Owing to the different types of crushing hosts, Aimix supplies mobile jaw-type stone crushing plants, mobile cone-type stone crusher plants, mobile impact-type stone crusher plants, mobile compound-type stone crusher plants, and crawler-type stone crusher plants for sale in Indonesia.

Mobile Jaw-type Stone Crushing Plant

Mobile jaw-type stone crushing plant uses a jaw crusher as its main crushing host. It usually serves as the primary crusher unit, making it well-suited for crushing initial material with large volume.

mobile jaw-type stone crushing plant

  • Raw Material: Quartz
  • Feeding Size: 400mm
  • Final Product Sizes:0-3mm
  • Application: Production of 0-3mm quartz sand – the raw material for making glass and ceramics
  • Configuration: mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant, mobile cone-type stone crusher plant, and sand making machine

150TPH Stone crushing plant

  • Raw Material: Granite
  • Feeding Size: 600mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 0-24mm
  • Application: Production of construction aggregate for making concrete, asphalt, and road paving material.
  • Configuration: mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant and mobile cone-type stone crusher plant

200tph stone crushing plant for sale

Mobile Cone-type Stone Crusher Plant

The primary crushing equipment in the mobile cone-type stone crusher plants is a cone crusher, which is known for its ability to produce high-quality, well-shaped aggregates. Cone crushers are suitable for both secondary and tertiary crushing, making them versatile for various applications.

mobile cone-type stone crusher plant

Mobile Impact-type Stone Crusher Plant

Mobile impact-type stone crusher plant uses an impact crusher, which uses the principle of impact force to crush materials. Impact crushers are known for producing cubical-shaped aggregates and are suitable for both primary and secondary crushing.

mobile impact-type stone crusher plant

Mobile Compound-type Stone Crusher Plant

Mobile compound-type stone crusher plant integrates a feeder machine, a jaw crusher and a cone crusher, and a screening machine in one unit.

mobile compound-type stone crusher plant

  • Raw Material: Basalt
  • Feeding Size: 600mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Application: Production of aggregate for building construction.
  • Configuration: feeder machine, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and screening machine

30tph stone crusher plant mobile-type

  • Raw Material: Cobblestone
  • Feeding Size: 450mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Application: Production of aggregate for construction use.
  • Configuration: feeder equipment, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and screening equipment

50tph mobile-type stone crusher plants

Crawler-type Stone Crusher Plant

The distinctive feature of these crawler-type stone crusher plants is the use of a crawler chassis, which is equipped with tracks or crawlers. This design provides excellent stability, traction, and maneuverability, allowing the crusher plant to operate on rough and uneven terrain.

crawler-type stone crusher plant

Because it is trinity equipment, and the continuous transportation equipment connected to it is a belt conveyor, the crawler-type mobile stone crusher is suitable for large-scale open-pit mine applications and is suitable for large-scale, continuous mining processes.

  • Raw Material: River Pebble
  • Feeding Size: 250mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 0-5mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Application: Production of aggregate for hotel construction, apartment construction, and villa construction.

  • Raw Material: Construction Waste
  • Application: Recycling of construction waste for the production of recycled construction aggregate

Stationary-type Stone Crushing Plants

Stationary-type stone crusher plants are permanently located in one place and are not designed for easy mobility. These plants are commonly found in quarries, mining operations, and construction sites. Besides, the stationary-type stone crusher machine plant may be designed to conclude a primary crusher, a secondary crusher, and a tertiary crusher if required.

300 tph stone crusher plant

  • Raw Material: Basalt
  • Feeding Size: 500mm
  • Final Product Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm
  • Application: Mining Industry
  • Configuration: Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and vibrating screen machine

150TPH stationary stone crushing plant

  • Raw Material: Granite
  • Feeding Size: 600mm
  • Final Product Size: 10-26mm
  • Application: Production of aggregate for supplying aggregate needs for the concrete batchingp plant and asphalt mixing plant.
  • Configuration: Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and vibrating screen machine

200tph stationary stone crusher plant

Main Components Of Stone Crusher Plants

AIMIX stone crushing plant layout may Include the following components: vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, belt conveyors, sand washing machines, etc.

  • Vibration feeder: These machines feed the jaw and impact crusher with the rocks and stones to be crushed.
  • Crushers: These are the machines where the rocks and stones are crushed. There are different types of crushers for different types of rocks and stones and different sizes of the input and output material. Each plant would incorporate one or several crushing machines depending on the required final material (small stones or sand). The following are some possible choices. Primary crushing: jaw crusher, gyratory crusher; secondary crushing: fine jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher; Tertiary crushing: sand making machine, high-efficiency fine crushing machine, etc.
  • Vibrating screen: These machines are used to separate the different sizes of the material obtained by the crushers.
  • Belt conveyor: These elements are the belts used for transportation of the material from one machine to another during different phases of the process.
  • Central electric control system: Control and monitor the operation of the entire system.
  • Dust removal equipment: Dust removal equipment can be divided into bag dust removal and pulse dust removal.

stone crushing plant layout

Features of Stone Crushing and Screening Plant

  1. The stone crushing plant has a high degree of automation, a large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and a large processing capacity. The crushed product has a cubic shape, no internal cracks, and high compressive strength.
  2. Equipment maintenance is simple, the wearing parts are made of the latest domestic high-strength wear-resistant materials with long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.
  3. AIMIX crusher plant of stone has been successfully applied to the crushing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles, and other rocks. The quality of the finished product after crushing fully meets the GB14685-2001 standard, which is provided for high-grade highways, railways, water conservancy, concrete mixing plants, and other industries.

stone crusher and screening plant

How Deos A Stone Crusher Plant Work?

The working process of the stone crushing plant is mainly as follows: silo —- feeder —- jaw crusher —- impact crusher —- vibrating screen —- finished product. The machines in the middle can be connected by conveyors.

  • First, the stone material is evenly fed into the coarse crusher by the feeder for primary crushing.
  • Then, the produced coarse material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the impact crusher or cone crusher for further crushing.
  • Next, the finely crushed stone material is screened out by the vibrating screen. During the screening process, the stones with inappropriate sizes that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the secondary crusher and will be crushed one more time.

You can see the detailed crushing process by watching the following stone crusher plant video.

Is Stone Crusher Plant Investment A Profitable Business?

A stone crusher plant is a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs. The demand for quality stone chips is increasing day-by-day. Land and machinery are the major fixed cost investment. Especially in modern society, more and more buildings and houses are needed, the demand for construction sand and stone is increasing day by day. Therefore, the stone crushing business is promising. You just need to plan this well.

crusher plant of stone

How to Select A Stone Crusher Plant

  1. Meet the requirements of production capacity, that is, the processing capacity of each section of stone crusher plant for sale should be greater than customer requirements. In addition, the stone crusher plant capacity in the latter stage is greater than that in the former stage. Only in this way can the stone crushing plant capacity be maximized.
  2. In addition to meeting the processing capacity of equipment in each section, the maximum feed particle size of the stone crusher plant machinery must be verified according to the crushing ratio distribution and the size of the discharge opening to meet the requirements.
  3. When the material is harder, the proportion of large particles in the original material is smaller, the larger crushing ratio it has, the smaller discharge port it will have. The more sediment and water the raw material contain, the lower processing capacity the stone crushing plant will have.
  4. Materials condition should be considered, different materials have different requirements for the size of the discharge opening of the crusher.
  5. stone material for crushing plant

  6. Choose a stone crushing plant manufacturer with rich configuration experience. The production process of the stone crushing plant needs to be formulated by a manufacturer with rich equipment configuration experience, because the configuration of the production process needs to consider many factors, such as material characteristics, topography, production capacity, angle, and length of the belt conveyor, etc.
  7. On-site inspection of relevant sand and stone crushing plants. When choosing a stone crusher plant, it is recommended to visit other crushing plants built by the manufacturer, especially the stone crushing plant with similar production capacity and materials. On the one hand, it can be a reference for choosing equipment for yourself, and on the other hand, it is also a reference for yourself. The quality inspection of the stone crushing plant was configured by the selected stone crusher plant supplier.
  8. Pay attention to the choice of energy-saving, environmental protection, and production technology. In accordance with the requirements of environmental protection policies, choose to build an environmentally friendly stone crushing plant, mainly air pollution control and emission information, water pollution control, and emission information, solid waste information, etc., so we must choose “green environmental protection certification equipment” and construct related environmental protection measures.
  9. Choose the general contracting project of automatic stone crusher plant to save money and worry. The later installation of the stone crushing plant is also a major project, and a professional team that can provide one-stop service is selected. Good manufacturers will provide free on-site installation, commissioning, operation guidance, and other services.

How About Stone Crusher Plant Price

  1. First, the stone crushing plant price mainly depends on the capacity. AIMIX provides crushing plants with many capacities. 50 t/h stone crusher plant price starts from 60,000 USD, 100 t/h stone crusher plant price starts from 100,000~140,000USD, 200 t/h stone crusher plant price starts from USD 230,000. The above stone crusher plant price list is just a range because the price can be influence by some other factors. Contact us if you want an exact price.
  2. Second, the stone crusher plant cost is influenced by the configuration. For example, customers may choose different crusher hosts applied in the stone crushing plant, which will also influence the price of stone crushing plant.
  3. Third, stone crusher plant price may also be influenced by the price of raw materials, such as raw steel, etc.

stone crusher plant price

AIMIX will provide customers high-quality stone crushing plants at a reasonable price. Our sales and engineers will help you design the most suitable site layout that can meet your demand and save cost. You can rely on us. Just tell us your demand, we will provide you with the best solution.

Advantages of Choosing AIMIX Stone Crushing Plant In Indonesia

  1. Quality Ensured: 39 Years experience, cooperated with the world famous companies: Lafarge Group(WORLD TOP 500), With CE, ISO9001 certificates, and through BV, SGS test. Exported to over 100 countries and get highly appraised by our clients.
  2. Service Ensured: Professional engineers team with APEC business traveling card, and injected Vaccine. With 6 Overseas offices in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan supply the local spare parts, local engineers, and maintenance for free. Warehouse in Pakistan, Uzbekistan directly offers equipment, Any time anywhere, you have a team here offers support on technology, manufacture.
  3. Other Service:12 months warranty from date of delivery; Accept OEM, accept customers’ special design requests.

workshop overview

AIMIX Services in Indonesia

As an experienced construction and mining machinery manufacturer and exporter, AIMIX has a branch office in Indonesia. It is very convenient for customers in Indonesia to buy our products and enjoy our fast and reliable services. Our unique and sincere services in Indonesia is as below:

  1. Professional engineer team, guarantee fast response and professional proposal.
  2. Branch office and team in Indonesia, quality and timely service assured.
  3. Local custom clearance partner in Major cities Surabaya and Jakarta and can solve custom clearance issues for customers who don’t have import experience.
  4. Spare parts are available in Indonesia.
  5. Indonesia’s local Installation team, with more than 10 years of installation experience, can guarantee timely installation and maintenance, even in Pandemic times.
AIMIX Indonesia team
AIMIX Indonesia team

AIMIX Installation Service

  1. AIMIX over 50 engineers can offer after-sales service any time; and can send engineers according to customers’ demands;
  2. AIMIX has rich installation experience, especially on the big equipment and project; AIMIX engineers have injected covid-19 vaccine already. During epidemic disease, the vaccines help engineers avoid infection of covid-19;
  3. AIMIX 100% engineers have APEC business traveling cards, which guarantees in-time after-sales service;
  4. AIMIX has detailed sales records, and the after-sales staff will communicate with customers regularly, and offer suitable maintenance advice and suggestions.

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