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Testing, Packing and Shipping the 40m3 Trailer Mounted Pump for Malaysia Customer

About a few months ago, one of our customers from Malaysia ordered one set of 40m3 trailer mounted pump. And now, we have well produced this ABT40C pump and are ready to ship it to the hand of our customer. Below, I will list some preparation work before shipping to show you our after-sale services. Contact Aimix Group if you are interested in our products or services.

trailer mounted pumps for sale
trailer pump concrete

Testing the Pump

Testing the machine belongs to one of the most important after-sale services in Aimix Group. Until now, Aimix has sold over 5000 sets of trailer concrete pumps to the whole world. And none of them occurs malfunctions when it is shipped to the hand of our clients.

  • 1. Use a forklift to drag the pump equipment and set it in the middle of the outdoors.
  • 2. Our engineers start to test the hydraulic system.
  • 3. Next, check all the buttons on the control panel to see if they can normally work.
  • 4. Afterward, check the electric parts.
  • 5. In the end, make sure the remote control works.

trailer pumps
control buttons

Packing and Shipping the Pump

Aimix will provide several shipping solutions for our customers, including sea shipping, rail transport, car transport, and so on. After our customers have chosen one of the shipping ways, Aimix will start to arrange the packing and shipping work for the pump.

  • 1. After finishing the testing of the portable concrete pump equipment, our engineers will arrange a truck to deliver the machine to the port.
  • 2. When the truck arrives at the factory, our engineers will drag the pump to the container on the truck.
  • 3. Use some ropes to fix the pump inside the container.
  • 4. Load all the parts to the container as well, including the cleaning balls, pipes, and so on.
  • 5. Finally, the driver will deliver the pump to the port.
  • 6. Then, we will supply customer clearance services for our customers. And our customers just need to wait for the pump.

Testing Video About ABT40C in Our Factory

In this video, you can see that our engineers are carefully checking and testing this trailer-mounted concrete pump. Our aim is to make sure that every single part of the pump machine is normal. Thence, our customers can use our pump the moment they receive it. Contact us if you have any problems with our machine. And we will reply you within 24 hours.

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