Why Indonesian Customer Selects AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

Choosing reliable self mixer is crucial in construction projects. Our customer in Cilegon, Indonesia, was looking for an efficient self loading concrete mixer truck for the production of precast sewers and roadside rock. After researching the market, our customer discovered the 4.0 m³ AIMIX self loading concrete mixer. In this article, we will describe their experience and why they chose our self loading mixer truck.

concrete self loading mixer
Mixing tank capacity(m³)4
Concrete output(m³/h)16
Engine power (kw)91
Mixer drum capacity  (L)6000
Water tank (L)920
Weighing methodAutomatic hydraulic weighing system
Total weight (Kg)9200
Overall size (LxWxH)7640×2870×4750
Max. Speed (km/h)35
Min. turning radius  (mm)4800
Drum speed (r/min)17
Fuel tank (L)120
Wheel base(mm)2480
Hydraulic tank (L)120

AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer: the Premium Choice

After investigating the various self loading concrete mixer trucks on the market, our customers finally chose AIMIX. They were not only impressed by the quality of the AIMIX self loading concrete mixer for sale, but also appreciated the professional service of the AIMIX team.

good feedback for the self loading concrete mixer in Cilegon,Indonesia
Indonesia self loading concrete mixer

Outstanding High-Quality Self Loading Mixer

AIMIX’s self loading concrete mixer trucks are excellent in terms of painting and weighing, and the corrosion-resistant treatment of the details makes the customer’s trust. Compared with other suppliers, customers have not found any quality problems such as rust on AIMIX equipment, which makes their choice of AIMIX even stronger.

Professional Service

Customers felt the professionalism and enthusiasm of AIMIX team during the visit. From the patient explanation of on-site technicians to the perfect after-sales service, AIMIX gives customers all-round support, which makes them feel at ease in the process of choosing and using.

Provide Loan Support

In addition to high-quality equipment and services, AIMIX also takes the initiative to provide customers with loan support. This initiative not only saves the customer’s cash flow, but also allows the customer to use the funds more flexibly for other businesses. The customer exclaimed,

My wife was adamant that I purchase an AIMIX self loading concrete mixer because she knew the business would require a lot of capital, and AIMIX not only told me about the availability of loan support, but also provided a detailed accounting of the payback time for the production of precast parts, which made me feel more confident about my investment.

Aimix self mixer in Indonesia

Making the Buying Decision – AIMIX Is There for You!

When considering the purchase of a self loading concrete mixer, AIMIX offers you unrivalled benefits and support so you can make your purchase decision with confidence.

  • A Well-Considered Choice

    With so many choices on the market, customers make a considered choice of AIMIX self loading concrete mixers. This is not only because of the excellent quality of our products, but also because of our professional service and all-round support.

  • All-Round Attentive Service

    From product understanding to purchasing decision, our team is always with our customers, providing them with a full range of services. Our sales team will patiently answer customers’ questions, provide customers with detailed product introduction and technical guidance, and help customers choose the most suitable equipment.

  • Loan Support and Capital Return Calculation

    During the purchase decision process, we also provide customers with loan support and cost recovery calculation services. We have a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and the project situation, tailor-made loan programmes for customers, and a detailed calculation of the payback time for the production of prefabricated parts, so that customers can have a clearer understanding of the return on investment.

  • Perfect After-Sales Service

    In addition to the support during the purchase process, we also provide customers with perfect after-sales service. We send our technicians to the site to carry out equipment installation and debugging and operation training for our customers to ensure that they are able to operate the self loading mixer proficiently and improve production efficiency. Our after-sales team will be on standby at any time to solve all kinds of problems for customers, so that customers have no worries.

self loading concrete mixer image on site
weighing system test of the self loading concrete mixer
self mixer in Indonesia producing concrete products

In Conclusion

Quality and service are crucial when choosing a self loading concrete mixer truck. AIMIX has won the trust and support of customers with its high quality equipment and considerate service. What’s more, this Indonesian customer plans to buy the 5.5 m³ self loading concrete mixer from us.
If you are also looking for a high-performance mixer truck, you may consider AIMIX. Get the self loading concrete mixer price now!We will be happy to provide you with high quality products and services to help you improve your work efficiency and achieve greater business value!

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